Former Presidents Come Together To Encourage Vaccinations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are appearing in new ads as part of an effort to persuade people to get vaccinated. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 03/11/2021.
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Former Presidents Come Together To Encourage Vaccinations | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Douglas
      Trump? My lord Dougie, have you seen Old Potato Joe try to string a sentence together ?
      It’s hard to watch friend.

    1. @flip phone wizard he is a current president and already IS promoting the vaccine on an almost daily basis. Does he need to be in this as well?

    2. You Want to Know Why , he is Missing he doesnt count as President,,because to this country, he is just Shame to put his face on TV, to send a message for something good about this VIRUS<< Be Well

    1. @Eric Klaus I suggest you buy a mirror. You’re a totally clueless trump cult sycophant
      There’s a reason why con men love (target) dumb people. They’re the most gullible and the easiest to fool. You’re a classic example of these people. Move on trumpist it’s obvious you’re deranged in your trump/qanon cult. Nothing funniwr than sơn one that can’t recognize themselves in what they think of others. Projection much Eric?

  1. I’ve had the first Moderna vax, and I along with everybody else there was very happy to be there. Light at the end of the tunnel is what we’re seeing.

    1. Not to be picky, but “W”, “Bubba”, and “ The Donald” are all in their 75th year, not 74th. When you are 74 years old you begin your 75th year. Just sayin.

  2. And to think one of the three is a republican, and had fostered a friendship with his predecessor, is a testament that it’s not the party that is the problem.

  3. At first I thought that Carter had opted out, but there he was for the finale, all 96 years of him. Kudos to our patriotic former presidents..

    1. Thank you all for your combined effort in getting the word out to all Americans about protecting themselves and others from the carona virus! It is wonderful to see you all looking so healthy and well.

  4. Democrats: Let’s prioritize helping people live better lives.

    Republicans: Let’s prioritize making it more difficult to vote.

    1. @Bill Turner, It’s Democrats , tell you what to do in every facet of your life!
      Republicans, “unlike the dems, we don’t think your to stupid or to lazy to go vote in person with a ID”

    2. @Captain America Yep, Republicans rigged the election in 2020. They just did a bad job at it. Good thing you called it.

  5. This is what serving your country looks like on both sides. Thank you fellas for a great start to my day!!!

    1. @john 7 haha. All the doctors from all over the world are playing a hoax on John 7 because he’s important. F off.

  6. George W got some guns on him, way to go George, not a big fan, but I would have taken you over the orange menace any day.

    1. He would have been a better president if, he could have been running the Country instead of Daddy Bush..He spent most of his Presidency, fighting for his Father Honor…

  7. The ‘DON’
    That imitation of a man president did not served us when he was in office.
    Why should he start now.
    He was of no good then and he is of no good now.!!!!!

    1. Oh Don already got vaccinated in WH before Jan 20th but in secret. Many media outlets reported last month

  8. Jimmy Carter should have said, “I want this pandemic to be over because I still have many houses to build.” 😀

    1. @Asad Bashir here is how cool he is. Back when he was president he stuck solar panels on the White House. Ronald Reagan tore them off when he moved in. Imagine how far ahead in solar panels being put on houses.if Reagan hadn’t tore them down. Talk about cool. Carter would go on tv in sweaters urging people to lower the temperature on their thermostats during the winter to conserve energy. Because we had a energy crisis at the time.
      Too bad every home he built didn’t come with Tesla tech.

    2. I’ve volunteered in his organization for many years. The entire Carter family are just amazing human beings, they all just love to be part of a community. The best experience of my life.

    3. @Rick Evans Yeah… unfortunately not much is said about how Reagan got to power, and the irony that ALL OF HIS CRIMINALS including “The boogie man” have died… he of a brain tumor. Oh well… Reagan did to HIV what Trump has done to COVID. What else are republicans good for other than POWER AND MONEY?

  9. Omg, I love that ad! It says so much about our current presidency too. They have rallied regardless of party. ❤️

    1. Well he did describe Trump’s inaugural speech as some weird ****. And it’s no secret that neither he nor his dad were fans of The Rump. So you may be correct.

  10. The orange clown is Missing in Action, busy for receiving donation as a cult leader lol!

  11. I find hilarious that T**** wants credit for the vaccine but was nowhere to be seen in this ad, it speaks volumes.

    1. @Stephanie S I have no idea, but my guess is either they will have tried to invite him or the footage he sent back was unusable because it was incoherent ramblings and lies.

    2. @James Curran You can thank the individual manufacturers for that, not him. He and his administration did everything they could to interfere with the vaccine rollout including withholding and even seizing it from states, vaccinating only his family and administration officials, discouraging safety best practices, *constantly falsifying information* and generally doing their best to inflict their worst on everyone. How do you think it got to 500k deaths while almost every other country in the world is at a miniscule fraction of that?

      Have you not seen the progress made since Biden took office, or are you paying attention only to Fox and OAN? You might want to watch CNN or MSNBC for a change, maybe read or listen to NPR. Take off your tin-foil hat and you’ll come out of it a lot better informed. Sigh. It shouldn’t amaze me how the rest of the world is more familiar with American politics than conservative or right-wing Americans, but it does.

      I’m not even American and I know what’s going on in your country better than you do. Fix that.

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