1. @raidermaxx23  Oh, I absolutely see that. However@raidermaxx23  Oh, I absolutely see that. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that more efforts to de-escalate a war should be taken. Those soldiers wouldn’t have to sacrifice their lives and innocent bystanders wouldn’t have to be killed, if the main objective was to come to some sort of peaceful resolution instead of just throwing more wood on an already out of control forest fire. Let’s pretend, for a moment, that this was similar to that of a hostage situation like in the movie “The Negotiator.” You would want to try like hell to resolve the matter as quickly and as safely as possible. You wouldn’t want the hostages lives to see be at risk anymore than they have to….

    2. @Kristen H “It’s shameful that you would advocate” negotiations with a war criminal knowing that in the last 20 years he has attacked his neighbors 9 times.

      Maybe you should go watch that movie you wrote about and let adults handle this.

  1. He also said I’m the only one who can pass the inferstructure bill,he said that for 4 years but golf got in the way

    1. @mighty oaks Baby food issue was resolved almost a year ago.

      Besides the government doesn’t manufacturer goods and food nor is it responsible for retail distribution.

    2. @Preston Nicodemus so, he can run from prison? Would they have to move his desk to his cell? Wouldn’t meetings be awkward?

  2. Something to bear in mind is that nazi germany’s Waffen SS was not part of the Wehrmacht but was a para-military organisation. As such senior Wehrmacht officers were not averse to sacrificing SS men to preserve regular Wehrmacht personnel. That practice is well documented. The result – that waffen SS units often found themselves in the worst situations and, consequently, the most vicious fighting, is also well known. Wagner PMC is basically in the same situation – it is a military power base outside the regular command and therefore a threat to the regular command. Its not a coincidence that after the failure of the july plot in 1944 the SS – already the recipients of the best equipment and supplies available – became more and more nazi germany’s military backbone.

    1. @horace sheffield If I knew my taxes where going to be spent LIQUIDATING the Sons of Russian mothers . I’d have happily paid my taxes twice. BEST TAX MONEY I EVER SPENT.

  3. Another superb presentation with commentary from an excellent guest. Erin does a fantastic job developing and leading the interview with Secretary Esper. Great work again from Erin’s production crew. I am politically as hard right/conservative as there is, and Secretary Esper is correct. It is time for a new generation of leaders from both parties to step forward.

    1. @Abstract Dragon one day, you will need to give up the video games and move out of your Mom’s house. Maybe get a job and earn your own way through life. Then you too, will likely become a conservative.

  4. It is a battle of attrition that Ukraine is winning. Ukraine’s Generals have proven to be brilliant. Trust them.

    1. @whogivesaflyingfock Yes. The thing I best like about The Annoying Orange is his ability to think fairly often like a Libertarian, in the sense that “Government doesn’t solve the problem, government is the problem.”
      I reckon it an occupational hazard, particularly with the bulk of officeholders being educated in the law. Lawyers so love to deal in and craft rules that their conditioned notion is “If only we can create a better rule, we have a better world and all will be well.” I’ve come to look at that rather askance. Some parts of life and endeavor are intractable to rule-making, and legislation should rather be avoided. The ultimate end of overdoing it becomes “everything not forbidden is compulsory.” Even _1984_ type hyper-Stalinism never reached that extreme.

    2. @VTRoy Gohokies Let’s not be mean about it. That gets nowhere.
      Nowhere near as far as showing that Trumpers have brains and understand economics.

  5. Of course Trump is the only one who can prevent WW3, he will just hand over the US, Europe, and the western world to Putin. No wars😂😂😂

    1. Wrong. He won’t let the defense contractor industry to drag the country into another Afghanistan and Iraq.

  6. May Ukraine teach Russia a lesson that even the ones living ignorantly in the illusion of safety back in Russia don’t forget it.

    1. *May Russia teach America a lesson that even the ones living ignorantly in the illusion of safety back in America DON’T FORGET IT.* Blink Blink!!!

    1. *сдавила. Опять Кристмас ударил его*

  7. The situation with Perghozin and Putin sounds like a historical parallel to the power struggle between Hitler and Ernst Rohem!

  8. Jumping in the trenches. That’s hardcore. It’s one thing to pull a trigger or launch a projectile. It’s a whole different animal when the spray blows back and hits you. When you have to strangle or stab the life out of a person while looking them in the eye. I grew up with a Vietnam special forces vet. I hope these Ukranians get the help they need after the war. It’s going to be tough. ❤️🇺🇦✊🏽

    1. Totally! It’s like ww1. ={ Some time ago I was like, “are we sending bayonets yet?” in half- joke. Not at all funny anymore. I wish we had all had more courage & helped more in the beginning, before it got to this.

    2. @Wyonative08 Now Wyo, the world is better without Putin in power anywhere. Is ths not demonstrable?

  9. I remember watching a movie that was supposed to be true about young men recruited by Nazi Germany from Belgium (I think). They were told they were going to be truck drivers, but when the arrived for training, they were trained to be demolition men, combat sappers, and they then ended up in Warsaw during the uprising following soldiers from house to house in street fighting, blowing up door ways and walls so that the soldiers could storm houses. So who are the Russians calling Nazis? Men promised by the Russian military that they would be trained in mortars, but sent in as regular undertrained infantry.

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