1. Bring the GQP back to its senses?
    Whatever sense that they did have, they threw out the door a long time ago.

    1. The day that the GOP became home for the Dixiecrats was the day when they stopped being the party of Lincoln. The devil did go down to Georgia, but unfortunately never left the south. The true shame of the GOP are the people who hide behind the putrid facade of being “fiscally conservative.”

    2. —- > A splinter party of libertarian Republicans with the same platform of a “supply-side only” tax agenda will be the same thing but with an effort to hide its anti-government agenda. The policies of the GOP are what havebrought it to where it is today: ..
      .. …. the corrupt pardon of Nixon, the unconstitutional 1973 unitary executive theory, the corrupt pardons of Trump’s cronies, the dishonest financial agenda of trickle-down-economics (now the K-recovery plan), the Citizens United decision, the deregulation of environmental and consumer protections… and with Trump, even the elimination of public health safeguards

  2. It’s cute that some folks think pandering to nazis and conspiracy theorists wasn’t the single driving goal of the tea party from day one.

    The foundations for what the Republican party is today were laid down in the early days of the Reagan administration. The whole party is cancer rotting this country from within. Cut it all out.

    1. WELL SAID!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    2. They are what they are….What they’ve always been, racist elites. Let them self destruct in peace

  3. the GOP started losing its mind in the 90s and fully lost it by the end of bush. why won’t mainstream left wing media just say this? can we stop parenting there is anything good or worthy that comes from republican policy?

    1. @Time Stamp I agree. We can add the end of the fairness doctrine concerning broadcasting.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Uh, in 1964, Barry Goldwater won his home state of Arizona and deep South states Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and S. Carolina. No.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson yeah, we know that you are referring to Obama.
      I’ve seen variations of this simpleminded, dull retort since 2016.
      Give it a rest.

  4. The gop having a soul was pre 1960″s thing, if that. Don the con is overwhelming holding the purse strings. Sharing is caring is wee saying trump could never adhere to. I hope and think GOP are going to pay for or this in more ways than one.

    1. The GOP started going downhill when it took in the racists the Democrats threw out beginning in the 60s and 70s, all with Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

    1. @Fish’n Baked Jersey
      Problem is, racism and dirty money bond together like grape juice and wedding gowns. MLK said that there was ALWAYS an economic component to racism.
      I’m not trying to get all🐔🐣🐣🐔 about which came first. But follow the money.

      Maybe that’s why some folks have trouble with Libs. We start with what seems like an isolated problem, then we wind up with a societal rebuild.

  5. Republicans are done. Trump is destroying his own party and he can’t even see it. It’s awesome.

  6. Sam is correct, the GOP has been heading down this path for decades and Trump is just a symptom not the cause.

    1. Got some age on ’em now….but the aging strategist frat boys are kinda funny now. Looking for a place to park. And looking.

      This all started with Newt. There had been a time of Moderate Republicans, Kemp, Dole, Hogan, Weiker, Javits.
      Newt poisoned the well…..and they all fell in.

  7. Until, And Only Until, djt Is Indicted & Prosecuted, the gop/tp Is “Stuck In Mud!!!”

    1. But, DON’T leave your job, Ms Cheney. Stay and vote with the Dems until the end of your term 😉✌️

  8. The genius of this move by Cheney has just dropped in for me. Trump’s only remaining leverage over The Republican Party (who he hates), was his threat of splitting the vote by starting his own party. By out Trumping Trump, Cheney has removed that threat. The remaining
    ReTrumplicans (who hate that they need Trump), have tied themselves to his sinking fate. The dwindling Republican voter base has effectively been halved. The mongoose and the snake are locked in a death roll for an election they now cannot win. 👏 🥳

    1. @Myth Weaver backers only stay when they have an access to power . I fear Cheneys backing will be short lived

    2. @mpj1969 Dump has made a lot of very powerful enemies who now have Cheney’s back. Effective Vengeance (that results in keeping Dump from power), can be delivered pretty quickly. 🎃

    3. @Myth Weaver who would’ve guessed a life long criminal could be President, push ridiculous theories and convince 70% Republican base? Trump was right when he said he would run as a Republican because Republican voters are so stupid. His words, not mine. My only agreement with Trump. In a way he is criminally brilliant – look at his history! Achievements, good or bad, deserve full recognition.

    4. And Biden’s approach is “never interrupt your enemy well they are missing making mistakes”

    5. @Bobby Hickey The entire world watched, gobsmacked as ‘The Dumpster’ went 💯% Batman baddy on Gotham City. It’s ironic to watch Cheney step into the role of Commissioner Gordon and send up the Bat signal. 🦇 Marvel-ous! 🦸‍♂️

  9. Here’s the sentence that Liz
    Cheney said, that will haunt Republicans, FOREVER ! ! !
    “Remaining silent and ignoring the lie, emboldens the LIAR!”

    1. The GOP emboldened Trump two times when they failed to convict him on two impeachments against him.

    2. Trunp himself isn’t the real danger, although his narsissism and utter lack of any and all values or goals _for the country_ is dangerous as f. The real danger is Initially, the damage to community, society and the foundations of the country, that is being done in his wake, under the cover and pretense of the Trump-induced Brain Fog. The real long term danger are the far more competent, charismatic and patient aspiring tyrrannical dictators watching, waiting in the wings – that he has spent the last 5-6 years breaking ice and paving way for.

  10. Just think.
    There is an alternate timeline in the multiverse in which the orange one never became president.
    And it must be Wonderful.

    1. You see it too? Thank God I’m not alone. But actually, this is the alternate, everything is backward and upside down. People believing the craziest of things but not solid proven fact.

    2. You know, in some ways it’s a good thing that Donald Trump came along. The Republican party has had a large underbelly of racism and xenophobia for decades and Trump’s presidency made them wear it on it’s sleeves. I want a strong, non racially charged opposing party and maybe this can make that happen

    3. @Derek Lane
      Memories can be untrustworthy, but I swear there was a time when you’d find rational compromise plans coming from both parties, and there were more choices.
      We need those days back again.

    4. The multiverse is a fantasy. All is fated, in every tiny detail (as my book explains fully). The Republican Party is the party of satan. (Which becomes obvious once you know what satan is.) And the fire of irrational desire must burn so that we learn to remove ourselves from that fire. God’s prophet has spoken.

  11. The repubs have been heading this way since Nixon, and his “southern strategy”. The seeds were planted much earlier.

  12. More Sam pls. He’s smart, articulate, well informed and doesn’t mince words with the weak minded on the right or the left.

  13. It’s not the job they care about, it’s the bribes that come along with the job and the gravy train that starts the minute they are out of office

    1. It was ever thus. Look at old political cartoons…big porker cartoon images standing behind congressional desks….smiling ear to ear.
      Change it. Why in the digital age do we have to see this 19 months of running for office? Get rid of primaries and conventions. Is that why they need so much in donations? Debates too….meaningless sound bite gotcha questions. Get American History experts to formulate essay questions that will reveal how a candidate thinks. Change everything, we have the chance. Especially change DNC chair….to have earth shaking numbers of voters for once, and have so thin a result, it’s hideous, both RNC and DNC chair, historically. Need a rainmaker, not a preacher. Chair for either party has been a booby prize, it should be results driven leaders, not armchair satirists. Think Stacy Abrams, she can make it rain.

    2. @Bitty. Know what you mean, but the scarey thing is…probably not an issue. They have no ability of any kind. Can’t blackmail an imbecile.
      They don’t want to get primaried….even have that word.

      Like ants…the one in the front emits an odor, the rest just follow as they’ ve been programmed.

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