Former Camden, NJ Police Chief Explains How They Rebuilt The Department | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Amid national calls for police reform, former Camden, NJ police chief, Scott Thomson, joins Andrea Mitchell to explain how his police department was forced to rebuild from scratch, and how it gave them the "ability to build culture as opposed to trying to overcome resistance of change in culture." Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Former Camden, NJ Police Chief Explains How They Rebuilt The Department | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Defunding only works for the departments that are morally responsible and honest.
    This man and his Department prove it and should be lauded.

  2. Churches could pay their fair share in taxes since they want to run the country and manipulate our elections.

    1. And defund universities since they do the same. Just look at the weapons grade idiots they produce.

    2. lots of black churches in low income areas in this country
      only a racist like you would want to tax them

    3. Evangelicals & Falun Dafa both like to get involved in politics so therefore must pay tax’s!

  3. When they ask Bernie Sanders why medicare-for-all didn’t work in Vermont he replied the Vermont governor at the time didn’t want it to work and he was supposed to be implementing it. I think I’m hearing this success story that wants the system to police itself telling me it wants to police itself again. Manipulative format

  4. “The police departments need to look more like community policing and less like military policing.”
    – Bernie Sanders

  5. Mr. Thomson shows where his priorities are: his furniture is not fancy and expensive. I immediately noticed his approach to public service vs Ben Carson spending thousands to redecorate his office. Shameless!

  6. The whole of America will have to be Re-Built & De-Constructed & put back together once tRump is done & toast. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, ICE, HSS etc etc from top to bottom & everything in-between!

  7. In NJ, the first place to film Trump supporters, one of them a prison guard, mocking George Floyd’s death. This place has the racism figured out.😂 I’m so sure🤣

    1. That happened in Franklinville. That’s a whole different part of NJ. It’s not even in the same county.

  8. From scratch we will Re-Build America as soon as tRump is gone. We can begin & not till Bob dah Builder/Donny Destroyer is done & history!

  9. Only when tRump is long gone in the history books can we begin to truly ” Marshall Plan ” & Re-Build America!

  10. How do we get them to go around the country and teach the rest of our cities to do this?

  11. I saw a YouTube post about the Camden, NJ police reform, and someone had already commented that this was all a lie, a whitewash, a pretend reform. My first instinct is to assume the Camden, NJ reform story is actual news and the negative comment was BS – after all, the Camden story would supposedly be easy to fact-check. Is there anyone reading this that is familiar with the true situation, e.g. a Camden resident or similar, that can shed some light on the veracity of this story.
    The entire reform approach and results sound very credible. I live in a society where the police are rarely seen but are helpful and quick to come to your aid if needed. They do NOT treat you as a potential criminal if you interact with them and they are not even armed! As a result, I happen to KNOW from experience that this kind of policing bloody well WORKS!

    1. The video should read mass increase in arrests during 2014, 2015 and 2016 lead to a “shock horror” reduction in crime.

  12. Andrea Chainsaw Greenspan wrecked the NJ Dept with her CHAINSAW OF POWER #StopMSNBCannibalHolocaust

  13. People first. not corporations, police unions, When he dragged out of the office, ban all chemicals used on golf courses.. Vote 2020

  14. A community with 73,000 people in a state with 190,000 people being monitored and imprisoned by the criminal justice system.

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