Rep. Meeks On Diplomacy In Afghanistan: 'I Don't Trust' The Taliban 1

Rep. Meeks On Diplomacy In Afghanistan: ‘I Don’t Trust’ The Taliban


Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) discusses diplomacy with the Taliban and says "I don't trust them."
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  1. Trust THEM to do whatever it takes to bring to our TV “shame upon Democracy” messaging from their puppeteers instructions

    1. yeah he expected it all in May, Biden outfoxed him on that but forgot to tell the people the fan was about to get a big splat of yogurt and diarrhea so now the unthinking assume it has something to do with Biden decisions

  2. Here’s a hypothetical question for you. Let’s say the Taliban sets up a legal system like that of a particular US ally. And rights for women. And rights for religious minorities, and human rights and rule of law in general. Would that make it okay to resume diplomatic ties with them?

    What if the ally we’re using as reference here is Saudi Arabia? Are we still okay with it?

  3. You don’t trust the Taliban? Why don’t you pass this on to Jomentia who hands them lists with the names of our allies, and makes them airport security and TSA screeners.

  4. The Biden administration is going to keep bragging about the amount of Afghan refugees they are evacuating without telling us how many Americans are still left behind. What a disgrace to have a president who doesn’t put Americans first.

    1. Nope. Expose yourself, all of your ignorance, and all of your bigotry. Of course, Fox turns off comments – they don’t want real Americans hijacking the “message”

  5. Spending 2trill and countless lives to get one man and make Betsy devos brother rich is not a good use of tax payer money

  6. You truly can’t trust the taliban. If we had the taliban, Afghanistan government, and our leaders in Doha last year this wouldn’t have happened

  7. Well now, as if that is a revelation – ‘we don’t trust them, I don’t trust them.’ Not new. Vietnam was a completely different proposition than Afghanistan in a very different world.

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