Fmr. Mueller Attorney Expresses 'Personal Regret' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Fmr. Mueller Attorney Expresses ‘Personal Regret’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Andrew Weissmann, former lead prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, discusses revelations from the NYT's stories on Trump's taxes, and says he has personal regret over not following the money. Aired on 9/29/2020.
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Fmr. Mueller Attorney Expresses 'Personal Regret' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. A Broad Living Abroad I get what you’re saying.. but it’s kind of insulting to actual poor people to refer to a man that owns several golf courses, Trump tower, Mar-a-lago, and lots of other businesses/real estate as poor, or anything but rich for that matter.. my 70 year old mother and myself are currently about to become homeless because I simply injured myself while learning a new trade. Someone on TV telling me that I’m better off than him because he’s in debt is lying to me.

    1. @Russell Racey HARSH! 85% true! The solution? What divides us needs to end. Racism, corperate greed infiltrating politics, education, lobbying I could go on! How about the most difficult seemingly intangible solution in my country. Mutual Respect!

    2. @richard lewis Saving us from what? Bankrupting the country. Take a look at the national debt. From covid-19? We all know how he mishandled that one. United the country when we have a discord? Denying science. Corrupting the CDC, EPA, OSHA and the FDA?

    3. @richard lewis From what or who? His Russian friends, The Virus? Fox is his own personal Joseph Geobells, you and the other FOOLS addicted to it is what’s killing our Country. HE.DOES. NOT. CARE ABOUT.YOU. want an example? Trump to the covid task force: “I’m glad COVID came, now I don’t have to shake hands with those disgusting people” who in your guestimation do you think he’s talking about? That would be you… Fool.

    4. Dear dear dan dan, Vlad asked Don the con to destroy America and he will get big roubles. If Donald wins again expect Queen Ivanka!

  1. Are you kidding me? You’re saying that man would’ve been out of office and in the prison with his entire crime syndicate and we would’ve been in a much better place if you did your job with conviction?

    1. @L Theisen I do mean Senate. My spelling has always been just okay but after not needing to write stuff down very much it is Horrible. My punctuation is even worse. Writing is a skill, Use it or lose it. As long as my opinions come through, for better or worse, spellcheck should bring my spelling errors down.

    1. @R C thats total BS… POTUS does NOT have the power to shut down an independant council investigation. Although Trump could have fired mueller legally due to conflict of interest, the investigation would have continued with a new lead attorney

  2. Clearly, we need a law protecting the FBI from presidential interference when you investigation involves the president.

    1. Yes because obviously we can’t count on a Senate doing it’s job and putting the country and constitution before party and personal interest

    2. @Janice Gullett The political contribution laws, we had during Nixon, were thrown out by the Supreme Court. All this power that lobbyists, and the donor class, have can be traced back to the Citizens United decision.

    3. I’m pretty sure that there are laws protecting the FBI, but no one chose to enforce them. Kind of like how nobody enforces the emoluments clause. Kind of like how Democrats don’t enforce their subpoenas.

    4. You are right . There is more protection for the FBI thats why u see all those love birds under the Obama administration walking about freely
      The question we must ask is there must be laws stripping protection for FBI

  3. It’s funny how an American citizen can’t get a job at the Federal bank ( Chase, Sun Trust, Wells Fargo etc ) if your credit score is bad…why?
    Because they see you as a potential untrustworthy employee who can possibly steal. But Trump can owe millions to foreign countries and still become president? You slipped up America…. Trump…. YOU’RE FIRED!!

    1. @I. M. Idk where you live, but that’s not actually true. For instance, I work in finance for a good company. While I had a credit and criminal background check, there was never a drug test or has there been. Drug testing is optional depending on the type of work. If you drive something, you’ll get drug tested. However, if you move wires containing millions of dollars around the country, not so much.

    2. @ChasingDogma It’s even MORE Ridiculous when an Orange Racist Fascist LYIN CON runs for president and has the temerity to demand that Obama produce a birth certificate. NO (White) president before Obama has EVER been asked to show their birth certificate. But when the first BLACK president is elected into office an Orange Racist Fascist LYIN CON running on the platform of birtherism demands that Obama show his birth certificate. PURE RACISM. Because as WE ALL KNOW if you’re a WHITE guy who’s president you’re Automatically a U.S. citizen with No questions asked. Hilarious

    3. @I. M. Buried in a footnote in Section II B of Volume II of the redacted Mueller report is a single reference to supposed kompromat the Russian government was rumored to have on the president — the infamous “pee tape.” The report confirms that then-FBI director James Comey briefed President-elect Trump about the report in January 2017, but it also reveals that the Trump campaign was privately aware as early as October 2016 — more than two months before BuzzFeed News published the Steele dossier — that embarrassing tapes of then-candidate Donald Trump might exist in Russia.

