Former Army brigadier general breaks down latest in Russia retaliation for alleged drone attack

After Russia alleged that Ukraine attacked the Kremlin in Moscow with drones, Kyiv faced its worst strikes in months, reports CNN's Nick Paton Walsh in Ukraine. CNN's Jim Sciutto discusses with retired Brig. Gen. Steve Anderson. #CNN #News


  1. Condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones in Ukraine

    1. Condolences to Ukrainian people and soldiers who lost lives in Ukraine war and there is no condolences to Russian soldiers.

  2. Russia did it themselves. Obviously a very small drone and not capable of doing much damage. Such BS from Russia. We all know it was like shooting a cap gun. 😅

    1. @BruceWayneIsSober the textbook answer from the kool aid drinkers when someone says something they dont like

  3. I don’t know, I’m really not an expert but that ”attack” seems quite fake to me, either that or utterly incompetent and ineffective.

    1. Or a couple of teenage boys there in russia attached an m80 to their drones and wanted to send putin a message. #WellDone #PutinSux

    2. I agree, geez even the Chinese spend more money on their propaganda. What a joke, the special effects from the 1950’s movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon” was better than this.

  4. Those drones were 100% controlled from a point within signal range of the final target in order to hit such a small target with relatively small drones. Whoever controlled those drones was DEFINITELY inside Moscow itself. It could have been a false flag, but it could have certainly also been a Russian actor opposed to Putin’s regime.

    There is zero chance that these drones originated inside Ukraine, flew over 300 miles to Moscow, evaded air defenses the entire way, and then were able to strike within a meter of a flag pole on top of a building in the Kremlin.

    1. If you take a closer look at reflections the video, it looks like the drone operator is behind the cameraman 😄

    2. Please pray for peace. If you are honest enough you have to know the root cause of the problem. We are in a dangerous territory because of few greed people.

  5. Hey comrade, if we were going to try and take you out it wouldn’t be with a $300 drone.

    1. @1st cavalry
      Just like you pour trillions in Afghanistan and you took out Taliban 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. So wait, someone flew a dji drone 500 miles? I need that battery for my mavic2pro😂

    1. @Bill bob Well cnn reported that it was a drone such as the ones you buy from “Best Buy”. So maybe you’re the one without a clue. Cause I ain’t ever seen that what you’re talking about🤔🤣

  7. Please remember that on May 28 1987 the 18 years old German guy Mathias Rust landed with a Cessna plane near Red Square by the Kremlin🙂😁

    1. That wasn’t actually a hard thing to do in a small Cessna in the 80’s.. Radar technology then were focussed on fighters, bombers and missiles, then and now radars gets less accurate with lower flying airplanes unless specifically calibrated for it. That being said – the drones are a game changer not just in Russia, but everywhere.. cheap, easy to transport, easy to handle and hard to effectively counter en masse.. It’s not just Russia that needs to rethink military response to them.

    2. @Derguz Excellent point. As 9/11 demostrated .. the US Air defences could not be expected to protect Americans from plane INSIDE American Air space. Who could have anticipated internal air strikes .. other than 3 or 4 authors of thriller novels and movies.

  8. That drone would have been useless to take out Poop-tin inside of that building, It would be like a Roman Candle landing of the roof lol.

  9. i’d argue about the most sophisticated air defense in the world , considering how even earlier some unmanned aircraft were making it close to moscow

    1. Sophisticated as it comes. Truth of the matter is, we don’t know how sophisticated the Russian defensea are. Their S400 is commonly known to be the top air missile defense system in the world.

      It is insanely difficult to shoot down a small drone or a swarm of it. If it’s automated, you’d have to keep the system from shooting other things like birds. Shooting it down is a whole other problem to deal with.

  10. What is she saying, how can Ukraine “escalate” while being on the receiving end of Russian strikes. That makes What kind of sense?

  11. “War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.” – George Carlin

    1. Great quote but doesn’t apply. What land are russian invaders protecting? And most Ukrainians who are fighting now were not soldiers but citizens of different class, working in various fields – living a normal civil life until their home and loved ones were threatened

  12. Amazing how there just happened to be someone filming just that spot on the top of the Kremlin at 3:00 AM ! And the drone operator.. was by pure happenstance also in the kremlin.

    1. Well at lease we know it not the Chinese, because they would set a “Balloon”. LOL 🤣

  13. if you look at the video closely, two guys on the roof looked like they were waiting for the drone

  14. Every time that Russia tries to teach Ukraine a lesson, it backfires on them. This retalliation by Russia will just motivate more support for Ukraine.

  15. Perhaps Russia’s air defense is not as sophisticated as we thought, just like their air defense in Ukraine, for example. BTW, Russia doesn’t need any reasons to strike Ukraine. They’ve been doing whatever they want already, unless you’re taking about nuclear response.

  16. Going after Zelensky by targeting Kiev while he’s in the Netherlands as anyone can see on TV, that would be stupidity of the grandest magnitude

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