Former NCB Bank Manager Andrea Gordon Sentenced for 7 Yrs in Jamaica | TVJ News 1

Former NCB Bank Manager Andrea Gordon Sentenced for 7 Yrs in Jamaica | TVJ News


Andrea Gordon, the former National Commercial Bank NCB, senior manager who was convicted for stealing millions of dollars from the bank was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison today in handing down the sentence the judge said she took into consideration the fact that Miss Gordon pleaded guilty very early.

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    1. @Allison Green I tell you the truth, the banks here are getting away with murder, and the government who is suppose to be protecting us from them is all up there with then robbing poor people. It is a sad reality.

    1. Thats exactly what i am think. Bank getting back theirs by seizing the property, they will sell for tgeir back, but the money she stole from the public, she can do the time in jail for that. I want her to get frustrated in jail and confess all she had stole from us and give the bank

    2. NCB still has all the poor people’s money. Tief from tief God laugh. Only sorry she was stupid.

  1. The biggest flaw in our judicial process at sentencing is to reduce time due to a guilty plea . If I plead guilty to pedophilia does that give me the right to a reduced sentence?

    1. Two different scenarios, the only person got hurt here is NCB with their outrageous fees and Mr Lee Chin’a pocket

    2. @Tee Smith I bank with NCB she stole from me also .Her actions alone have caused a 3% fee increase , Miss Chin can afford it !!

  2. She should have get twenty years in jail !! The court system of Jamaica needs improvements on every
    Levels get rid of discounts Jamaica needs new laws .

    1. I wants to see the same fate for those same banks and politicians. She was a low hanging fruit

  3. I am hearing that this woman is sentenced to 7& 1/2yrs, what I dont hear is if she paying back, r how much of the money she will back.

  4. Does this mean she will spend about 4 years? Because I always hear they count prisons years different, like they count both day and night

  5. Who is protecting the citizens of Jamaica from being robbed every single year by NCB to ensure it makes over US 200 MIL in yearly profits? Nobody!!! She should have taken 10 times that amount. The judge ignored sentencing guidelines because she is either a COWARD or fears the OWNERS of NCB. This is TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE and should be appealed immediately.

  6. This is what happens to them, they don’t want to employ younger people the one’s who are in the system with their bad habits .

  7. This lawyer should also go to prison. A man steals a bag juice get four years but he is disappointed with her doing seven years.

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