    1. @Jim P No Jim. That amount is wrong. donnie’s spent a total (so far) in golfing and vacation trips in just UNDER 4 years: $141 MILLION dollars!! This is someone who ragged on Obama saying: “Obama golfs more than Tiger Woods”. It looks like donnie golfs more than the PGA!! Obama had an expense tally that hit $118 Million dollars in EIGHT (8) Years which includes vacations and golf outings! donnie’s the Number 1 Golfing president in the history of the presidency of the U.S. donnie, on average, golfs 5….F-I-V-E days out of the month of EVERY MONTH! Can you imagine if you took a vacation trip 5 days out of every month on your job? You wouldn’t have a job pal. No way!

    2. @Trent Timoy
      Well at least the great President Obama worked hard, unlike babbling moron tRump, who is screwing up everything he gets his dirty little hands on.

    1. @VaGrunt That’s disgusting!
      I know it is something that.does happen, all over the world including the U.S., but that is just sick behaviour by pedophiles, and those who profit from it!
      It’s even more revolting to realize that it happens here also, but there is a percentage of perverts who will do these things anyhow!
      I don’t think I want to use that phrase after all!
      Thank you for educating me!

    2. There were a lot of “good people” 1619 – 1964 when African Americans were being lynched, killed, harassed, teargassed, separated from family, and resold like a commodity. Good people in America have always being in the minority.

    3. ​@Dark Knite I’ll put “13th” on my watch list. Perception is reality but I assure you, we’re in the same America. You should come to my side and experience what freedom feels like. As for crack, Biden’s been in government for 47 yrs and Trump for 3.5 where he built a wall to reduce the current drug problem, fentanyl. I can’t blame Trump for drug abuse; although I’m sure peeps been dabbin(“hitting the train” as one old timer says) since he’s been in, stress. My understanding is that welfare incentivized single parent households destroying the nuclear family in low income areas. This led to widespread abuse of substances and government dependence; which in turn permeated culture. Most of the media we consume is money, bangin, drugs and women/men(2020 gotta be inclusive). The heros we make make us. It takes strong values in a community to lead us away from temptation. If the kids in a community are idolizing media about slingin dope, making it rain and using your body to get “the mans” money then it’s our fault, not Trumps. The people keep filling the offices that accomplish nothing. At least Trumps trying but what’s your local leaders done for you? Me? I’m doing what I think brings America back, starting conversations.

    4. @VaGrunt I never blamed trump for the drugs and other obstacles in our community. I felt you needed to understand the challenges that we face. You do understand the welfare situation I see. But what bothers me is how it’s portrayed. Welfare was started during the depression to help you get on your feet not stay on it. In addition 64% of people on welfare are Caucasian, but we are portrayed as the cancer. Combine that with biased hiring practices where do you turn? Feed your family, pay your bills? In turn bad credit. Lousy cars high interest loans. Feed your family or pay car insurance? No home ownership. No community roots. It sucks! I’ve seen freedom exercised as bullying with the audacity of,”Ain’t nothing you can do about it!” See legislation or any positive movement should be done for Americans collectively. Your community, my community it’s our community. I’m a great neighbor! I keep my property up. I’m involved in my neighborhood association. I pick up litter on a regular. I call the police for legitimate reasons and I talk to them. In our country people have the right to work and face your family with dignity. Get a decent education in ANY neighborhood, and go to the doctor and get treated without making a mortgage payment. I have workers that stay on the job because of fear of losing their health care. People preach against socialism, but we must find a middle ground. My conservative co work was left with a six digit bill of debt left by his deceased parent. That’s crazy. Corporate America should not be determining our health care fate! No more segmented legislation! Let’s agree to disagree, but find solutions that are common. Let’s evolve! I’m glad you and I are communicating instead of hurling insults. I hope you watch 13th. Newt Gingrich is in it. Grover Norquist and trump is in it. As a matter of fact several people from the other side of the isle are in it to make it relatable to everyone.

    1. @Benjamin O’Connor videos on YouTube.
      Prosecutor. Glenn Kirschner.
      All kinds of charges traitor trump is facing. vote him out. !!

