Foreign Affairs Champagne on what response Canada has received from Iranian regime

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says all intelligence indicates plane was shot down.

#cdnpoli #uspoli

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    2. @Thomas C very true. The regime must go…Sadly, the regime/teachers/institutions brainwash the kids from a very young age.

  1. Investigations must be conducted according to the international standard. Conclusion can only be drawn after the investigation.
    Speculations further hurts the families of the victims.

    1. dude you can see the missile holes in the plane wreckage and a video of a “light” in the sky that ran into the plane and resulted in the plane bursting in to flames right at the time they were launching missiles, many of which missed their targets or never showed up to their targets at all… and Iran is refusing to give over the evidence. if it isn’t obvious to you I invite you to take your blindfold off.

  2. It’s rumoured that Justin ( LIberals in general) thinks this air accident was caused by climate change………so all Iran has to do is implement a carbon tax and all will be forgiven.

  3. the Iranian government ordered a missile attack against Canadian citizens, an allied country of the USA. This is war.

  4. Iran will deny these Visa for a couple of weeks till the evidence is cleaned up. And Canada will be expected to accept this.

  5. OMG we have such idiots running Canada we need a strong leadership!! If those were Americans on that plane Iran would already be destroyed FFS!

  6. If Trudeau’s saying that, it must be accurate. There’s no way he’d ever say anything bad about Iran, unless backed against the wall.

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