Fmr. DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: 'Principal Terrorist Threat Is Far-Right Violent Extremism' | MSNBC 1

Fmr. DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: ‘Principal Terrorist Threat Is Far-Right Violent Extremism’ | MSNBC


Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson discusses what the Biden administration's national security team will have to undertake. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Fmr. DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: 'Principal Terrorist Threat Is Far-Right Violent Extremism' | MSNBC


  1. That has always been a threat. People just kept looking the other way. Then, when dump became President* that he emboldened them. Their radicalism is not different than ISIS, and should face the same punishment.

    1. It isn’t the right who’s been burning down cities and attacking random people all year, let alone for the past 4 years. Get your head checked.

    1. It’s annoying and scary how naive people can be sometimes, especially when it comes from the people you wouldn’t expect it from.

  2. I’m watching the inauguration and I NEED someone to tell me the piece the band is playing

    I’m not American so I’m not familiar with it

    1. @it’s me, Georgina he might be too dense to be embarrassed. Look at him, he’s supporting a serial adulterer that has settled multimillion dollar fraud lawsuits and has been lying to him every day for 5 years.
      He probably doesn’t even know that the DJT presidential committee and maga presidential committee have paid a shell company $759M of their contributions.

  3. “I won the election and 64 court cases thrown out for lack of evidence, dozens of audits and recounts, and my historic unpopularity will never convince me or my sycophants otherwise.”

    1. @Insignificant360 I’m not a jet engine?
      In a world (the voice on movie pre movie trailers)
      Where Kell’s Heroes have become the body snatchers
      Father meets son in an epic battle for the soul of a nation
      (puppies runs into the bushes in the park, little girl follows)
      and the soul of of the future
      (Jack Bauer extraordinarily renditioning Mathew Brennel)
      But you can save them

      (Biden Harris inaguration, garth brookes “everybody” Lady Gaga “that look”)

      if you remeber to speak truth to power and question authority…
      (that voice STRONG in a whisper)

      especially, your own

    2. Bobulinski is a decorated US veteran with proof Joe Biden committed treason.
      Biden’s cashed the treasonous checks from a mayor in Russia.. and they kept Bobulinskis potion.
      That is sad, hilarious, and true. The FBI knowingly put Benedict Biden in power. Hmmm

  4. Hate speech is not free speech, it just allows people to think it’s condoned and these clowns will take full advantage. You give them that right and now you see the result.

    1. I also love how people think that free speech is consequence free. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember the constitution guaranteeing no consequences.
      And I agree with you 100% on hate speech. The ignorant and fanatical love confusing the two.

    2. Free speech is just that free you can say whatever you want it is free speech. You should learn what freedom of speech is

  5. The vetting should start with who is running for the office of President of the United States. From what I’ve read and learned from trumps past before he ran for office, he wouldn’t have even qualified for a Secret security clearance.

    1. @Life is better when I do something. Oh I know that. Only saying something I would like for there to be a test on the Constitution before running for public office where you swear an oath to protect and uphold the document. I know how hard it would be and that it will not happen. It would require two thirds of congress and that is not going to happen. It is not even an idea that has been proposed much less voted on. Does not change the fact that I like my idea and it would prevent at least some unqualified people from being elected. I am curious, is it an idea you would support if it were something that was voted on and you had a vote in it?

    2. @Tyeler Nowell I was not aware of that but thank you for bringing that to my attention. I had the idea many years ago but it seemed like a very far fetched idea at the time and did not share it with many people. But hearing that other countries have something similar, at least makes me feel like it is not as far fetched idea as I once thought. I doubt anything like that would happen here, not any time soon any way. But then again several things have happened in the USA that I thought would never happen so who knows. I am going to look up what countries do that, but would you give a couple of examples of countries with such an exam? And thank you again for your reply.

    3. @Esther C. Japan does that I know of for sure, I’ve heard some European countries do and maybe new Zealand but I’m not sure.

  6. As I remember it before 9-11 white, right wing extremists groups were a big treat, why was nothing done before now.

  7. The frightened frightening full fumbling functional mailman gully develop because microwave realistically suggest athwart a recondite child. domineering, xenophobic motion

  8. I’ve seen there has been a lax vetting system since Impeached One took office. It has allowed ex cons and those who belong to far right groups and gang members to enlist, these are the types of ppl that would be turned down more before. Due to the lack of individuals who volunteer these past four years this is how those kinds of ppl were let in. VICE did a piece on this issue a while back.

  9. Fmr. DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: ‘Principal Terrorist Threat Is Far-Right Violent Extremism’ Someone is choosing to not remember a little place called Portland.

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