Former GOP Congressman Speaks Out On DeSantis' Rejection Of Mask Mandates 1

Former GOP Congressman Speaks Out On DeSantis’ Rejection Of Mask Mandates


David Jolly, former GOP Congressman from Florida, is enraged several Republican governors are actively vetoing local jurisdiction that are enforcing mask mandates, even though their states are experiencing massive covid spikes
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    1. More than children involved in the issue, but they are the least vulnerable part of the population. There are other issues, but tyranny just appeals, not gaining knowledge etc.. as that does not appeal to your side. Hey gaining knowledge is tough for everybody, particularly when censorship is alive and well

    2. why do you think athletes can not wear masks? And why children with brain not fully developed has to have not ENOUGH OXYGEN? Where would it lead new generation? ….. This is more scarier . And outside no Bubonic plague

  1. The kids aren’t the ones with the problem when it comes to masks. Don’t whine about virtual learning when schools get shut down again because of your maskless child!

    1. @Sandi Harris Lockdowns happen because of people not being vaccinated and/or not wearing masks. Those egoistical people are the ones to blame because the let the virus live! It’s as simple as that. Nobody is happy about lockdowns, I can assure you. But it happens to prevent further damage and deaths.

      Me, Me, Me is apparently all you can think about. If you want to help yourself, then get vaccinated and join the fight against this virus. Now you’re only a slave to it.

    2. @UCozFm3agzQhconO4mrtVu5Q I see. Is that the death rate for kids? How does it compare to other infectious diseases?

  2. There’s no doubt that Ron De Santis abuses his authority in the name of freedom. The question is that can the medical staffs in Florida, in the name of freedom, refuse to care for the Covid-19 infected people, due to their “freedom “ of not vaccinated and wearing masks?

    1. Who says medical staff have freedom, they are controlled by CDC, etc… Thus we do NOT have first rate medical care

    2. Correct because the good doctors must not put themselves in jeopardy or they could pass it to their patients; some I’m sure with weakened immune systems.

    3. So now Drs Nurses can refuse to treat you for anything they don’t agree with . Alcoholics Smokers HIV Hepatitis STDs Teen pregnancy Obesity I can go on and on . Trust me people dont push this mask issue ( non issue) things are going to get worse for everyone in the future when you need healthcare. Great shortages already in these professions.

    4. When the sh** hits the fan, there will be no care available for ANYONE, vaccinated, masks, or not. As humanity, we all have to do everything we can to fight this virus.

  3. My boy is going into grade 1 and we told him the same thing. All of last year, he was often the only child to wear his mask all day long. When I asked him how he feels to be the only one in a mask, his response was so sweet. He responded with, “I guess the other kids don’t know they can help stop others getting sick. It’s okay. I’ll help everyone.” What a super hero he is.

    1. Out of the mouth of babes comes to mind. What a sweet, empathetic boy. You should all be so proud of yourselves

    2. You are not free to smoke indoors and force others to breathe your toxic smoke.
      You are not free at drive your car at any speed you wish.
      You are not free to walk around naked.
      As soon as your actions impact others there are rules to follow.
      Seems like MAGAs aren’t smart enough to understand this.

    3. It is only mean he doesn’t have a knowledge as well as you are. Masks are not protecting from spread. NO PROVE

    4. Happy to hear and see, many like minded parents teaching the next generation ‘s at early ages some ( human responsibility) that’s powerful.

  4. The same people who wear shirts and shoes in stores, wear their seatbelts, and don’t smoke in bars.
    Yet they think they have the right to keep their selfish faces bare despite the risk to other’s lives, especially children too young to vaccinate.
    Literally mind-bending.

    1. @Wendy Matthews I totally DISAGREE with that! You mean to tell me, a child can’t get an Abortion without either Parent or the Court’s permission (which is ALSO A MEDICAL procedure) but they can get a vaccine? Just read that MATURE MINOR DOCTRINE.
      Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a Republican, I’m a bit of a ‘Blue Dog’ and I didn’t agree with the HPV vaccine being given without consent or Birth control. I have no problems with an older Teen wanting to check into a reputable Rehab Facility on their own, I think THAT is mature. I totally disagree with all these Abortion Laws that have come up too but I don’t think a child should get one without Parental Consent.

