Biden To Pressure Putin On Cyberattacks On First Foreign Trip

Biden and Harris are turning to foreign policy with their first foreign trips in office. Biden's trip is slated to end with a face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin where the president is expected to push Putin on cybersecurity. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Michael Crowley and Ashley Parker.
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  1. I grew up during the cold war.

    The Russian government (not the Russian people) is a much greater threat to America today.

    1. Joe biden is the biggest threat to America today. Who needs Russia with the liberals destroying the u.s. from the inside?

    2. I grew up during the same time. Putin is not the Enemy. American greed and dishonesty is.

    3. I am a veteran cold warrior. No ‘battles’ fought; no medals and no parades – but the Berlin Wall came down in 1989! You are way behind the times, Boo Boo!

    4. Weird how different the perceptions are as in Europe we feel a lot safer and find the Russians as partners increasingly reliable.
      What has changed is that America has become very unstable and issues that were easily ignored for decades during the cold war with an enemy to unite against and use as an excuse to dwell political unrest (just call it communism if you don’t like it) are now showing their cracks whereas Russia never lost the cold war feeling of being under constant threat while simultaneously battling one of the worst economical, social and governmental collapses in human history, forging them closer together and easily united behind a strong leader that promised and in putins case also delivered a way out.
      For all the individual crimes against individuals and groups I have to give the Russians a huge amount of respect to how they were willing and faithful to letting one of the biggest empires in human history be dissolved and people being granted independence without a single shot being fired outside of its own internal political turmoils.
      We as the west failed in that situation and took advantage of that situation by continuing to antagonize them and letting the USA increasingly encroach upon them despite all reassurances given, but at least in Europe I believe we have come to a new stance of mutual acceptance and recognition of our respective needs within the last 2 decades and while relationships are still far away from rosey i would consider Russia a friendly nation and increasingly important partner in both trade and geopolitical stability in our shared sphere of influence, especially as they can reach the side of a conflict that we can’t

    5. They even offered us Germans to return the part of Eastern Prussia that was put under their protectorate after ww2 in the 90s, the Oblat Kaliningrad (Königsberg, where my family originates from. However we had to turn this truly unpresidented offer down due to Polish fears of once more being in the position past ww1 being inbetween German territories on formerly German land, or in case of the rest of eastern prussia and silesia on German land that is to this day practically only under polish administration – though then again they were themselves expelled from their former homeland in nowadays belarus by stalin and forcefully resettled in those areas. So to avoid this whole conflict becoming an issue again Germany signed the 2+4 treaty necessary for its reunification as a treaty in place of a peace treaty (as officialy we have never made peace with anyone past ww2) and acknowledged the borders in their current form, while maintaining its claim on those lands in theory – however if it was only up to the Russians my grandfather and his siblings would have actually had the chance to return home after 45 years of displacement)

    1. I know, Putin is laughing himself to sleep every night just thinking about this weak American president.

    1. Biden: Putin, I’m gonna need…uhhh….what? Well sir, I’m Joe biden’s husband!
      News media in America: The meeting went great! Really got alot accomplished!

  2. I’m holding my in anticipation. He didn’t say Trump administration was friendliest he ever had maybe I miss heard

  3. Maybe he can finally figure out who started that Russian bounties on American soldiers rumor.. oh wait that was the media nevermind.

    1. @Fletcher Christian news flash….believe everything MSM tells you then tell everyone else how dumb they are😂😂😂🐏🐏🐏👌

    2. @Fletcher Christian your comment history is nothing but the same copy and paste BS…your an anger addict…get some help

  4. Perhaps a violent month could rewire all the accountable to behave after having their tongues cutout ?

  5. None of those DarkSide people are located in Russia. They’re in places like Phuket, Malta, Cyprus, southern Spain…safe places with lots of sunshine!

    1. What’s be funnier is if he folded it up into a paper airplane and threw it at Biden first

  6. Lmao yeah right, pressure Putin, haha I wonder why they aren’t reporting what their president said about our policy? 🤔

  7. Lol this reporter said the most “friendly president”. Is that why he’s allowing the Chinese government to get away with a Cold War attack against us????

    1. The attack came from tRumps’ crony Vlad. Don’t you know that the Chinese government is too busy sending bamboo paper to America? You need to get your conspiracy delusions under control. You’re all over the place.

    2. @peter blood while their people died in the streets! The Chinese people told us through a private VPN that people were dying in their streets, yet their government continued covering it up!

    3. He meant the most friendly towards children, including AA children he literally refers to as “roaches”.

    4. @Fletcher Christian there’s a lot going wrong in that Blue Anon head of yours….you need to get outside

  8. Biden to pressure anyone is a joke he can’t even speak strait even when it’s on a teleprompter right in front of him

  9. Putin’s laughing at Potato Joe, and Guatemala is protesting this diversity hire VP

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