Forensic Pathologist: Law Enforcement Actions Caused George Floyd Death | MSNBC

Forensic Pathologist: Law Enforcement Actions Caused George Floyd Death | MSNBC 1


  1. The defense is going to have to try a lot harder to prove their case. The prosecutions case is overwhelmingly clear.

    1. @Alvah Nomicron: The idea that Floyd died of an overdose is not a red herring. It’s an alternate theory. I don’t agree with it but it doesn’t meet the definition of the red herring fallacy because it’s not an attempt to distract from the fact that a man died while in police custody. It’s simply another theory of HOW he died.

    2. @Reason It’s not a theory on how he died, it’s a blatant lie to demonize the victim, It’s an often used defense strategy used against people of color.

    3. prosecution isn’t proving anything. They’re just asking this lady what she thinks after watching the video. She also said if he was found dead with that much fentanyl and meth in his body then she would have ruled it an OD. So that also proves he could have died from OD.

    1. @bryanatwku i agree with you on the basis that he should have been charged with first or second but the charges he has at hand are 3rd and the definition has been met overwhelmingly in my opinion.

      chauvin murdered that man and he did it on purpose with full knowledge of what he was doing. unfortunately convicting a cop is still an uphill battle even in a case like this.

    2. @Noreb, if you think Chauvin murdered Floyd “on purpose” then you think he is guilty of first degree murder, which would make him innocent of second and third degree murder.

      If you think he caused the death of Floyd unintentionally but did so accidentally by grossly neglecting police protocol, then you think he is guilty of manslaughter.

      If you think he caused the death of Floyd accidentally but did so by following police protocol, or if you think he didn’t cause the death of Floyd, you would think he is not guilty.

      I don’t see the rationale behind second or third degree murder.

      I think the Prosecution is going for the manslaughter charge and dropping the murder. They haven’t even begun to address intent or motive.

    3. You just don’t see the defense side because all MSM shows you is the prosecution side. Defense is ripping this stuff up.

    4. @bryanatwku this is the definition of murder 3 that relates to this case: (a) Whoever, without intent to effect the death of any person, causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life, is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years.

      proving intent beyond a reasonable doubt is incredibly hard with any case as without direct testimony or evidence from the defendant its all opinion .

      murder 3 gives the jury room to convict on a murder charge without a hung jury because it eliminates the “well he MAY NOT have realized” or “well there was all these other things as well!” as none of those variables enter into the charge.

      what i personally believe regarding this case has nothing to do with the charges that are being presented and any prosecutor is fighting an uphill battle when trying to convict a police officer as it is.

  2. The primary mechanism to Mr Floyd’s death was Asphyxia or low oxygen! Thank you Dr. Lindsay Thomas. The police officer had his knee, with his full body weight, on Mr Floyd’s neck, for 9 minutes.

    1. @Agent Orange no, it is not. The police do not have the right to murder people who broke the law. What is so hard about that for you to grasp? He should have been arrested. He should not have been killed.

    2. @Agent Orange You could apply your logic to the cop too. If he didn’t murder George Floyd, he wouldn’t be on trial now.

    3. @RogerM Are you serious? 3 police officers, pinned him to the ground. Their jobs is to clear his airway, so he can breathe. Mr Floyd, told officers “I can’t breathe” more than 20 times! The police officer continued to have full body pressure, on Mr Floyds neck, for 9 minutes.

    4. @grin chi Mr Chauvin blocked Mr Floyd’s airways for 9 minutes. A brain can’t survive without air, for that amount of time. This is something every policeman knows. Mr Chauvin didn’t follow protocol. He had his full body weight, on Mr Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes.

  3. At this point don’t know if the defence can change the plea but if they can they certainly should.

  4. Real life Quincy. Powerful facts deadly drama. Poor Mr Mr Floyd condolences to his family. Tragic wrong.

    1. 3.5 FENTENAYL- Average overdose death.
      7- Double the average overdose death.
      11- George Floyd.


    2. George Floyd drug od symptoms for meth and Fentenayl…

      Confusion or incoherence

      Blurred vision

      Mental impairment due to lack of sleep

      Uncontrollable movements




      Heart attack


      Respiratory failure

      Low blood pressure



      Nausea and vomiting

      Limp body

      Changes in pupillary size

      Cold and clammy skin

      Blue colored lips and fingernails (cyanosis)

      Slowed or stopped breathing

      Decreased heart rate

      Reduced or loss of consciousness


      Trouble breathing

      Signs of a heart attack or stroke, such as chest pain or confusion


      High or low blood pressure

      A high body temperature

      Kidney failure, which might cause symptoms such as peeing less or very dark urine

      Intense stomach pain

      Changes in personality or alertness

      Loss of consciousness

      Intensely hyper or aggressive behavior


    1. @Vernon Hendrickson TDS = Taking Decency Seriously. That’s why Trump supporters hate it.

    2. @Vernon Hendrickson Yep ! At least you admit to having Trump Dummy Syndrome. You’re really angry because your Fake Tanned Con Man Lost His Job. Don’t feel bad. He’ll have a job pressing license plates in the Federal Penitentiary with his cell mate Big Buck Tooth Bubba In Charge.
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  5. Her testimony itself gives cause for investigating so called quickly determined freaking suicide when people are hung to death – it should automatically be investigated to rule out foul play!!! LoveLove

  6. Everyone in LIBYA, SYRIA, IRAQ, and YEMEN are glued to their TV sets, they all cannot wait for a verdict….

  7. Does anyone really believe Chauvin will be breathing next year regardless of how the trial ends?

    1. @CShield the proof is television is fantasy only actors are allowed on tv to brainwash your mind why cant you see it they even had one of the biggest tv stars as your president

  8. Sneak peak at the Defense witness list:
    1. Professional escape artist who says you don’t need air to breathe
    2. Charlie Sheen who says drugs make you crazy and full of tiger blood
    3. Stone Cold Steve Austin who says kneeling on someone’s neck isn’t dangerous. Also not real, and mostly fake!

    1. @FENTANYL FLOYD So by your logic, your boy Derek Chauvin felt the need to press his knees into a dying man who couldn’t even breathe and was about to OD? Is that what you are saying? Then he deserves to get convicted of murder anyway for sheer stupidity and cowardice. Chauvin is getting everything he deserves.

    1. @espy anyone calling themself Fentanyl Floyd isn’t really paying attention to this trial. They already reached a verdict.

    2. @XO SO I don’t think anyone could mischaracterize it any worse that you have, but the day is still young.

    3. “Big Floyd”
      1998 – 10 months prison for armed robbery
      2002-2004-2005 – 8-10-10 months for “cocaine”
      2007 – 5 years in prison for robbing a pregnant woman at gunpoint in her home
      Before was ” killed” – was sitting in his car -high on meth – knocked out.
      What a hero ! I’m glad the cops stopped him before he drive off.

  9. SO.. By that last comment. “If it hadn’t been Videoed it wouldn’t be brought to trial”. I hope ALL Law Offices are taking notice. The People are Videoing You.

    1. Yeah that’s why they don’t like to be videotaped, no video no other evidence than witnesses who are reliably unreliable

  10. Summary: “Without the video evidence, the cops could have gotten away with a lie of their murder”

  11. Floyd used his own face to try and push his chest up so he can breath. You do realise that’s e brain taking over and cancelling pain in his face just to try and survive.

  12. I like the part where Lindsey Thomas says “Isn’t that amazing”. She was referencing the contrast between Canada’s law enforcement and what happens in the USA.

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