Former Fox News Reporter Unloads On Trump’s Embarrassing Conduct | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Former Fox News Reporter Unloads On Trump’s Embarrassing Conduct | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


President Trump is heading to France for the G-7 to meet with national allies and wondering what will happen this year. In this video, you’ll see past Trump debacles on the world stage. Former Fox News political reporter Carl Cameron says the visit brings international pressure as “we have to think about our national reputation, worldwide now” as Trump is consider a “world leader” but is not “leading.”
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Former Fox News Reporter Unloads On Trump’s Embarrassing Conduct | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. Haha. Do trump supporters ever wonder, if everythings great and the country doing so well, why is trump complaining constantly?

    1. Similar to what goes on here in America – a slim majority are doing the same thing. But, how to pry them off their couches for 35 minutes on election day in 2020 will be another thing altogether. The rumor that’s been promulgated is that “I don’t care if I vote or not; it won’t make a difference.” And YOU bought it. Get off your damned couch for one day and VOTE these cretins out of public “service” since they can’t do their jobs.

  1. Carl is correct , Trump is incapable of ” leading ” an absolute laughing stock to the world. A national embarrassment.

  2. Don’t worry America…we know your PRESIDENT TRUMP is an EMBARRASSMENT…we can handle it for a few days…take him back and try to get him fixed your economy smth and don’t elect him again…#greetings from France

  3. I say it every day; Evil Trump is an Embarrassment for our Great Nation.
    God knows what he’s capable of.

  4. Trump’s doing for the deplorables everything he can to make their lives completely unbearable. And they think he’s the Chosen One.

    1. Yeah but I wonder who the “deplorables” are going to blame for things when they can no longer afford the goods and services Trump vowed to make more affordable like healthcare. Oh and BTW, I am so sick and tired of Trump blaming Obama for starting things such as child separation. We were not born yesterday. We remember Jeff Sessions and Trump wielding this weapon and being very proud of announcing this policy as a way of deterring migrants and refugees. These people are not illegal immigrants. These people are escaping horrendous situations in their home country. Many of the problems they faced at home are the direct result of American meddling, btw. Not all but many. So for Trump and his administration to now scream and stamp their feet because they feel they are being inundated with “brown” people is laughable. Let these people out, reunite the families and shut the f**k up already. We know who is to blame and it is Trump and the GOP party and it’s enablers.

    2. @D Ross That’s easy; Trump and his Deplorables will blame minorities. Then the death camps will appear, and start… ahem… ‘processing’ (gassing) brown people.

  5. Not a world leader, not even sane. Over twelve thousand lies. Tells lies in stacks now, 6 to 8 lies just bundled together, each related to proving the other to be true.

    1. Msn cnn so desperate so gutless trying to make turmp out to be a liar Baucus they no if people figure out tump is not a liar it will make msn and cnn look bad but the people now turmp is not a liar all ready look at the size of his rallies Avery where he gose haha remember russia collusion hoax whole world is laughing at cnn msn rateings are lower than Nickelodeon look it up your self AMERICA loves turmp 2020 accomplishment off the charts never seen before

    1. @Bono Budju What I don’t understand, Bono is how human beings could see and hear Traitor Trump and conclude anything other than that he’s an evil, worthless sack of dung, and biggest clown of a fool who ever lived. Can you understand it? I know Americans think Trump is Lord Jesus Christ, but all I see is a festering bag of dog poo.

    2. Diogenes69 Wesley
      Oh! Trust me when I say not all Americans. I think he is the worst thing ever to have happened to us. The media loves to show his supporters but they’re not even 40% of the population. The super wealthy love the tax break they got and the rest are holding on to the idea of the “American Dream.”

    3. @Diogenes69 Wesley You’re not alone, I’ve known about this lying orange cretin since the early 90s when he was busted for lying to Forbes to get on their richest list. And it’s been one lie, scam, scandal and bankruptcy ever since. I thought it was an April Fool joke when the clown started running for office, I couldn’t believe he wasn’t already sitting in jail.

      He is a disgusting, illiterate, racist, juvenile, serial groping misogynistic, vindictive, petty, ignorant, child raping, repulsive narcissistic, pathological lying little “man”. Him and his corrupt spawn are living proof you can’t buy class, intelligence or integrity, no matter how much money you lie about having. The whole kkklan of those filthy drumpfs should be incarcerated, with him hauled away in a strait jacket.
      And I cut that list short, I could fill volumes with the ugliness that is that lying orange buffoon.

  6. – Citizens of the United States of America, don’t be fooled in thinking, the 45th is loosing his mind / mentally ill.

    Yes, we know he’s an imbecile, but he’s not loosing his mind.

    So, don’t give the 45th and his lawyers, a reason to plea ‘insanity’, when the moment comes, for him to be, finally held accountable (indicted / charged) for his crimes.

  7. The Danish leader said it best about Trump: Absurd. And that word really got under his skin. G7 should repeat that to his bloated face like a mantra. Absurd. Absurd. Absurd.

    1. His “DUNCE” hat goes with his WHITE robe. He’s NEVER without his diaper. It keeps the urine warm when he pee pees.

  8. Wake up call, America’s reputation is ruined, destroyed, past tense and hilarious at this point. Where have you been to think America isn’t the laughing stock of the entire world. SMH

  9. I predict far more intense temper tantrums from the incompetent manchild !!
    I see him pulling out of every summit on the globe – totally isolating the USA because of his tender skin.

  10. #45 wants to create a cadre of villainous states /countries to go against the Allies. he must be stopped ASAP.

  11. The USA reputation is in tatters, no one can trust America with an unstable erratic dishonest bonespurrs at the helm.

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