Hear what led to a new round of subpoenas for Trump Org. employees

Longtime Trump Organization executives Matthew Calamari Sr. and his son Matthew Calamari Jr. are expected to appear before the grand jury investigating possible mishandling of classified documents brought to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, sources said. Prosecutors are expected to ask them about the handling of the surveillance footage and Trump employees’ conversations following the subpoena, according to the sources. #CNN #News


    1. Im out of here, dont have time for pandering over fools that stand up to hear the next lie fed them by these cohorts in crime.

  1. Listen closely. “I wasn’t holding anything back that I cared about”. So he only held back stuff he cared about?

    1. @BB_Binx A late night comic (?) once said, “listen to him the first time. He always involuntarily tells the truth the first time”

    2. @Kyle Rittenhouse you’re still crying, Kyle? It was pathetic in court and here you are again 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    1. @Kyle Rittenhouse oh Kyle, sweetheart, these things take time. Patience little one. Patience.

    2. @Kyle Rittenhouse January 6, 2020 was seven years ago? The legal search and seizure of stolen classified documents at Mar a Lago was seven years ago? You sure you didn’t hit your head when you murdered all those people? Bless your little heart. 😘

  2. Jail, jail, jail bragging about committing crimes is suddenly not entertaining 👀👀👀.

    1. @Montesa: just to clarify: it helps to be RRRRICH POWERRRFULLL & WELL CONNECTED!!!!!!!!!?

    1. @Kyle Rittenhouse Let’s just say for argument sake that there was an attempted coup. Would you ever concede that point?

    2. @Kyle Rittenhouse “All I want to do is this: I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,”

  3. *I love seeing Impotus45 feeling uncertain and unsure about his future.*

    *He’s earned every second of this reckoning!* 😏

    1. You love thinking and talking about Trump. You are a CNN viewer it’s one of the only things you ever see on CNN.

  4. They can actually use the RICO statute, ironically the tool that gave a once glimmering Mayor of NYC the power & authority to take down Mafioso; a Very Rich Irony for Rudy

    1. @Kyle Rittenhouse trump was arrested on criminal charges, Biden wasn’t genius.

      THIS WE’LL DEFEND! 🇺🇸💜

      Edit: oh and Biden won, trump lost

  5. I think Meadows is a target and I don’t think they may not interview him because of that.

  6. _Jack Smith._ A common name for a decidedly _uncommon_ man.
    Go get em, Jack. Don’t let None of these rotten people get away.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to risk (and Lose) their reputation, their fortunes, their Freedom, and even their Lives for a lying, grifting and basically useless person who wouldn’t lift a Finger to help them. Ever.

    1. @Chonq Monk nothing is going to happen.. Childs play compared to what is about to happen to Joey😉.. CNN gonna CNN.. FJB

  7. I still can’t believe we had a guy with zero political experience and a lifetime of getting away with crimes in the white house shaping the future of my kids.

    1. ​@bb_binx yeah and vice president and a congressman and a senator…. how does a man who has never had a real job outside of government and who came from nothing and has never owned a real business…… rake up a hundred million dollar increase in net worth in just 3.5 years?

    2. @Keoki Ciervo Thank you for your reply. Americans are not stupid. I have been and seen, good people, warm hearted and generous natured, patriotic and family oriented. I was not impressed with the economic system which is allowed to treat workers no better than figures on a balance sheet. American freedom was too often abused by big international corporations to simply dump workers with nothing in the way of financial support or retraing. Also the American education system is failing in many places. The only reason I could see why many people appeared unknowing, gullible, and illiterate. Something the stable genius picked up on and exploited.

  8. Trump motto: Never give up, never give in, never stop grifting. Of course he messed with the tapes.

  9. Calamari has his tentacles in everything, especially in cooperation with the Marinara family.

  10. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that he said, “I wasn’t holding anything back THAT I CARED ABOUT”? Helloooo you’re missing what he said directly guys!

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