Food Pantry Worker Describes 'Stigma' Around Needing Assistance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Food Pantry Worker Describes ‘Stigma’ Around Needing Assistance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Hallie Jackson is joined by Monica Wahlberg, a volunteer with her local food pantry who herself has experienced job loss and food insecurity since the pandemic began. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Food Pantry Worker Describes 'Stigma' Around Needing Assistance | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Drake Fire my gods? Do you not believe in god? If so you just contradicted yourself which doesn’t surprise me.

    2. @Kelvin Blackstone What I beleive is irrelevent.

      It’s called I’ve read the bible. I know your “god” certainly does not approve of you, or the rest of the Republican “Christians”.

  1. 35 million people are food insecure. This number has gone up to 50 million because of the corona.
    Meanwhile, Mitch and t’rump have been MIA on trying to get more funding to these millions of people who are in food bank lines, cutting other expenses to make ends meet, and otherwise going hungry.
    Make America Great Again they said….

  2. Alas, these stories are falling on deaf ears….Trump and Mitch don’t care!! Need to win Georgia, only way relief will come!!

    1. Turn the rigor mortis tortoise on his back. Other countries are paying people to stay home. Repugs don’t give an eff.

  3. We are living in a shut down economy goby can’t pay all our bills and bailout cities and state pension and on and in ! We are not working is bottom line …. no?

  4. #BelieveWomen
    Because of the oppression, marginalization, stigma, disenfranchisement, disparity, invalidation, violation and persecution of systemic structural and institutional patriarchy:
    I’m suffering with plantar fasciitis. The arthritis I suffer from is excruciating, a terrifying battle! I’m fighting cancer, it’s an endless battle. I suffer incomprehensible pain from migraines that I’m always fighting against. My battle with fibromyalgia is existentially horrific; my suffering is relentless, the fight is draining! I suffer from terrible allergies that I suffer with! The struggle with cancer I suffer with though, is a battle of suffering for my life! It’s a daily fight! I keep fighting this battle against the overwhelming suffering that I suffer from continually, each moment of suffering and battling is a struggle, in this perpetual battle of suffering that I fight against in this horrific battle. Please sanitize! Sanitize robustly and with great vigor! Always sanitize more, each day! Stay safe! Stay really safe! SANITIZE! Now would be a good time to sanitize! Actually, any time is a good time to sanitize! Vigorously and robustly!

    I’m a fierce, strong and independent womxn!
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    1. Quit taking all those pharma pills that cause all your imaginary health problems . Trying to get on disability I suspect

  5. I told my wife back in 2017 that white people now are out numbering black people at the food bank… so much for all that winning…

  6. The world is complicated. Everyone needs help. The problem is, some guys “help themselves” by ripping-off everyone else… making the world even more complicated.

  7. I was homeless and living in a New York City shelter for 5 years and was always upfront and unapologetic about that when meeting new people. A friend from better days encouraged me to keep that to myself, warning that people wouldn’t respect or have any interest in me if they knew about my situation. I utterly rejected such advice, and I’m glad I did

  8. It’s for the “others”!
    But NOW it’s not just the the “others ” it’s applying to ALL AMERICANS!
    Now maybe people will have compassion and understanding for the poor and the working poor.

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