Former NBA star says he has experienced racism while playing 1

Former NBA star says he has experienced racism while playing


As the number of violent attacks against Asian Americans escalates, former NBA star Jeremy Lin said he has experienced racism while playing basketball.
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  1. That is so terrible. It’s not their fault that the virus happened. It’s so messed up. Besides Jeremy Lin is a hell of a great basketball player. They are haters! I admire Lin’s honor. He is a man of faith. And honor.

    1. @Morbius of Krell your very cold hearted for that. What about Republicans? Are you saying Republicans are innocent? They are the worst party of the nation ever known. When Republican presidents are in office. They are known for screwing the country up and making the country broke the majority of the time. Bush for example, he started a war in Iraq that didn’t have a damn thing to do with 9-11. He only caused a war because he wanted oil. The whole country was so hurt and broke the whole time. For 8 years! It took Obama his whole entire first term to bring back the economy. Your so ignorant about that! Until trumpanzie ruined the economy as well. Democrat presidents are known for bringing the economy back. Republicans are known for messing up the economy. That is a fact!

    2. @lonny W obviously he didn’t do anything for me. I have a career. And Trump never made that happen for me. I did it all by myself. Hater!

    1. @Calvin Parish I agree. If you think I am Chinese, you are mistaken. Gee. I detest all kinds of human right infringement and I am NOT Chinese in ethnicity. Nice try

  2. Disappointing that there are not more celebrities using their platform to voice their support for the Asian community. We all bleed the same color

    1. I did see Lady Gaga offer $500,000.00 to get her dogs back, with no questions asked. Unfortunately, her dog walker who was shot up in the process isn’t her concern.

    2. @andyatuvic don’t encourage them.Thats the last thing we need,is narcissist celebs throwing their 2 cents into the culture war.

    1. @Bone Daddy I’m typing to you and what you wrote, not CNN. And I’m not going back and forth with an ignorant person

  3. I hope that Swedish footballer in Milan is watching, listening and learning. The one with the non Swedish name.

    1. @DDG,S Legs ibra was saying athletes shouldnt say anything outside of athletics. Basically keeping quiet about politics.

  4. *Chinese are not a “race”* and confusing people from South Korea and Japan who are just like us amongst other Asian countries just shows people’s total ignorance. If you want to blame the Chinese CCP government sure no problem I do, but not ordinary citizens of China.

    1. Um… you do know it was Durty Euros who actually brought the virus here right? And it is durty euros who squat in this country who is spreading the disease.. eg trump no mask filth

    2. @Haidi Cheng do you wear a sign ? How do we tell you apart from ccp.? We cant. They use you to infiltrate usa . we cant trust any asians bow thabks to ccp . Don’t blame American s Blame ccp.

  5. As the world turns…a different form of hate, how Jeremy Lin get hated on, smh sad stuff I hate it!!!

    1. @kelperdude Projecting much? It was Trump who made references to blue states and red states, and not wanting to help blue states…

    1. The gun is very effective, ask the government.
      The only way to respect American government is to stick guns in their face, the world dose it all the time.

    2. Asians or Chinese? There is a vast difference between the communist insurgent spies and our Korean/Japanese brethren

  6. I’m not surprise…I grew up during the early 80s and went through all manner mockeries and threats. In many ways it’s continued through out the working environment.

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy How is explaining someone’s motives for doing bad things excusing those things?? Do you realize how nonsensical that is? Prosecutors do it every day in court. “The defendant killed the victim because he believed in Satan worship” is not an endorsement of Satanism, now is it?

    2. @J Groovy hey j groove well said, not disagreeing with you at all…! But when the chinese knew this was a REALLY BIG SERIOUS PROBLEM AND MAMY LIVES WOULD BE LOST they did nothing but deny and deny even the doctors who were willing to speak, but were killed or told to keep it hush. And the one dr who decided to speak died of covid…when this virus was unleashed or dropped in the lab those in the lab knew what was up, but all fled and done even had the nerve to board planes to the USA and that was the start of covid in Washington state, then cali and then New York…it was to late and they meaning the Chinese government chose to do nothing but try to blame usa….yes trump didnt help either, but he did bring it here either…I’m sick and tired of hearing about the way asians are being treated just keep your eyes and ears peeled for that nut in North Korea itching to do harm to us Americans…so I dont feel sorry for jeremy Linn because Coronavirus is not a racist slur ….we all know the slurs I have a list of them that I mentioned on a different comment to someone who was WHOA is me about the way ASIANS are being treated.Their bullshit and lies and cover up made for lots of Americans who died and lots of AMERICANS who had BUSINESSES for decades and had to close. So when I hear about Chinatown struggling dont care what about all those family owned coffee shops and dinners and restaurants that had to close and many of good people who had to suffer….! If your going to whine like Jeremy he should at least know the difference between a name of a virus and the names of slurs directed at ASIANS….

    3. @J Groovy Again I will say I’m not disagreeing with you or your info, but lets also stick to where this first started. I’m aware of the neglect and stupidity on the united states end…thanks for the info …!

    1. @Redridge07 to be honest your answers took me by surprise, be strong and let your voice be heard men one comment at a time

    1. I watched an ABC segment a week ago showing highlights of Asians being attacked. Not one mention of the democratic in every video attacking them.
      I guess democrats need the Asian vote next.

    2. @Calvin Parish I watched an abc segment on Asian sex parlors with underage girls . Forced into that life is sad Any race any age it’s not right

  7. So ashamed of America! More in the last 6 years. How can we, as Americans tell other countries how to do social justice?

  8. As a non chinese living in Hong Kong i can tell you chinese are the most racist people you’ll come across they literally won’t sit next to a non chinese person in bus or train and they will feel its okay

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