    1. @Roman Jones so, post a link that has actual scientific evidence that covid-19 is dangerous.
      You can’t, because there is none.
      It’s just a political ploy to get votes

    2. @Roman Jones Beautiful work! Fascism did come in disguise as patriotism. Trump and his supporters are the same brown shirts playing the same game from Hitler’s Nazi playbook.

  4. If Bill Barr has misled the Trump’s impeachment procedure then he should be inestigated once Trump is voted out. Do the Americans not expect a new Attorney General to take over Barr as soon as Trump is thrown out of the White House?
    Among many of Bill Barr’s questionable involvements I like to see an investigation on how Epstein managed to die in Barr’s watch.

    1. Barr’s DADDY was Epstein’s mentor. Daddy Barr wrote a book on how to take care of your young slave. Hhhmmmm…. See the connection

    1. @Fred A Fred I do believe that because he has no scruples or morals, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life and I’m 71 years old,. God help us. And I’ve seen a lot of stuff wanted to say the other word but I’ll keep that to myself.

  5. “Fmr. Mueller Attorney Expresses ‘Personal Regret’ ” about not being able to “follow the money.” Therefore, the Mueller investigation should now be re-opened and #DJT should be impeached again, this time on charges of on-going tax fraud (i.e. fraudulently paying family members as consultants). May fellow Americans accordingly tell #ImPOTUS45 “You’re fired” on Nov 3rd by overwhelmingly voting for the exact opposite instead of more #MourningInAmerica.

    1. @Will Ritter your not being able to reply appropriately over the past 32 minutes since being greeted here means you, Will, are #StatCOVID19Test **positive** indicating that it’s possible you’re unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic) needing to call your doctor & to self-quarantine per your doctor.

    2. For sure, reopen Mueller s investigation. I would love to see Trump twice impeached and once removed, once imprisoned.

    1. Well…tRump belongs in prison.. full stop… As do his criminal accomplices. As for his supporters .. they do not deserve to be called American citizens and definitely should be sent to another country they actually do support .. ie: Russia, North Korea, any of the dictatorships they so keenly approve of.

  6. Obviously some laws need to be changed. The person you’re investigating should NOT be able to fire you. No matter who you are. EVER!!!

    1. Inspector Generals should not be allowed to be fired by the Executive Branch either without cause and consultation with Congress.

    2. Agree with Michael Cohen on everything he is saying now. I believe he needs Russia more than ever right now. Here’s what I’m thinking – Most of the extreme Debt by the King & his relatives were transferred to Russia probably through the Deutsche Bank to pay for wealthy housing in New York, Florida, etc. (Russia owed a huge amount of money to the USA & the State of New York, etc. but was never paid to the IRS). It will be the women that he fooled around with which will destroy him eternally together with all those religious fanatics & their so called “Christian” values through his Taxes. That huge Moscow Trump Tower could also be used for ICBM rockets with rocket launching pads & rocket launchers with those rockets on their way to Chicago & Detroit as examples. The Mueller report never did any counterintelligence report or even financial report on Russia & the King even with other Family members, all were off limits ordered by the King which I believe. All the convictions they did get were merely pawns. The AG & the King had a field day with that report to the American public. I believe the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Charles Rettig will be in deep deep trouble with also the entire IRS once all the Tax records come out – this was merely the first report by NYT concerning also big connections by the King. Also I believe then it will be time to get all his Tax records that go way back to the wealthy Father from New York. Just even more reasons I believe Russia (big financial friend of the King, etc.) will come in & stop that 2020 Election in November & promote the King from President to Dictator so he will never leave office with huge power & wealth which he needs real fast (through big private Tax Money coming from the 30 billionaires & other rich Republicans who Did support him). You can be quite sure they will all be stopped from leaving the USA. And the chances are less that the King & the Family will be bumped off latter from someone in their own corrupt Party. If Russia does not come to the rescue now – he blew it big time.

    1. Vladimir is runnink the cuntree, now you can enjoy Russian domination like the Baltic states and eastern Europe countries like Poland etc where all products and produce were sent to Russia while the people queued for basics. Velcum komrade.

  7. It is RIDICULOUS that a President can STOP an investigation into HIMSELF!! Somebody needs to change that rule. It’s idiotic.

    1. IKR and that stupid “OPINION” is just that it isn’t a LAW! There needs to be some sweeping changes on all fronts!

    2. Most of our policies, as we have learned over the last 4 years, are based on a code of honor and not law whatsoever. We’re living the fall of Rome.

    1. Screwed up since the founding dickheads wrote a constitution that grants all the real power to the executive branch. They wanted a psuedo christian monarchy and that’s what we’ve got.

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