Former President Donald Trump launching his own social media platform, Truth Social | USA TODAY 1

Former President Donald Trump launching his own social media platform, Truth Social | USA TODAY


Former President Donald Trump is planning to launch his own social media platform, Truth Social.


Former President Donald Trump said he would launch a new social media platform after being shut out of major sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the announcement itself was short on specifics and did little to explain what users might or might not expect.

Trump in the past has announced upcoming events or ventures that have not materialized, such as often-promised plans while in office for a health care overhaul.

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    1. @Peter Pan as long as your opinion is nothing negative about Toadstool or you will be censored. Talk about free speech. Toadstool is an ignorant, arrogant, pathetic liar!

    2. It needs only to be about free expression and opinion from all sides to be successful.

      You can source your ‘truth’ in MSM. You know, the media that ignores opinion that it hates.

  1. Good for him. This country is imploding with Brandon at the wheel, get back in the media an get ready to run with Candace

    1. @Mia Marano disparaging the military hmm maybe getting 13 Americans killed in Kabul, or the thousands abandoned behind enemy lines in Afghanistan while giving the taliban billions of dollars worth of weaponry paid for with by American tax dollars is what’s disparaging? Only person behind bars because of that is the Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller because he had the spine to speak out about it. Hmm I wonder whose doing the “disparaging”

    2. @Christian Tyler Right, so all the other soldiers’ deaths the past 20 years meant nothing, but 13 soldiers dying under Biden’s admin was the last straw for you? Sounds like fake outrage to me.

    3. @Some 1 Azn it’s the way in which they died that is discouraging to the military. In a chaotic unnecessary retreat. Im not going to talk about what happened under all the other administrations this was a video and comment regarding Trump and our current admin. I’m also very critical of bush and Nixon

    1. A sleazy friend of Trump sets up a sleazy SPAC, gets in bed with a sleazy investment company that recently stole the name EF Hutton, suckered a bunch is people with more money than brains into giving them big bucks, then pulled off a major con by merging with Trump’s fake social media company.
      This is going to come crashing down so fast it will make the heads of the fools who bought into it spin off their necks.

    1. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII Roger Pedacter probably identifies as a female or used to be one. These Leftists and alphabet perverts are insane.

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