Former Homeland Secretary Says Most Americans Should Skip Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Former Homeland Secretary Says Most Americans Should Skip Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff weighs in on potential threats to state capitols and why he says most Americans should not attend the Biden inauguration. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Former Homeland Secretary Says Most Americans Should Skip Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes stop lying to yourself he was not you’re crazy, I wouldn’t prefer him he don’t even know who he is LOL

    2. @Mairice Wilson You claim I am a liar, which is, at best, a matter of opinion.
      In contrast, I’ll state that you are barely coherent and don’t understand the basics of sentence structure, which is indisputable fact

  1. Why do you think Trump is going to visit the Alamo in the last days of his presidency? It’s the symbolism of the last stand for his base. The authorities need to take this very seriously because he’s not going to Texas to eat a big steak. Wake up….it has nothing to do with his stupid wall!

    1. @Keith Wright ok genius what did any republican politician say to incite riots? Other than Maxine Watters. I’ll wait so you can Google something the left wing nutjobs told you.

    2. @Mike Sampson You listened to Trump and his son and Giuliani before the attack and you ask that question? Is it your comprehension that is at fault or do you have trouble with your hearing?

    3. Visiting the Alamo would be a fitting end to the Trump presidency. It was a bunch of mostly old white guys, including some illegal immigrants, who lost.


    1. Amen. It’s an honor and privilege to serve America. No matter who it what if you reject and seek to violate America you do not get to stay in office at any level. Period.

    2. @Esther Okello 2024 I’m hoping. 4 yrs of peace and prosperity for my family. Only folks mad were powerless Dems and CHINA.

  3. trump and any of his continuing supporters are not the opposition, they are not critics, they are not rivals or even adversaries. trump and his continuing supporters are by their own actions, words and beliefs the enemy of the united states of america. they are enemies of the state. they need to be known and treated as such.

    1. @American Patriot and look at America after 4 Trump years, wake up, stop doing a Trump, blaming everyone else except the person in charge.

    2. @John Coleman You have been used! We don’t blame you!! Don’t let them turn you Communist, because they hate Trump for destroying their gig!! Good luck

    3. And they think any liberal is also an enemy of the state. It is this type of hyperbola that has caused this problem. Don’t escalate it further. Having a conversation, with someone you regard as deluded is very hard. But, if both sides keep up the name calling and absolutisms, we can never heal the rifts in this country. This nation was almost wrecked on the rocks of slavery. I cannot fathom how anyone could support that evil institution, yet somehow, we managed to close that divide. Certainly DJT is a much lesser matter than slavery, and we can, eventually heal this rift. But, not if we keep up demonizing the deluded fools on the other side. They need understanding and deprogramming.

    4. If the media would report the news,and not politicize everything for ratings and power,We wouldn’t be where we are! Walter CRONKITE Is rolling in his grave!

  4. I agree people stay at home for the inauguration not because you don’t want to congratulate Biden and Harris but for your security and because of Covid. Enjoy from your living rooms!!

    1. I can hardly wait! It will be so wonderful to have a new rational president, Vice President and a cabinet of honorable people again!

    2. I have the feeling that Joe Biden isn’t a man who needs a big crowd to validate him, neither would he lie about the size of any gathering. I see him as a man who will be content to make his promises in a quiet way, and then get on and do his very best to keep them, not glorify his failures, because there’s bound to be a few.
      We’re unable to post mail abroad now, in the UK, so a proper letter of good wishes is out of the question for the time being, but I shall be watching from home, with hope that your country can heal, in more ways than one, and the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

    3. @Tave 368 it’s ok denial has set in ?
      Good luck with that dummy!
      Biden was elected and you can’t change that .
      History will show trump for what he and his supporters were I say were because you will not be welcome in our America born here or not.
      You are traitors and we dispatch traitors.

  5. I was going to say the same thing, no amount of Pomp and Circumstance is worth anyone dying. Do this crap online on Zoom or Facebook Live, no need to have people out for this , lets take a pass and reschedule after the next election ROFL. No really Biden should just make the decision to have this done on video and live streamed and tell everyone to stay home due to covid.

    1. Trump and his supporters will use low attendance at the inauguration as ‘further proof that Biden didn’t win – couldn’t eve get supporters to show up’ etc, and if Biden switched to video they’d be convinced it’s to cover up how few supporters Biden has. Remember, Covid and pipe bombs are ‘fake news’ in their minds.

  6. When the military open fire on the insurrectionists make sure you don’t get mixed up in it & caught in the crossfire. Stay home & watch the inauguration on tv.

    1. I hope to God they open fire on them. It boils my blood to see their stupid faces on TV. I hope they are riddled with bullets.

    2. Youtube good advice being ex military shoot first ask questions later I will defend my wondery country from terrorists both foriegn and Domestic may GOD have mercy on our country at this terrible time

    1. @Mike Sampson Good, Trump’s white supremacist NeoNazi low class can drive then. I pray to God they ALL end up on the NO FLY LIST. Things are looking good then better then best………

    2. @billucf96 get over it , you cancel plenty yourselves. Make sure you don’t do something you accuse others of. It makes look more stupid.. if that’s even possible

    1. It’s almost as though a promise made to a fictitious entity is easy to disregard. Perhaps they should swear to the people, not to a myth.

  7. All seditious congressmen should be monitored for weapons, toxins, etc. at all times when they are near other normal congressmen until they are removed for treason.

    1. Wanted for Murder – Reward – Contact FBI –

      If you recognize this man, please call FBI at 1-800-225-5324 or visit…

    2. @Artemas Ward god I hope that hat isn’t a fire dept logo. That makes this even worse if so. And thats hard to do.

    1. Speaking of keeping people safe…Why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly-Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them

    2. @Education is key Good question…unfortunately I don’t have the answer! Been asking myself the same question, for years.

    3. We got no food, we got no jobs, we got No freedom, our pets heads are falling off!, but as long as we’re safe?

  8. A) There’s a raging pandemic, B) the US capitol is going to be one giant high security zone, and C) there’s this cool thing called television.

    1. @Gato Loco Quote. ” We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” Joe Biden

    2. @Gato Loco Biden and Harris have something in common. Both have slave owners blood running in their veins.
      Stupid leftist tear down statues of bygone slave owners then vote for their next of kin to rule over them.
      Yes sir masser Biden……

  9. They are premeditating violence. They feel empowered now because they are being treated with kid gloves.

    1. When the Dems/media turned a blind eye to the rioting and destruction of minority businesses and federal property by the radical left (BLMANTIFA), it just emboldened the radical right…Too bad it got to this

    2. @Education is key you better look again. It wasn’t the capitol or did they plan to take hostages. Don’t compare they were doing it because of mistreatment of others. That on Wednesday was done on a lie and they did it for a man.

  10. Let’s talk about who started this also, Trump, Cruz, Graham, Manchin, Hawley.
    Kids will read all about it in school.

    1. @Bidenforthenext8years Pleasewearamask Not mine. He is a hero and one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen. Its getting passed down.

    2. @Mike Sampson I understand. You have been in a The Cult of Trump for years. Its going to take time to undo the damage. Praying for you.

  11. They weren’t protesting anything. As Trump’s lawyers have admitted in court there is no allegation of fraud, they just want to overturn the election because they want power.
    They stormed the capitol to deny the results of a free and fair election that Trump lost.
    They committed murder specifically to attempt a coup.

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