1. His death may singlehanded quench fire of the recent protest. Perhaps he saved China at death on more time on his way out.
    May his soul rest in enduring peace

    1. @snipman 80 The U.S. has committed several genocides in the past few hundred years, yet people still treat it as the “beacon to the world”, so what’s wrong with people condoling a Chinese old man?

    2. @Hugo probably because he ordered numerous genocides and violently suppressed a protest? No one really looks up to Andrew Jackson as a great leader in the US. Not to mention, the last genocide committed by the US was 200 years ago, the last genocide committed by the CCP was less than a decade ago and is still on going. Jiang started the genocide of Falun Gong, a religion that was practiced by millions in southern China. If reports and survivor stories are accurate, the people sent to the concentration camps in Xinjiang province are used as slave labor while the women are gang r*ped by guards. Children are taken from their parents and tortured until they believe their parents are evil etc. If you want to say “oh, poor Jiang! He was such a great guy that he let PLA goons r*pe women and torture children and enslaved an entire religion! Oh bless his heart!” Then by all means, do so. But don’t be surprised when someone says that he was a monster and doesn’t deserve anything more than hell for his crimes against humanity.

    3. @snipman 80 source trust me bro your so dumb learn your history and stop comparing everything to hitler to prove ur point

  2. He probably died because he couldn’t bear to watch how badly his successors are failing, and how quickly they are destroying his legacy.

    1. @G G 😂yes! Great use of sarcasm which I am sure many will miss. I did not miss it and it was appreciated.

    2. He was old enough is true, he may felt strong anger was also true. Even the CCP was ruled entire China they had three different political factions and could prevent one man dictatiorship. But Emperor Xi eliminate other factions from political stage and destroyed China’s balanced system.

  3. RIP 🇨🇳Xi “The Terrible” Jinping!
    – You will be remembered forever as *the mastermind* of the Uyghur genocide.

  4. When a dictator dies, that is good news for the world. Even if it is a dictator who no longer was in power.

  5. So are we supposed to be sad, or what? I mean, Gorbachev was much loved by the West for his role in bringing down the Berlin wall and the USSR, thus freeing the many people from oppressive Soviet control. Jiang Zemin is remembered with some fondness, perhaps, for implementing capitalist reforms, without which China wouldn’t have become the powerful rival it is today, given the superiority of capitalism to a tightly government-controlled economy. I remember Tiananmen Square, though. I was just getting out of high school when that took place. We were very hopeful then, and even for several years after, that democratic reforms were inevitable in China. Perhaps they still are, but it may take a significantly longer arc of history to bring them about than we had expected at the time. So Jiang Zemin wasn’t directly responsible for what happened to those brave and hopeful students, but he wasn’t exactly apologetic or remorseful about it either. I’ll remember him as slightly more enlightened than some other communist leaders, and important in terms of the success he had in bringing some capitalist reforms to China’s economic system.

  6. It is enough to see three things before I was born. 1. Landing on the moon; 2. Chinese World Cup champion; 3. Opening the Qinling Mausoleum

    1. He lead the Falun gong crackdown and organ harvesting from disidents, he may be the guy who rose china, but he had an unsurprising bitter heart

  7. People under rated him ! He did modern Chinese + made traded agreement around the world 🌎. He wasn’t a bad leader for China. Alot people can learn from him .

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