Panetta: ‘Work In Afghanistan Is Not Finished’

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says "we are going to have to find ways to go after terrorists wherever they are," adding that the "work in Afghanistan is not finished." 

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  1. Yes it is LoL listen to these Warmongers they have on. Why would have some Warhawks on to talk about this?

    Would MSNBC Have the NRA on to talk about Gun Control? No?
    Well this is the same thing.
    We know the game, and you’re losing it. War Profiteering is over.

    1. you mean the weapons that the US sold to the afgan government? i love how everyone wanted the US to literally disarm the country on their way out

    2. @Cerbyo well, for one that would be suuuuuper illegal. second it would have garunteed the end of the afgan government before the withdrawal ever even started… you cant disarm an army and then act like they should be able to defend themselves..

    3. @Do you mind Yes, they will figure it out. Anything can be reverse engineered. China is probably already doing it.

  2. How much money this guy make a year representing some industrial military business? Nobody that makes money creating weapons should comment about war on tv.

    1. It seems like most or all of Chuck Todd’s guests are shills for weapons manufacturers. Of course they all think pulling out was a bad idea.

    2. Hey Chuck Todd! Why don’t you take the advice if Republican President and Commander of the D-Day Invasion June 6,1944, General Dwight David Eisenhower? He said ” Beware the military industrial complex!” Sounds like MSNBC supports the COPORATE Military industrial complex!!!!!Follow the $$$$$$$$$! Right wing or left wing media ! All bought and paid for by Corporate America!!!!!!!

    1. Debra. “No more wars” involves destruction of ‘deep state’ .. which you should somehow find out about ( they hide their world goals behind proffered political moves). Wake up. Stop thinking nothing can be done. It’s now being addressed. Your awareness is important here ! Wake up

  3. I meant it’s hilarious that we keep bothering their own business. If they love religion extremist, let them have it. Stop the crazy war.

    1. Bin Laden’s big complaint was US troops in Saudi Arabia.
      Lets develop Green technologies and they can all let the sands run red with blood over there. No more wars over oil.
      In fact, Saudi Arabia can put solar panels all over that country and they won’t ever have to drill for oil.

  4. Go after terrorists in Afghanistan? How exactly? With the help of our good friends the Pakistani’s? The same nation who helped the Taliban to victory and us to defeat. If this is the best thinking on the subject from our elites…we need new elites.

    1. Barbara. We are now being shown what private central bank / this administration are leading us into: which is a diminishing economy with growing inflation.. an insecure border allowing mostly male subjects from countries that teach hatred of America. No need to pontificate here . It’s simply what is being shown to everybody. Our pocketbooks are close to our hearts … and votes .

    2. Then how do you respond to 9/11? Negotiation with Al Qaida? How do you respond to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? Send diplomats to Tokyo? How do you respond Hitler’s plan to reduce every nation in the world to either a rubble or a vassal state of Germany?

    3. I agree completely, but MSDNC viewers are brainwashed into believing war is the only answer. I’d suggest switching to Jimmy Dore or Krystal and Saagar because they’re not insane

    1. @maria schultz No worries, after the Donald Trump virus, and the DeSantis variant, I doubled my personnel, so I’ll double my body bag production. More body bags coming to your city my friend.

    2. @Walker1444 Have you ever tried to govern thee most popular most international city with a population, all by itself, of 8.5 MILLION? I didn’t think so. Imagine if Donald or DeSantis had been the governor of New York. It would be the most invested in the world right now.

      Remember when the White House was the epicenter of disease (even cultural disease) ?

      Finally, normalcy, we just have to get those incompetent rolled over tragic decisions rectified.

      Good thing Donald was never able to really get his hands on infrastructure or health care. So now we can focus on improving rather than starting from scratch.

  5. Oh yes it is. Your side lost Panetta. I am sure you tried to get extension but daddy Biden said ‘NO’.

  6. Bidens Olfactory pervison of young girls wasn’t enough Congratulations Biden voter’s this is just the beginning

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