1. 0:18 Nine years old? “Baby girl please come to daddy’s job to see his little weapon of mass destruction so you can tell your friends and their parents what daddy is all about.”

    1. for her birthday she’s getting a set of launch codes, just in case a south Korean bullies her over having superior street food….and a standard of living.
      We’d have all died from her rage if she hadn’t been too exhausted to repeat the codes.

    2. Does she have a choice? Many children cannot even confront their parents in a system where law supports them ( supposingly ). Why assume she has control over her situation?

    1. @Tuan as
      Desert Shield and Desert Storm was not about 9/11 and it was 1990 -1991.
      It was Sadaam Hussein publishing video of him gassing and killing whole cities of his own country that had NATO launching that.
      He bragged that the U.S. better watch out because if he can test it on his own people he will not hesitate to launch an attack on the U.S.

      I know because I (and my husband-fiance’ at the time) did TDY over there during that time.

      Afghanistan is where we were sent after 9/11.

      Then, ironically, my eldest son ended up over there.
      My nephew too.
      He came back in a wheelchair though… he was doing checkpoint and barely survived an EOD that had been strapped to a female holding a baby.

      So… yeah. There’s that.

    2. ​@Aeuphoria why is it not good for anyone? Lmao. Cause she’s a girl? And not because a dictator super armed and acting like he is some supreme being is leading? Lmao make it make sense.

  2. xi jingping ” i am quite ok with kim jong uns 9 year old daughter having nukes but the idea of australia having nuclear powered submarines
    a peaceful people like that
    keeps me up at night “.

  3. Kim didn’t have the complete G.I Joe collection as a child, and wants to show her daughter that hard work pays off.

    1. ​@Eduardo Riv you’re speaking as if it would have been a nice gift for a boy.
      Make it make sense, masculinist.

  4. Just shows you how isolated they are that KJU can keep so much info about himself private in this day and age. On the other hand if you’re a despot the last thing you want is too many folks knowing who and where your loved ones are

    1. It’s an impressive lack of data released about him. But not worth the segregation and brainwashing of a whole nation IMO

  5. She’s nine years old and she’s almost the same size as her father Kim ,that show us how short Kim really is or she Hella tall for her age

  6. It’s still weird to me I never even knew he had a daughter to be honest kinda makes me wonder if she really is 🤔

    1. pretty sure rodman held the baby girl. she looks much older then 9…. if it is a hoax, its been setup for a long time

    1. @Wesley Hempoli for all we know, he’s been our secret agent all along, and those North Korean clowns don’t know it.

    2. Well, James Bond never pulled down almost 12,000 rebounds. Did Snowden ever win defensive player of the year, I think not.

  7. Imagine living in a country where you have no understanding of yourself and everything you do involves serving your lord and listening to their lies.

  8. It’s so so SOOOOO good to see these INNOCENT people finally speaking their minds about what they feel in their HARTS!! 😊 Slava People of China !

  9. Isn’t this a contradiction in terms of him and his daughter in a photo by a nuclear Missile? The missile has the potential to destroy or contribute to destroying the earth, it’s inhabitants, everything and wouldn’t she want to live and prosper not all this Doom and Gloom?

  10. She’s appearing in public to throw everyone off track of his true heir. His son is probably studying in Germany while we speculate about his sister.

    1. I think so too. Dictators like this never value girls, he’s hiding a boy somewhere as his ‘supreme heir’.

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