1. He claims he didn’t know anything about the guy. Either he is willfully ignorant and has no situational awareness or he is a bold face liar. In either case he should never hold a political office. Agree stop giving him any air time. SMH

  2. I did not believe that after the whole FTX drama there’s any good to get this year but Amazons *AMZP5X* proved otherwise. Bad timing maybe but it’s a great adoption to get this more to the mainstream and raise awareness. Probably a high contender for a top 100 growth

  3. Yes! She just said what I’ve been saying for close to a year now.. that if we stopped talking about him and stopped reporting about him and stop showing his face all over the Internet and the TV.. then he would go away because that would be like a death sentence for him! And I don’t like the way she cut that woman off when she said if we stopped talking about him then everything would change! She had a real attitude there!

    1. @Bill Randleman Did someone insult your idol? And now you are sad, huh?
      Poor baby – spends all his time online defending Man in Florida.

    2. That wasn’t attitude. Trump sells tv time and newspapers. People will tune into the channels that cover the next most insane thing Trump does. It’s almost impossible to cut the oxygen off because it means $$$ to media.

  4. To the lady who said, “we have to stop talking about him” finally! Someone who knows how to put the genie beck in the bottle

    1. @Bill Randleman Did someone insult your idol? And now you are sad, huh?
      Poor baby – spends all his time online defending Man in Florida.

    2. @Random Internet User Yes. Like when the senile Potato went to his friends funeral. His friend being a KKK leader. 😆

  5. The one thing some stories are glossing over is the fact no one gets into Mar-a-Lago without a Secret Service screening, no one!

    1. @Mark Now we just need you to bring up the alt-right conspiracy of the Ukraine wr being a proxy wr – and you’ve come full circle of absolute
      horse s.

    2. @Donny Paul let me provide you with some more verifiable facts you can’t refute: Obama took us from two wars, to seven. Trump started no new wars. Biden is responsible for stopping the peace agreement negotiated by Ukraine & Russia…are you smart enough to figure out what’s going on?

    3. @Mark do you find it interesting that trump covered up the Keshogi murder, them Saudi Arabia gave Jared and Ivanka $2 billion and cut their oil production by 1 million barrels a day against the mandate of the rest of opec? Do you think the country that attacked us on 9/11 wants their business partners family back in office?

    1. NONAME * Kayne West must be really stupid asking business advice from draft dodger 🤡 trumpy, who filed bankruptcy 5 times, 10 failed businesses, owes Russian Bank 400 million dollars plus interest, squandered 400 hundred million dollars that daddy left his boy. Kayne also pays his business manager for advice, he’s really mentally challenged.

  6. What’s the NY Post saying? “Florida man has friends over for dinner”…. if that’s the case, should probably follow their lead and put this guy on the back page.

  7. Too often we give the guy from Florida too much credit. He’s really a spoiled child that doesn’t understand why he doesn’t always get his way. Notice he always says things are unfair. That is what a kindergartener says when they want something.

    1. @Ben Foss the economy isn’t In terrible shape.. there’s 3% unemployment and we need millions more workers. No reason for another trump turd to get dropped.

    2. @Ben Foss did the wall he built (using money stolen from the military, who he called “sucker’s” ) not work??????

      The economy is a complex world wide issue. Trump literally could not sell vodka to alcoholics. What would the great 6 times bankrupt businessman do??? Get his daddy to bail him out again????

    1. A few months ago: Left wing Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX, has a big fortune and big plans for how to spend it — including an unusual political power-building strategy. One of the biggest donors in democrats this year isn’t sure if he really wants to be a democrat megadonor — at least not on the party’s terms.

      But then, part of life as Sam Bankman-Fried is about embracing paradoxes. The 30-year-old democrat, who has amassed an estimated $20 billion fortune over the last four years through cryptocurrency, drives a hybrid Toyota Corolla. A monk-like aesthetic extends from his clothes — he showed up to chat in a wrinkled T-shirt and beat-up New Balance sneakers — to his personal life. He shares a penthouse with about 10 pervert roommates and cooks for himself. He still uses his parents’ Netflix account. When he lobbies in Washington, D.C., he’ll often crash on his brother’s couch.

