For Voters in Liz Cheney’s District, Speaking Out Against Trump Is ‘Ultimate Betrayal’ | MSNBC

NBC's Cal Perry talks to Rep. Liz Cheney's constituents in Wyoming as Republicans prepare to oust her from leadership. 

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For Voters in Liz Cheney's District, Speaking Out Against Trump Is 'Ultimate Betrayal' | MSNBC


  1. There’s plenty of imbeciles in Wyoming but I’ve heard the same thing from imbeciles in other states. Variations of “We didn’t send her/him there to do the right thing.”

    1. @Crfor Freedom Giovanni Gentile and him were still ardent supporters of socialism, the only difference was that they believed war would allow for socialism to spread faster

    2. @Crfor Freedom Liechtenstein’s gdp per capita is $180,000, and Singapore has has no minimum wage, a very low corporate tax rate, and very little regulation. Their government run agencies aren’t completely owned by the state, and only became successful when they began privatizing.

    3. @Nope Yes. And he thought the Allies would give Italy more free stuff. the little land they got was VERY disappointing to him.

    4. @Dedrick Suggs
      And what if “those who voted them in” are wrong, like these Wyoming wackos who call Liz Cheney a “traitor” just because she now opposes Donald Trump and his crooked gang?

    5. @Nope
      Yes, Fascism is an oppressive totalitarian form of government, but it is NOT a “leftist” idea, as you say. It is, in fact, more RIGHT-WING in nature, as evident by its opposition to leftist ideologies like Socialism or Communism. It was the same way with its German counterpart, Nazism. Like Mussolini, Hitler hated left-wing ideas. If you were to look at various Fascist and Nazi propaganda materials (posters, pamphlets, postcards, newspaper cartoons, etc), as I have, you’ll find just as many Anti-Communist/Anti-Socialist images as you’ll find Anti-Jewish ones, not to mention combinations of the two, because both the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis saw the Jews as part of what Hitler called a “Jewish-Bolshevik plot” against civilization. (Hitler, in particular, blamed all of Germany’s problems, and all of the evils of the world as well, on both the Communists and the Jews; he said so in speeches, both before and after he took over the country, and in his book “Mein Kampf;” he even blamed them for the defeat of Germany in the First World War; he insisted that a dictatorship was the only way to save “The Fatherland” from Jews and Communists.)
      Not surprisingly, Communist and Socialist organizations were banned both in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, and members of these groups were imprisoned in concentration camps. A lot of them died there.

      Other countries, including the United States, had people who sympathized with right-wing ideologies like Fascism and Nazism, seeing them as better alternatives to Socialism and Communism, which they, of course, linked with the Jews, or other unpopular minorities. Their propaganda materials, like those in Germany and Italy, constantly railed against the “Reds,” as well as those of different religions, races, and skin colors. As might be expected, they often formed alliances with other racist groups, like the Ku Klux Klan. In the days before World War Two, the Klan had a brief flirtation with the Pro-Nazi German-American Bund. Bundists and Klansmen met openly at a area called Camp Norland in New Jersey. Significantly enough, both of these groups were Anti-Communist/Anti-Socialist as well as Anti-Semitic, Anti-Black, and Anti-Catholic.

      In short, Fascism is not as “leftist” as you think it is.

  2. Is very unfortunate indeed that people take lies for truth, and take truth for lies May the Good lord save our world 🌎 🙏. Liz carry on your job don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Stay focus ✨.

    1. Everybody that gets their news from msnbc,cnn believes lies for truth/truth for lies…

    2. @The world will See everything “msnbc,cnn” Because they won’t praise your dear leader and they expose his
      lies. But you believe Carlson, even after Fox admits he’s a loon and not to be believed. The soothing
      effect of denial, when reality gets to be too much.

  3. Lol, this is so hilarious.
    The cancelling, hypocrisy and the freedom of speech they love to play the victim of is all they can do.

    1. Exactly, they believe in Law and Order, blue lives matter, and are pro life, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their agenda!

    1. I live in Wyoming my family moved here 12 years ago so at that point I didn’t have a choice, but it grew on me I like the state now.

  4. Sometimes the truth might be as a surgical incision, which could hurt but heal.
    Lies are like a metastatic cancer. LC.

    1. @Chopper Dog you need to start listening to someone else for your news instead of trump stations . Or just come out if your house

  5. From NZ. Were this lot not around on 1/6? For me they are turning on Cheney for all the wrong reasons.

    1. You have to understand that the trump supporters are either suffering from some sort of dementia, or handicap, or just stupidity, or racism, or are narcissistic and rich. The dirty lying politician’s only stroke the flames to get money from these donor’s.
      There, that might give some outsider’s a more clearer understanding of all this Idiocracy going on over in in the states.
      Also let me add…some of those people truly believe with all their heart that they are 100% doing the right thing. That’s what makes this so sensitive and difficult, bc when you’re dealing with this much mental illness, there’s no easy fix.

    2. Right wing media has been working on the dumb part of the country for decades. Unbelievable some of the stuff I’ve heard on there, like we could go to a planet five light years away because scientist say it could have oil. And we go there and bring the oil back.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas Just don’t be like the rest of your kind and run from the shhole you’ve made! It’s what your kind is doing you know, in MASSIVE numbers.

    2. @Crfor Freedom nice, confirm some more of our biases against conservatives. If you were there you would be doing the same thing you are now, all conservatives are the same no matter where they are in the world. From Germany to Africa all of you ruin everything! Majority of you don’t even believe in democracy.

    1. As an outsider: it’s rather entertaining. It distracts us from the same things happening in our respective countries.

  6. These people don’t really know what they want! It’s lies against truth. Looks like they like the lie!

    1. Lies and delusions. Most of them are spouting delusions or regurgitating what they hear others saying without looking at any facts.

    1. The US is only two inches away from swearing allegiance to any dictator who takes another shot at overthrowing the republic and its democratic principles.

  7. Crooks of a feather, fly together.
    Liz, a true woman, who didn’t compromise her womanhood of integrity.

    1. @JOHN CHANG What ever, people should learn from their mistakes.
      If, not your truly are a fool.
      Better, late than never.
      Evil, shall not prevail, no matter how you slice it, dice it or make an excuse.
      If, you think Trump is right; then teach your kids to lie, den, ignore, be a racist and be a sexual abuser, while claiming the rest of this country lied with his dislusional counert parts.

  8. The mentality is – ‘We don’t care about truth. We don’t care about ethics. We don’t care about facts. You need to represent us and defend our position…even when it’s wrong, a lie and counter intuitive.”

  9. It would seem these “patriots” are more interested in loyalty to one man over loyalty to country.

  10. These people put party loyalty above the truth. They’re hypocrites. They do not know what conscience is. Let them sell their souls for trump who cares for no one but himself.

    1. Do you even hear yourself? To say one political party has the exclusive on truth or lies, corruption or integrity, etc. is the pure definition of hypocrisy! Unbelievably pathetic😖

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