      Let me qualify, UNLESS they are in a family that doesn’t accept ANY medical assistance… a REAL Anti-vaxxer’s family AND the child’s LIFE is at stake! If the minor is not MATURE enough to be EMANCIPATED then that kid is not MATURE enough to make that decision. If Doctors can go against a parent’s wishes, WHOSE or WHAT is NEXT?!!! *Now see, you got me FIRED UP, lol!*

    2. @Sandi Harris this is the DELTA VARIANT that is going around and putting kids in the hospital, this is NOT the original covid, do you get that???. They are vulnerable and they can spread covid (delta variant) to anyone, Delta Variant is more contagious than the origianl.

    3. ​@psycobleach46 tullis All TRUE but, Don’t waste your time explaining that to Sandi, she knows that…

      *For those who Believe no explanation is necessary and for those who do not Believe no explanation is possible.

      Cheers, following the Science is a good idea. Have a good day and stay safe…

  5. What we are witnessing is a failure of basic governance and basic leadership. DeSatan prioritized opening Bars not schools.

    1. He is only doing what he thinks is politically advantageous. His only voters are the crazy Trumpers. Him signing a mask mandate is political suicide (more than it is now). If Trump was pro-mask, you best believe Ron would be the biggest supporter!

    2. @Dan Elmorelet me start off by saying I am very pro vaccination BUT with all due respect, who then decides what is an acceptable weight and who polices it? Are underweight people then also penalised as that is also not conducive to good health. Suntanning has also proven to cause skin cancer, should people who are/have sun browned skin be not allowed to receive treatment because their “bad ” behaviour likely contributed to their disease. Eating meat has been proven to increase the likelihood of developing colon cancer, should all non vegetarians be punished? The examples I offer may sound ridiculous but once the door has been opened, someone always tries to push the limit “just a little bit further”. As I said a very dangerous road to start going down!

    3. @Justin Broce There is nothing political in my statement. Trump developed Warp Speed. Everyone is making money on the stock market. Both left and right, I am pro freedom, though. You must be pro- slavery.

    4. The Republican Party manifesto can be summarized into a simple statement:
      “We may be inept, malicious, self-serving, arrogant, sanctimonious, dishonest, criminal, psychotic and have no real-world agenda whatsoever, but we want you to trust us to lead the country, and if you don’t, we’re going to lie and cheat to any extent necessary to seize control anyway.”

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis your whataboutism makes us cringe !!! JoeTato is supposed to be a international expert with 48 years of experience went right down the toilet in 200 days.

    2. Comrade Commissar DeSantis of the People’s State of Floridastan welcomes you!
      Floridastan: Come for the Sunshine
      Stay for the Covid

    3. @If you’re not First, You’re Last!!! Oh a new YouTube account! Welcome!
      Did you open it just to troll and post spam?
      Too coward to use your real account?

    4. @If you’re not First, You’re Last!!! Let’s compare. You: Member since 8/1/2021. Me: since 9/2013. You: uploads, unique or otherwise ZERO. Me: 95 unique uploads. You: subscribers ZERO. Me: 524 subscribers, don’t know any of them personally. You: Visits ZERO. Me: more than 237000 visits. You: conclusion LOSER who has sweaty dreams for criminal pedorapist Moby Trump. Me: conclusion – at least I’m not YOU

    5. @S McDonald The word you wanted was _cowardly,_ not coward. Besides being a mathematician, chemist and physicist, I’m an English type… using person

  6. DeathSantis is pushing a treatment that one of his biggest boosters has a major stake in while pushing against measures in trying to fight the spread.

  7. Every school district is ignoring Desantis all the kids are wearing masks, Florida is not full of idiots and the few that are here are in the hospital don’t worry we will raise your children someone has to do the right thing!

    1. @MrAM4D3U5 get off the survivability that is NOT how pandemics are calculated, it is how quickly a virus spreads and how deadly a virus is. There is NO fear mongering going on, all news sites say the same thing. The rotting corpse is the republicans who refuse to wear a mask and getting vaccinated.

    2. Pasco isn’t wearing masks because they are STUPID. I did get a call from the district saying due to so many kids getting covid at school they are overwhelmed trying to contact all the families of kids who were exposed so they are changing the way we get notified school may have given our kid a deadly virus. Oh and we have an ambulance shortage, and no local pediatric ICU beds in this county.


    1. “voter id is racist” says you are against democracy. Never accepting 2016 election, get out of town, do the world a favor

    2. That is correct today. But 40 years ago they were for democracy and we could disagree without hating each’s other’s guts. TRUMP TOOK CARE OF THAT CONCEPT. It is for sure, not the republican party anymore, at least for any people who are not total liars and bigots.

