DOJ Should Be ‘Aggressively Involved’ When Sham Audits Violate Federal Law

Former Attorney General Eric Holder talks with Rachel Maddow about the role the Department of Justice can play in defending democracy against the latest wave of Republican attacks like voting rights rollbacks, partisan power grabs, and sham audits and recounts. 
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  1. There are Americans who are told by Fox “entertainment” that trump actually won the election and anyone who disagrees is an enemy of America and should be delt with accordingly. It’s called maga.

    1. “..who are told by Fox “entertainment” that trump actually won the election…”
      Thats called sedition.

    2. @Reg U I did report that anti-Semitic spam from “Hitler was right,” unfortunately though this is the only thread out of many where it was deleted

    3. @Greg Bors I noticed that.
      At least I do not see it’s racist vitriol in my feeds.
      So far.
      But it/he/she will be back in two weeks, after the suspension ends.

    4. It’s utterely disgusting how quickly democrats forgot about how they tried to overturn the election for 4 years and they, together with such blueanon conspiracy clowns like Maddow that actually Hillary won. You have absolutely 0 standards

  2. I like the Biden justice dept,, their careful and thorough. Moving kinda slow , though. Step on it!

  3. DOJ is asleep at the wheel. The Dear Leader, the Orange One with the funny pants, should already have been arrested, booked, had his mugshot taken, and been indicted for conspiracy to commit campaign finance fraud. That felony is a slam dunk. That’s one of the crimes his former lawyer pleaded guilty to, and conspiracy requires at least two persons. The other is the guy who wrote the check for the exact amount of the payoff to the co-conspirator’s pornstar mistress, who is also willing to testify to the underlying crime, and to provide the prosecutors with documents. Then there is the Arizona fraudit. If there are violations of federal law by giving ballots and voting machines to Cyber Doofuses, the DOJ should step in immediately. What are the clowns in the funny colored shirts looking for anyway? At one point it was supposed to be watermarks. Then it was bamboo. What it really is is bamboozling the GOP cult loyalists.

    1. They are pushing it over the cliff. They recently asked the courts to dismiss a lawsuit against Trump. They also appealed a judge’s ruling which ordered the release of Barr”s memo for not prosecuting Trump.

    2. Garland is apparently a weak AG which is exactly what we can expect from a Democrat politician or appointee.

    3. @Mainely No he’s not. He probably has his hands full of cleanup from x-president’s sham DOJ.

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways 18000 military absentee ballots in Georgia all for Biden, impossible.

    2. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways It’s all falling apart for Biden, Epic Trump bitchslap incoming!!!

  4. Hes right but there is no laws for politicians only for the hard working Americans this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

    1. Bidenharryass And yet you still worship a career criminal who tried to overthrow our government.

  5. Congratulations, Biden’s Voting Access Bill and For the People Act will ensure republicans cannot create vote suppression.
    Democrats and Republicans like to think they are so different and yet the rest of the world just see uneducated Americans.

  6. Wow ‼️So this is how the Empire is crumbling ❗Without a declaration of war against a foreign foe⁉️💩💩💩🤬

  7. I don’t understand how it’s even been allowed. Isn’t there sone sort of federal protection against tampering with elections

    1. The term used is democracy, although its often twisted by the dems that think the definition is what they decide

    2. So when the “safest election ever” is being audited, it should stop? Why would Dems not say, GO FOR IT?

    3. @Wisconsin Man For the 4th time? You know what they call people doing the same thing the same way and expecting different result? Amounts to “If I didn’t win you are going to keep counting till I do”.

    4. states set up their out election process per the Constitution, its unconstitutional for federal government to run state election processes. it was set up like this bc if the elections were controlled by the federal government it would result in massive corruption that no one could do anything to stop

  8. I have been saying this for weeks now kinda slow but glad to see someone call this out in the mainstream media!🙄

  9. DOJ should have been involved when the first precinct locked out the press. This is the greatest example of the Streisand Effect going. How about doing audits to prove doubters wrong?

    1. Democratic party “leadership” once again sitting on their hands and hoping the problem just goes away.

  10. The DOJ will go over their findings with a fine tooth comb, but they have to wait until the audit produces some findings first.

    1. Which is why they are dragging this out; the innuendo serves their broader purpose of voter suppression laws.

  11. Sham Audits? HAHAHA I noticed that Dems had no issue with Clinton in 2016. Just like they had no issue in 2000 and 2004 and 2016 objecting to the Electoral College vote. Republicans do it and its RACIST or Treason. 300 times under Trump Dems used the fillibuster and Republicans do it now and Dems want rid of it.

  12. These comments below are INSANE!!!

    Transparency=sooooo threstening.
    I’m melting
    I’m melting

  13. As an American, I’m very happy audits are being done, and I don’t feel they are “sham audits”. I want to know for certain that there was no fraud, as I received no fewer than 15 ballots in the mail when I DID NOT REQUEST EVEN ONE. The DOJ has other things it can be spending its time on.

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