      Today: FTX, the Crypto giant’s failure exposes cozy Washington ties, weak regulation. FTX’s stunning meltdown last week is forcing democrat lawmakers and democrat regulators who bought into the vision to regroup.

      Today, the left wing media and other democrats are spending their time covering up for their previous support of a pure fraud. They wrote and talked about the Crypto democrat crook without having curiosity about how he was amassing wealth by basically selling a product created out of thin air that was backed by nothing.

      Many of these same leftists are the ones seeking to destroy industries that use natural resources without having any curiosity to ask for the scientific data to support the destruction. There is none. They are many of the same people who peddled lies about Trump colluding with Russia with no evidence and are the same people who bury the truth about the Biden family corruption despite massive evidence. They are many of the same people who repeated everything Fauci said, no matter how wrong they were, and sought to silence those who disagreed.

      We have genius Joe Biden today who is intentionally destroying the country because of leftists in the media who willingly repeat talking points with little to no curiosity!!!

    2. I’ve said this since he ran for President the first time. He has always been a con man and liar. Don’t expect him change. I don’t blame him as much as I blame his supporters, voters, and people who didn’t get out and vote the first time. He has divided and hurt our country. Time for DOJ to step in now and indict and prosecute.

    1. What crimes? We tried to find crimes during the four years he was president. We brought in Trump staff members to the DC bars. We tried to get some inside knowledge into any crimes that he or his family committed. We found none. We thought we had him with the Trump/Russian collusion thing. We hired Miller and a bunch of Trump hating investigators to try to find evidence that Trump is in collusion with the Russians. We remember Mueller‘s testimony before Congress and he found no evidence of Trump/Russian collusion and we now know why.
      One of our most respected Democrat party activist testified under oath in another matter that Trump and the Russians was dreamed up and signed off on by Hillary. It was a lie. There was no truth to this.
      We looked hard but we could find no crimes that Trump committed. If you have any inside knowledge of any crimes and can give a specific date, times in people involved please get this to our DNC immediately so we can inform the justice department.

    2. @T. R. Campbell  the Mueller ( not Miller) report found evidence of 10 acts of obstruction of justice. He also testified that Trump’s DOJ lackey Barr misrepresented Mueller’s findings. The Mueller report also concluded that Russia did interfere in our election bit he couldn’t conclusively prove that Trump worked with them. Yes I can, because Trump loves wiki leaks. He knew exactly when and what was going to be reported. They also found in Trump tower that computer set up to be a back door link to Russia. Please, I’m done educating fools that think Trump is anything but a self serving, pathological lying, incompetent buffoon, greedy and evil to the core. Stood with Putin against all our world renowned law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Glen Kirshner, a renowned prosecutor has stated Trump’s handling of a simple viral outbreak turning it into a world wide pandemic killing millions and shattering our economy committed every element of murder 2. But his day is coming for the mountains of evidence against him for jan 6th and top secret document theft.

    3. @T. R. Campbell  shut up and go donate more money to your amazing businessman, lol. Don’t forget to check the box to make it a monthly donation. Oh, nevermind Trump checks it for you, whether you know it or not, lmao.

  8. My mom is Jewish, my Dad is Protestant Christian. She was disowned by her family for marrying a Christian and my dad was chastised for marrying a “ Jesus k*ller”. And to end it off, my best friend is a Muslim 🤣🤣🤣 I truly do not get the world sometimes.

    1. The thing is are people willing to give up who they are and what they want so somebody else will accept them. I think it’s best to lead your authentic life but a lot of people have been taught to tow the line and don’t have the courage to buck the system. Life is short.

    2. Same here Mac! My mom was a German Lutheran and my dad a sicilian Roman Catholic. My mother’s parents thought she was marrying a negro and my father was excommunicated from the church for marrying a Lutheran! My son-in-law is African from Ghana and the other one is from Puerto Rico and I’m married to somebody who was born in Colombia South America… needless to say I have 14 grandchildren that when all lined up look like a smorgasbord and I love them all with all my heart and soul! I don’t know what this world is coming to but I sure don’t like what I’m hearing these days!

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