Former NYPD Head, LAPD Chief On What’s Changed In Policing In America 1

Former NYPD Head, LAPD Chief On What’s Changed In Policing In America


Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why he will “never forget” the look on Derek Chauvin’s face as he murdered George Floyd and how the “individual actions of a cop count.” Bratton also discusses why a federal judge is “an idiot” for comparing AR-15s to Swiss Army Knives.
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    1. Hi.

      Read my name.
      DO IT!

      How stupid are you sheep?????

    1. It seems like a surge in police corruption and brutality, but that’s because it’s being videoed all the time now. I don’t think it’s changed much in the ways that matter?

  1. Anyone with morals, or common sense, knows that George Floyd was murdered. Not too hard to figure out.

    1. On the bright side; George Floyd is officially sober for 13 months now and you thought he could never do it.

    2. @Scientific Methodologist : On the bright side, Derek Chauvin is 13 months sober now, and streets are a little safer now. Funny thing is, if you ever met Chauvin, you’d wet yourself with terror

    3. @Ash Roskell bad cops belong in jail. He’s right where he should be. The dude’s a sociopath!

  2. Hasn’t changed just it become more visible due the amount of video recording in the hands of the public.

  3. Watch movie Serpico. That is what the tight brotherhood of the police force is really like. Good guys don’t have a chance and I do believe there are men and women of honor who want nothing more than to protect and serve the public.

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  5. *U.S. ROYALTY: Police are suggested that Democracy is there to wreck a bunch of families in America connected to the King Marriages and Birth Certificates.*

    1. Chauvin: not my fault. The system is broken, because it stopped treating me like an elite.

      That’s his legal defense.

  6. I live right next to a street now called “George floyd-Straße” greetings from Germany

    1. @Scientific Methodologist GF isn’t my hero, no one walking the face of this Earth is my hero.

    2. @B Taylor GF isn’t walking the earth; but to that point- is his ghost your hero?

    3. @Scientific Methodologist No, I have never had heroes, I have faith in myself to do the right things.

    4. @Scientific Methodologist a man was murdered and all you can show is your own vile and abhorrent views. pathetic

  7. I can answer that headline, easily. “What’s changed in policing,” is that cops are being videoed when they break the law. It looks like a surge in poor policing, but it’s just an exposé of how it’s always been. At least we may see positive change now? . . .

  8. The word that comes to my mind to describe that “face” that Chauvin had while he was kneeling on George Floyd is, ‘defiant’. It appeared to me that he was saying deliberately with that expression, “You don’t tell ME what to do, I do what I WANT”.

  9. One word: “MacGyver” That guy took out how many people with a single Swiss Army knife? If anything, a Swiss Army knife is MORE dangerous than an AR-15 (that the user probably has no practice or training with).

  10. Bratton is and has always been a fixer in the police field.
    If Bratton can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.
    Headed three of the most lawless police departments in the USA!!!
    The only one missing is the Chicago PD!!!

  11. 1 “oops” erases 10 “good jobs.” This isn’t new. Nothing less than perfection is acceptable when it comes to giving ppl the power to murder in the name of the law.

  12. Chauvin: The system is broken (because it stopped treating me like an elite.)

    MAGA: see it’s not our fault that we’re sociopaths. The right made sure the system stays broken. It’s not our fault we love fascism, genocide, and lack empathy or intelligence because we choose to be biased bigots.

    This is their best legal defense.
    I know I’m guilty but my ego won’t let me admit that so I have to blame someone else for my freewill.

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