Fmr. Biden Advisor: Biden ‘Not Shy’ On Imposing ‘Costs And Consequences’ On Russia | The Last Word 1

Fmr. Biden Advisor: Biden ‘Not Shy’ On Imposing ‘Costs And Consequences’ On Russia | The Last Word


Michael Carpenter, former foreign policy advisor to then-Vice President Joe Biden, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that President Biden will "vigorously" pursue shared interests with adversaries while also "imposing costs, confronting them or competing with them when necessary." Aired on 2/5/2021.
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Fmr. Biden Advisor: Biden ‘Not Shy’ On Imposing ‘Costs And Consequences’ On Russia | The Last Word


  1. I’m sure the former Biden advisor has worked hard to make his answers just a little bit more bland than usual. Biden might do something at some point im time. Wow! I’m blown away with your candour.

    1. It’s a feature, not a flaw, that right wing domestic violent extremists expect magical and instantaneous results. A successful foreign policy does not happen in a day, a week, or even a year. Thank goodness, a presidential term lasts four years.

    2. @ruth depew “successful foreign policy” does not start with selling out our solar energy sector to China. It doesn’t start with reversing all the import bans Trump put in place to combat Uiegur slave labor.

    3. @ruth depew the media has conditioned this poor woman to literally accept the answer of “well ill circle back to that”

    4. Boycott Communist China and everything they make and sell. Communist China interns people in camps because of their religious beliefs not to mention they sent the world Chinese coronavirus and lied about it. Joe Biden is compromised and in bed with Communist China so is his family follow the money$$.

    1. @MT Mayhem LOL. Then the reality sinks in. Not a natural born citizen, far-left parents, and, uh, Willy Brown’s, uh, mentorship.

    2. There’s 3.5 million reason why you are stupid, and why Trump colluded with Russia.

      Which is an interesting coincidence since you have 3.5 million braincells less than you have reasons.

    3. @Hazzap kikp Styles yeah but tye comparison isn’t about who has done better at this point in their presidency. This is a specific critique in reference to leniency with an Adversarial foreign entity.

      I don’t think it makes sense for us to lump all of what they did together, their overall performance as President isn’t what’s being debated.

    1. @Tim banks Its easy to google gdp. Russia’s economy is puny in size, and mostly from fossil fuels. I wonder why so many Trump supporters defend Russia over the US? Hmmm.

    2. @Tim banks in the cold war days maybe u cant really think they are superior militarily, we spend so much more than any other country on our military budget.. go compare the numbers.. go compare technology and allies cmon

  2. It’s unreal how corrupt Joe Biden is and how these news media is just don’t care they’re going to make this country fall to its knees

    1. @Neil Villanueva also, even if that was correct, paying less taxes is NOT as corrupt as selling out our energy sector to China, destroying jobs, ruining women’s sports, opening our border, halting deportations, and colluding with the ccp.

    2. @Neil Villanueva there is proof i linked my source to you. Its called deferring tax liability and it is 100% legal. He actually paid over 7 million in taxes, more than you will contribute to this country in your entire lifetime

    1. @ruth depew Ha – you got it reversed. 2008 was MORTGAGE – Democrats wanted everyone to own a house! Then, OPEC cuts oil production, we pay more for everything and recession! This time, it’s the Corona $27 trillion in debt – money going to Pakistani transgender studies, Kennedy Center (thanks Nancy), and Jordanian border wall……that’s the stimuli!

      Next will be all the HEALTHCARE you insist everybody have – including illegal immigrants. Who is going to pay for it? You got it – WE are. Prices go up, we can’t pay our bills – recession!

    2. @ruth depew …..and trying to DESTROY history the way your party has tried to do….only makes us doomed to repeat it.
      Read up on Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu in Romania. North Korea only has it so well.

      And Communism is LEFTIST!

  3. We know. He supports regime change in Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. He’s a imperialist just like every other American imperialists. Liberals dont care they can go back to brunch

  4. The kindly drake functionally order because duck implicitly fill below a elegant congo. curved, hypnotic waste

  5. The bee ess formerly known as “News” would be totally different if they had a “Three strikes, you’re out” rule. Or four strikes. Maybe two. However many strikes it takes to knock them the eff out.
    No, really. There should be HUGE penalties for lies and half-truths. Huge penalties. Freedom of the Press was only implied so they could tell the TRUTH with no consequences. Lies on the other hand, are evil and pathetic. Even if a handful of people still believe them. They still cause damage to our country. I mean… Look at all the riots the bee ess formerly known as the “News” has caused. How many cops have been murdered because of their stupid lies? All the deaths… All the division… Man. Their mothers certainly didn’t have any idea how to raise kids. That’s right, “News” people. Your mothers are all lazy and pathetic. And they had no business having kids. Your kids are supposed to make the world a better place. Not cause cities to burn and cops to die.

    1. @Which god of thousands means nothing If Putin is able to continue preventing it, that will be true. He can’t stop it forever.

    1. @8 cats Everyone is doing that. Right and left. I think democrats know that we are actively finding ways to raise disapproval or boycott. Thats why they are resorting to totalitarianism.

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