Governor Announces $1 Million Lottery For Vaccinated

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced an incentive program for people in his state to get vaccinated—a $1 million lottery.
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    1. Other way would be to burn 5 million on local ads. If I was Ohio resident, I would rather see those 5 mil distributed to people and not to ad agencies. Given the nature of population that is not yet vaccinated there, playing on greed is more effective than asking for social conscience.

      > They should be ashamed that they have to do it like that.
      Well, that governor looks like George Burns or god. Not a bit of shame there.

    2. @Raiders yup, not the three pharma giants who’ve had over 5 billion dollars of criminal convictions.

    3. @LOOKUP2 wow you really thought about this huh? If only you used your brains processing power for something useful

    4. @Brad John stupid are the people whom think they are clever and have seen through a ruse that doesn’t exist, same realm as flat earthers and ancient alien theorists 🤡

    1. @Izzywizzy I’m not going to read that entire rant because I would have stopped you at your “Don’t worry about others” comment and needed to discuss that before proceeding further. Your attempt at a gish gallop fallacy does not lend to the productivity of the conversation. So let’s address one issue at a time here.

      If you say “dont worry about everyone else” you are missing the entire aim of a vaccine in the first place. Vaccines don’t make you IMMUNE to the virus completely. It gives you IMMUNITIES and antibodies that make it unable to reproduce inside of you as easily and to lessen the symptoms if you do get it.

      The point of a vaccine is to obtain what is called “herd” immunity. In the same way that now I don’t even have to bother getting a polio vaccine because enough people BEFORE me got it and now it doesn’t really affect those who have benefited from the evolution of human genes and the disease itself over time from the vaccine.

      In addition, there are those that would LOVE to get the vaccine but cannot for whatever physical/medical condition they may have. So it is IMPERATIVE that those around them also get the vaccine to help protect them.

      Science is not perfect. Especially medicine. But they have been deemed safe and effective and are constantly doing more testing. If you just don’t trust science and the government I can’t help you there.

      Ask yourself this, how many lives is it worth?

    2. @Richard Stemle Oh good to know you didn’t bother reading anything past that so I won’t bother reading any of your multi paragraph rant and bs at all past the part you indicated you didn’t read what I wrote.
      Good luck Richard, I’m sure your a joy to have a conversation with however the, I’m not reading what you wrote crap goes both ways along with “for the greater good” bs. My body, my choice, period.

    3. @Izzywizzy My multi-paragraph response addressed one issue. You see how long it takes to discuss one topic? Think if we each addressed 5 topics in each response? That’s just silly. And yes, you do have the choice to be an immoral person that doesn’t care about others, everyone has that choice.

      And it’s not “for the greater good” it’s just literally how science works.

      Sorry if you don’t like having real conversations and you just wanted to rant online. Have a good day.

    4. @Richard Stemle Richard, do you even understand how your response started off negatively? It did not invite discussion, it came across condescending and arrogant. It’s a serious issue these days that I’m seeing with the lack of respectful communication skills, such as labeling what I wrote as a “rant” as well as admitting you didn’t read it fully. How exactly is that a conversation? You can’t possibly think that was going to encourage an open honest conversation.
      I have no issue whatsoever having a reasonable discussion however I did not assume you don’t give a crap about others, that you are lacking in intelligence, that your morally bankrupt or any other personal criticism simply because I do not agree with you. I would have had no issue reading what you wrote had you not started it off as you did because it was dismissive and rude. You got exactly what you gave.

    1. @C S lol ok so now im sure of it ur a paid shill bot
      even trolls are real ppl in the end and ur not trolling

    1. I don’t trust man made drugs. They all come with side effects. Some deadly. Prednisone, Antidepressants, and Opioids. To mention a few.

    1. Will they get remaining 5 million by offering one USD for getting a shot? Greed works and this governor figured out the smart way to burn covid marketing budget. Having ten 100k prizes might be better, but 1 million sounds better on TV.

    2. and cuz its a lottery in which theyll prolly be forced into a large lump sum and pay 50% in taxes
      its genius lol
      and maniacal af

    3. When that one person dies from the shot. The government will take it back. And give everyone a sucker.

    1. The good news is that you are more likely to win the million, than you are to die of the virus.

  1. I feel like it’s a doctor saying if you get a shot you get a sucker, when I was a kid. But I’d rather the 1 million… I was cheated out of money. Haha. 😂😔

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