Former JAAA Boss at Odds with World Champion - March 1 2021 1

Former JAAA Boss at Odds with World Champion – March 1 2021


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  1. Yohan is not intelligent. That is why he came out like that. Some personal ideas you keep them to yourself and close associate not to the public. He is so stupid

    1. What is unintelligent about what the man said? The man is sharing his views. Others have come out and said that they will take the vaccine. I would not take a vaccine but I would not say somebody is not intelligent because they hav a different view from me. We need more tolerance and respect for other people’s views.

  2. I agree but he might be on to something here. Athletes have to be careful what they pit in their bodies , hence the question what is the vaccine made up of, are any of the ingredients included on the world anti doping list. The olympic Committee should look into this to see if there is a real conflict for the athletes taking the vaccine and any treat to any ban etc.

  3. The vaccine that Jamaica is receiving the Astra Zenica is less effective than the Phizer and Moderna shots which have a high 90’s effectiveness.

  4. It is yohan rights to decide if he wants to take the vaccine or not. But telling the world is a bit unwise. He could have gone about his business by just taking a covid test to travel. I think it might be religious reason, Yohan should understand by now… what he says as a celebrity will be scrutinize….when he just did not have to say.

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