'Really frightening’: George Takei responds to rise in anti-Asian violence 1

‘Really frightening’: George Takei responds to rise in anti-Asian violence


The US has seen a rise in violence against Asian-Americans, almost all of which, according to police, are attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. George Takei, famous for his role as Mr. Sulu from the original ‘Star Trek’ television series and movies, talks to CNN’s Pamela Brown about his own experience as a child when he was a prisoner in a Japanese internment camp in the US.
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    1. @Dave Griffin Trump still living rent free in your little loft of a brain eh? …and I didn’t even vote for him hahaha

    1. @Riot Tonite You are literally race baiting everyone against “anglo saxon colonizers” as you describe them.

      I wonder if we can describe the ILLEGAL immigrants as colonizers. Or is it only the legal ones who were welcomed, who are colonizers?

    1. @King Charles yea and according to you guys, blue lives matter.. but we know that after January 6, that your people dont care anything about blue lives.. word from a fire extinguisher..

    2. @Noily Pratt ouch, that’s your racist rebuttal to a comment about In regards to peacefulness.. I can sense the mayonnaise boiling in your veins

  1. It’s shameful this Country is so Full on Hate. What’s worse is many of those in leadership roles of this country seems to fuel the fires of Hatred and Discrimination.

    1. I don’t think there is any rise in aggression toward Asians. This is all propaganda meant to divide an already divided nation. Have any of you personally seen an Asian discriminated against recently? I haven’t. And if you have, what did you do about it?

  2. Racism isn’t just wrong, it’s so stupid. We are all the same species of hominids, we just look different due to different geographic locations so our body’s had to change. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    As intelligent beings, if we want to figure out what it means to be human, how we define as a civilization. We gotta put this hatred behind us. It won’t do is good in the future.

    1. “When we were kids we drilled a hole in the wall by the ladies locker room, and I watched all of them undress. Even the black ones.”

      -Champ Kind

    2. You are right! But, its unfortunate that the “Racist White People Sector” of the USA loves to wallow in their government sponsored hatred to the point that they have been entitled the divine civil liberty to ignore that racism in this country is an extremely serious homeland security problem.
      Its too late and the government is too stupid to fix it… the fate of the USA has been sealed…enjoy the decline!

    3. Racism is evil. And evil should be violently wiped off the planet. This evil society should be burnt to the ground.

    4. @W T F ? lol I love it there well never be peace with every section that hates the different no matter which kind the religious, colored, idiosyncrasies hate will always thrive and continue yet the fools who push otherwise to control will thrive and continue will do so just to destroy everything they virtue signal to create the end is ever coming to truth nothing to be done In the in due to all but it is what it is so I say spread that hate and misery based on your own lies of bull to make yourselves feel better its nothing but garbage till destruction so enjoy till the end is

  3. Captain: _”Mister Sulu, See what you can about that hum in the deckplates”._
    Sulu: _”Aye Aye Sir, consider it done!”_

  4. I am angry with their people why are there people attacking asian American I don’t like this,
    I can go pray Asian American to go safe.

    1. @Mr. White So, you missed trump’s sneer and mocking tone when he said these things? It’s also how he said it.

    2. @Ben dude majority of the attacks were from poc and the media just ignores it. If it was a white person you wouldn’t hear the end of it, seriously. The media is trying to spin this like its a white supremacist thing when it has nothing to do with white people. There has been an uneasy relationship between some african americans and asian communities for a while now, just look to the LA riots in the 90s for an example. This is just racism unchecked and it pisses me off that people don’t cut to the heart of the problem : unchecked hatred and animosity in the african communities. We should call ALL racism out when it arises because if we dont we will be on this carousel for a long time.

    1. Not really pretty American slavery native tribes Italians and Japanese containment camps it’s as American as apple pie

    2. Conservatism has always had a racist problem but trump encouraged his supporters to be publicly racist and the GOP leadership allowed it to happen.

  5. It’s ironic that the far-right can say NO to drugs and alcohol (I seriously doubt it), but they won’t say NO to racism!

    1. @Sam Harris What would YOU like ME to actually stop? When I am very clearly supporting everyone, working together, in holding anyone who commits acts of violence accountable? You are still making this a partisan issue. I am making this a humanity issue. Stop trying to fight me because you are angry, rightfully so, about things I personally have had nothing to do with or any control over. I am not here blaming you for anything.

    2. @Sam Harris for you to be a democrat proves you support the party of corruption, slavery and treason….the REAL racists with a documented history.
      The party of the klan.

    3. @Sam Harris Except the far right or even Trump supporters aren’t the ones committing these attacks. You know that tho.

  6. What they did in Seattle against Asians was atrocious I just do not get it! I am sorta young 22 but I’ve seen this first hand the abuse of ppl that look different. So sad

  7. If you haven’t seen George Takei’s recent TV show Season 2 of “Terror”.. I recommend it. Everything depicted about the prison camps is true…. excluding the supernatural killer.

    1. Why is CNN not reporting on the raise in child abuse or domestic violence or antisemitic attacks? Is it because they can’t blame trump?

  8. Never understood American mentality. A country of 250 y of history built in immigrants, & yet so much hatred.

  9. I understand that this anti-Asian hatred/violence/aggression is, as George Takei explains, as “organic” in the country, something similar to if not the very same as “systemic racism”. I too have Asian descent (through my mother) and I have always felt this racism from my fellow Americans. This is the reason I have been considering expatriation from the so-called “United” States. It is a sham, a mockery.

  10. I’m starting to believe everything is getting attacked getting really scary people in this world.

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