    3. @P Raulin – The Republican party has been turning toward authoritarianism since at least Ronald Reagan. Listen to his speeches and you will see how racist he was. Also the Republican party has picked actors and less intelligent people to lead the country because they can be easily manipulated. Read your HISTORY!!!

    4. @Sandi Harris You don’t know what you’re talking about. You are just repeating mess because it the GOP thought process without an ounce of truth. You do the world a favor and shut the crap trap.

    1. @Victoria Biggs your right, i know a lot about viruses and studied HIV 25 years ago and mRNA been around awhile, if you use common sense and how evolution and science works people would know the truth, but the media is spreading lies. anyone under 25 or healthy shouldn’t take the vaccine and needs to build natural immunity, if you get covid take ivermectin its increadibly helpful. when i was younger you where told to hang out with sick kids to get sick and build your immune system, now we are telling the kids the opposite. My friend got the vaccine and had major heart issues for months and almost died. I dont understand why people dont pay attention and learn the truth for themselves.

    2. @Svenbrosa I am aware of everything. YouTube keeps deleting my posts because goes against the narrative. I also posted the freedom March in FRANCE. They deleted everything. I can converse now, but if I post a link of people in France marching for freedom, I get blocked.

    3. @Victoria Biggs oh yeah trust me i know, i remember being very angy with Fauci about his HIV policies and how he basically stopped to cure HIV. and this stupid PCR testing, they use. its all bs i have studied medicine eastern and western, and use herbs, but depending on what the issue is. and i have been told by doctors if i dont do a certain thing i will die, well im still alive and im very healthy.

    4. @Svenbrosa the PCR has been withdrawn with a future date,meanwhile, the delta bs, which they don’t have a test for.

  8. “Oppose what the enemy proposes, propose what the enemy opposes”.. a Communist doctrine that Republicans follow…

    1. Republicans go out of their way to paint Democrats as Communists when it’s they who use Communist tactics to destroy the true will of the people and elevate the will of the few – the 1%.

    2. @Me Too Productions They complain about socialism but don’t seem to have a problem with communism…. In reality I doubt they would recognize either one if the tripped over it. …

    1. This parent isn’t ONLY thinking rationally important in it’s own right, but thinking Morally and Humanly !!! I guess the question is: What has happened to “Humane Values” ?? Seems the GOP could use a “crash course” in the “Humanities and Ethics” …!!!

    2. @Nunya Bizness , you’re the mo.Ron who doesn’t understand science and you are spreading dangerous nonsense !!

  9. “True patriotism is not manifested in short, frenzied bursts of emotion,” said Adlai Stevenson “It is the tranquil, steady dedication of a lifetime.”

    1. @Nunya Bizness
      Sorry dude, your wrong?
      The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.  It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.  It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.   
      Tell me where it says the government has no rights to intervene on behalf of public safety during a public health emergency/pandemic?

    2. @Nunya Bizness It has nothing to do with amendments freedoms or anything else, name one freedom you no longer have ,you can’t.

  10. My 3 years old grandson doesn’t want to leave home without wearing a mask. He understands better than adult Americans

    1. Our grand daughters are so comfortable wearing their masks that they sometimes sit down to dinner with them on. One of them keeps her mask on at home to keep herself warm. The children are not the ones with a mask problem, it’s the parents.

  11. When is the law going to take action on desantis for doing so much harm to children and the people. The world is waiting

  12. The dirty little secret: all Republican men: they read Ayn Rand when they were teen-agers and they never got over it.

    1. Yes, Atlas Shrugged is a very convenient self serving fiction for them to find comfort in. Shamefully it turns morality and economics upside down and gives the elite a false superiority to feel special and deserving of their luck of birth. Now you have the poor intellectual class who are burdened with trying to educate the elite, arrogant, self righteous, selfish few who think that it is their birth right to own and control the masses of the world. Most of them have a self serving arrogant view that they are genetically superior… Not to this poor intellectual they are not…. They were just luckier at birth, had more opportunity and so forth. It’s time to give back to the system that got them where they are in the first place… And if they do, it will benefit all of humanity… Including THEM…. Hello McFly

    2. Let us not forget that Ayn Rand, that proponent of individualism and opponent of statism collected Social Security and Medicare. Hypocrites all.

    3. I came from communist country , didn’t read Ayn Rand. And I had enough! You guys don’t know what you wish for.

    4. @Nikki Vikki You seem interesting! Tell us more. What country are you from? I lived in Europe (Switzerland/England) for five years as a kid. Now I’m back in America and it’s getting embarrassing over here.

  13. “If you like democracy only when it goes your way , then you don’t actually like democracy .” Well said.

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