Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Arrive At The Capitol On Inauguration Day | MSNBC 1

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Arrive At The Capitol On Inauguration Day | MSNBC


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrive at the Capitol for their inauguration along with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Arrive At The Capitol On Inauguration Day | MSNBC



  2. “Could you imagine if I lose? I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”
    ― The Donald @ election rally in Macon, Georgia, October 2020

    1. @Phat-motoXer Dump losing the popular vote twice, losing in 2018 and 2019 now 2020 with two impeachments is proof of that.

    2. @newmove Joe Biden has never spoken to people, he has always spoken in a closed place….why ???Because he helped teleprompter talk….In the history of the United States, there has never been a woman president, and in fact, all the forces of darkness must be behind Biden to impeach him for a short time for Harris to become president.

  3. “My Whole Soul Is in It”
    by Steven F Gooden

    My whole soul is in it. Not a piece or a part but with all my heart. My whole soul is in it. Not for fame, fortune, vengeance or guilt, but for passion, charity, vision and will. My whole soul is in it, whether I live or whether I die, win or lose, do or try, my whole soul is in it. For what less could I give, when given so much, all those who came before me, their sacrifice my crutch, their legacy their touch upon not part of me but all of me, for my whole soul is in it.

    1. @Margaret Lafleur isn’t just what you do but what you don’t do. Not just what you did but how you did it. Not just what you said but how you said it. Love is so simple yet the simple make it so hard. Love Is full of knowledge yet even the smart don’t get it. Love doesn’t cost a fortune yet fortunes are spent trying to gain it. Love does demand of you yet you are not willing to sacrifice for it. Those who only seek what love can give and do for them, do nothing for love and others and in such selfish pursuit, in turn rob themselves of love’s best gift. Make this year the year you seek to sow love and not just reap it. Be love and not just think it. Do love and not just say it. Talk love and just don’t fake it. Seek love and just don’t chase it. Embrace it but don’t enslave it, share it but don’t dare boast in it. Enjoy it but don’t abuse it. Free it and watch it come back. Invest in it and watch it pay back. Wash your life in it, light your darkness with it, eat your food with it conduct your business with it and above all else Serve God in it. For whatever love is and is not, it’s all of, for and From Him. He is LOVE! ”

      By Steven Gooden

    1. @dearl mcpeak Now everyone is going to know just what kind of a bad president Mr. Trump really was. You all have been brainwashed to the MaxNews

    2. @Debra Hodgens A camel can more easily pass through the eye of a needle than a wealthy man can serve all the citizens of a democracy!

  4. Becoming President should not be a “prize” for anyone… you are a public servant and it is about what you do for the people of your country………

    1. @Kevin What’s the point in mocking someone for a speech impediment? Having a stutter doesn’t say anything about one’s intelligence. Insulting another’s stutter does, however.

    2. @Monday Tuesday  Its a free country, I can make fun of stuttering biden every day for the rest of my life if I want You’re pretty stupid if you didn’t know that

  5. Ever date a psycho chick? This is what its like when she makes a duplicate of your house key while you were sleeping, then tells you its what you wanted.

  6. Kamala: I wanna thank Willie Brown for his support, love, more love, and that one incredible night when he put on that Teddy Pendergrass record and made me see stars…. The only man that literally knows me inside and out.

  7. I wonder if they got out of breath going up the stairs? I would have stopped to heave then walked the other flight?

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