1. Whatever Trudeau decides Ford follows the lead. At first conservative voters of Ontario were shocked, when it could not be denied any longer. Ford is Trudeau’s buddy. Now his campaign slogan I’m for the citizens of Ontario was theatre.

  2. As a restaurant worker my only concern regarding reopening of bars and restaurants the social distancing will it cut down on how many employess such as servers and BOH workers will be allowed to be in there with customers plus wearing masks as with the FOH doing such should BOH be wearing masks as well to prevent Covid -19 food contamination .I have no problem wearing a mask if it prevents the spread the Covid from contaminating the food as it will cut down the risk . Glad to see that more municipalities such as Hamilton where will be allowed to Stage 3 but these are some valid concerns to take notice to threfore lowering the risks . We have so far in getting to this point and would hate to have to go backwards in this pandemic .

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