Food Assistance Increase Meets ‘The Needs Of The Modern Day Family’ 1

Food Assistance Increase Meets ‘The Needs Of The Modern Day Family’


American diets have changed drastically over the last 45 years, but the food assistance benefits offered to low income families have not – until now. Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT), who chairs the subcommittee that oversees the programs, says the increase will provide families better access to healthy foods, something food benefit recipient Daniel Worthey calls “a blessing.”
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  1. ☎️🇺🇸…this 36.00 is so incredibly late and small that it’s embarrassing… cool yippee America.

  2. So many people are working a full-time job not making it even with food stamp assistance, and we have people on the board of labor saying that the starting wage for people should be 0 dollars a year based on experience. It’s disgusting.

  3. “But who’s going to pay for all this food for poor Americans?!” yelled the republicans who gave wealthy corporations $1.3 trillion in tax breaks.

    1. @john emeigh LOL…The top 1% pay ZERO in taxes champ, thanks to that sweetheart deal traitor 45 and the republicans gave them…

    2. @INCARNATE You need to do a lot of research. Just call the IRS, ask them. It’s toll free. Otherwise, you’re spouting “disinformation”. Remember when you Marxists loved that accusation?

    3. @john emeigh Let’s assume that is true. Then the 1% pays 40% of federal taxes because they’ve hoarded capital to coerce producers and in similar fashion stole labor value from producers for decades. We’ll ignore the 1% tax havens, tax shelters, ridiculous deductions, and abuse of charities. Further, the 99% enable the 1% to pay that 40% because the 1% are not producers of goods and services.

    4. Right!!! While I might not be wealthy, I am middle class and I rather help the poor, than these rich thieves and politicians!!

    5. @Judith Davis Agreed. Contact the corporations that donate to all Congress people. Otherwise, we only have our vote. Corps own our elected; they care about us, a year before they run.

  4. You can stop under with ramen noodles or Mac and cheese, but you cannot be healthy. If I wanted some thing more from SNAP it would include a small cleaning allowance for dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and soap. You also need to be clean to be healthy.

    1. You can stop hunger…
      My stupid new computer keeps making changes I’m not aware of. Need to proof read more.

    2. My first non food item to add to the list would be diapers, for a family it is the hardest thing to afford.

    3. @Dawnabrat We donate diapers to local food banks. Some parents come in just to get those, soap, TP, etc. You might ask?

    1. @Kimber Siren lmfao no i do get it just fine, liberals are lazy and want everything handed to them instead of actually EARNING IT. maybe you dont get it, good thing i just explained it to you sweetie 🙂 <3

    2. @Eric Graham people work and still don’t make enough money to “earn” the money. It has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy.

    3. Proving it up another way: Walmart workers relying on public assistance programs due to low wages cost American taxpayers $6.2 billion a year

  5. Most of those receiving Social Security only currently receive $19 month for a single so hopefully this includes an increase that will be more realistic for us as well. Currently the $19/month is not even a week worth of food.

  6. Grocery prices have been increasing since grocery stores came into existence. It only makes sense to raise the benefit we choose to a lot to the least fortunate in our society.

    1. Food is expensive because our government subsidizes farmers. Essentially farmers get paid not to farm. Same way the government subsidizes students loans and drives tuition up in return.

  7. Amazing , for me personally I’m paying out of pocket about $75 a month because I refuse to buy
    junk food …

  8. A few years ago, the mayor of Phoenix went on food stamps, for a month.

    He was in good shape, not fat, and he lost 6 pounds.

  9. You know, if America had a living wage as its minimum wage, we the taxpayers wouldn’t have to subsidize the crap wages places like Walmart pay their staff.

    1. It’s getting better though, with the little bit of safety net many people have they are holding out for better jobs, driving wages up for everyone. The economy added over 900,000 jobs last month driving unemployment down to 5.4% and at least 4% of that is people moving up to better paying jobs. So we basically have 1.4% unemployment and there are 10,000,000 open positions for the first time in history.
      My only problem with paying a living wage is it would need to be tied to the cost of living and phased in way faster than over 3-5 years. $15 is a good start because at least 20% of us make less than that and $7.35is a joke. Restaurant and farm workers can be paid far less so that needs fixed too. Make gratuities a tax right on the receipt, economically disadvantage people could get a one-time dining supplement and then a reasonable rebate at the end of the month for their tipping – off the top of my head

  10. $36 is a joke. How embarrassing. They need to increase it at least three times that. Do they still think eggs cost $0.10?!

    1. Folks, this is an increase of $35 per month per person. Let’s also keep in mind that this is supposed to supplement people’s food budget, not be the only source of funds for their food. $35 buys a significant amount of fresh fruits and veg.

    2. @Blue Toile
      I don’t know where you live but where I live food is not cheap.

      Grapes – $3/lb
      kale/ broccoli/cauliflower – $3 a bunch
      sweet pepper — $1- $1.50 EACH.

      Your $35 barely covers 2 meals.

      I go grocery shopping 3 times a week & I spent roughly $80 each time and I only cook for 2 people.

  11. Louisiana Cut Food Stamps and Unemployment For The Entire State , but Y’all Won’t Discuss That Part Right ?

  12. I lost my job during the shut down of Covid. I just turned 62 in in July and last week applied for a early SSI. The amount for a single is horrible and barely covers bread and eggs. I have paid my taxes state, local, and federal for 49 years and now I have to live in poverty because programs like these have been neglected for generations. With all the jobs out there companies do not want to hire seniors on a good wage. I disagree the new amount meets the needs. I also want to point out how Social Security is neglected. Last year SSI only received a 1.3 increase for COLA. That was the lowest in 20-30 years. Trump attacked Social Security quietly with his tax plan by not requiring workers to pay into it. Our leaders need to step up and make all seniors needs re-calculated. It`s a disgrace to those of us who already paid and worked our fingers to the bone.

    1. Age discrimination is very real in the workforce. Let’s work against that. Understand that SNAP is supposed to be supplemental, not the only source of funds for food. I understand you are on SSI, which means you have no assets or savings to speak of. From your comment, you are clearly not learning disabled. Many people in this situation need to ask themselves why they have nothing for their senior years. Not knowing your personal circumstances, I cannot say if you are one of them, but understand that the US cannot bail everyone out of seriously bad personal choices over the course of an entire life. Please don’t hate on me, I absolutely wish you the best and hope you find a decent job soon to improve your situation.

    2. @Blue Toile ​hope you end up in the same situation of lack of wealth when you reach 62..only then will you realize how dumb your advice is. further with the current way the economy is set up many people will never be able to buy a home as an asset because of low wages and the current real estate industry being unregulated allowing foreigners to park money in properties to then turn around and rent out at astronomical rental rates.

  13. It’s about time! Healthy food choices should be considered a major factor in helping to minimize or, possibly, prevent chronic illnesses.

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