Fmr. Texas Lawmaker Explains How Democrats Can Push Back Against Voter Laws


  1. *4 seconds to midnight…* butz thenz… the eye is gone… and… the tail end… comes sweeping in….

    1. HAHAHAHA WHAT?! Are you stupid?! We burned cities down and no police will stop us! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


    2. @17 Accounts Removed only magas view the BLM activist as “liberals” and not “civil rights activist”. you do realize that they arent a political movement right?

    1. @John Bruce “Fascists”? You’re just being “toxic” 🤣 See? Hyperbolic language goes both ways.

    2. @John Bruce I mean we’re one of the strongest and greatest countries in the world right we should have some of the strongest strictest hardest voting laws also

    3. @John Bruce Another person who calls anyone who disagrees with them a fascist without any knowledge of what the word even means.

  2. Rural people can’t photocopy IDs and inner city people can’t even get an ID. This is what your leaders think of you. They think you’re stupid.

    1. it has more to do with out of state students and workers not having ID for the state they are temporarily working or going to school in

    2. @crazyacorns 117 _That’s_ what mail-in voting is for, and you should still need an ID which is easy to get for everyone.

    3. @Liberty They all see the citizens as the same so with that said the Republicans aren’t no different from the Democrats because they all lie and don’t care about nothing but your vote and once they get that they throw you away. Put God, before all and you’ll feel better

    4. @crazyacorns 117 it has MOST to do with a “study” in which a university made 600 phone calls and determined some of those people said they didn’t have a valid ID at that moment to vote and the majority were minority voters. 600 phone calls and you have a national movement. Garbage in garbage out.

  3. You can easily acquire a crappy ’87 Cutlass with 36 inch rims, but can’t acquire a driver’s license 🤔

  4. The bigotry of low expectations. “Having to prove who you are to vote is racist!” Makes me wonder if they can even win a fair election. Judging by their words and actions I’m guessing no.🇺🇸

    1. No, republicans know they cannot win a fair election. That is why they are trying to rig the system

  5. “Every tool in the arsenal” in other words, they will break the law at any moment when it is convenient for them.

    As a former democrat, I cant believe I ever thought these stooges were decent people.

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