Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He’s Now ‘A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He's Now 'A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1


Former Giuliani aide, Ken Frydman, who worked on his campaign for mayor in 1993, joins The Beat with Ari Melber to discuss Rudy Giuliani’s unusual defense in the Ukraine scandal. Frydman says Giuliani’s behavior ‘pains him,’ adding he was once ‘good at message discipline and control,’ but argues he is now a ‘right-wing conspiracy nut.’ Berit Berger, former federal prosecutor, compares Trump’s backtracking defense to one of ‘criminal defendants,’ as he argues he was ‘joking’ when he asked a ‘foreign government to interfere’ in the election. Former Republican Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman argues she is ‘concerned’ with Congress attempting to leak the whistleblower’s identity, adding the ‘basic norms’ of government have been ‘blown away’ under the Trump presidency. Aired on 10/7/19.
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Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He's Now 'A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

76 Comments on "Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He’s Now ‘A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. Giuliani is a lot like the Penguin character from Batman. every one


    • Reality Check | October 8, 2019 at 1:42 AM | Reply

      Mozokuni: When people scream/shout like they are out of their minds, it’s usually because they are, loud/wrong, drowning out the voice of reason.

    • Mozokuni exactly

    • I agree. But why you shouting dude. Shhh jeez Bro, I’m in the library for christ sake.

    • William Bailey | October 8, 2019 at 11:36 AM | Reply

      Truths sometimes start out as conspiracies. When some said the earth was round, they were called conspiracy theorists.

    • @William Bailey None of that is correct. Conspiracy theories are something of the last 4 decades. (Smart) People have known the earth to be spherical for over 6000 years at least.

  3. Rudy should be in a retirement home for dementia patients.

    • This is what happens when you popularize vampire culture, the old one comes out of the coffin!

    • Hopefully a newly deregulated one in a hurricanes path…👏 Well done #45

    • @corryjookit Exactly!! Remember during the debates he kept sniffling even though he didn’t have a cold? In an interview with someone who knew him well in the 80’s (I can’t recall the name right now, might be the person you mentioned), he said that he had the same sniffling when he was abusing the drug in the 80’s. I am sure everyone knows by now that Trump projects and anything he is guilty of he accuses someone else of the same thing. Well, after one particular debate when everyone was questioning if he was using drugs due to his constant sniffling and erratic behavior, Trump, the very next day, comes out and says someone should give Hillary a drug test because her energy waned during the debate (which it didn’t, and even if it did wouldn’t it be natural to get tired as the debate goes on). When he started to insinuate that Hillary was on something during the exact time HE seemed to be on something, I KNEW he was using…then I saw that interview, no doubt about it, he was high as a kite. BTW the man in the interview went on to say that Trump became so reckless with his money while abusing that drug in the 80’s, his lawyers (and family) intervened and his money was put into management by a third party where he could not have access to it without permission….and this is the same man running our country today! God help us all.

    • @Sask Sun seekers LOL “trump parrot alert”….thanks for that, it’s rare these days for me to laugh so early in the morning. Anyways, thought the same thing. These people really have to stop main-lining that Kool-aide. One thing you have to give to Ole’ King CHEATos, he sure had his supporters pegged…..”I can shoot someone on 5th Ave. and not lose any supporters” and “I love the poorly educated”

    • Y’all were fooled. The old Rudy is the same as the new Rudy. He was bad then, he is bad now.

  4. there’s no need for any whistleblowers to have first hand info, we are all witnesses after the Whitehouse released the transcript of the call. We are all witness to this!

    • @Alan Simpson Do nothing? Really? Why don’t you do some fact checking! KNOW NOTHING!!! It is public info!! You can see for yourself how many bills the Dems have passed that are sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk!! Moron.

    • @Alan Simpson Do you try to be this stupid or does it come naturally?

    • I mean and the China thing on live telivision too yeah

    • @Real American No stupidity at all. See you at the Trump rally Thursday night. Oh wait, you losers hate seeing happy smart people. Maybe you can party in one of Pelosi’s poop ghetto with other losers. Google “Pelosi homeless” for suggestions. (I bet the fake news NEVER mentions anything about that, or the $300M in Trump donations compared to Pocahontas’ $30M.

    • @Real American I’ve looked for that but haven’t found any actual evidence. But tell the do-nothing dems that while they’re waiting on that, maybe they could take an impeachment vote (snicker snicker… fat chance).

  5. Fat Donnie and Rudy Jewels: Dumbfellas.

  6. Rudy has always been a lying incestorious, racist bigot, always has been, and always will be.

  7. Tribalism mentality. It is a feedback loop between, “Trump and friends”

  8. rudy is a tinfoil hat kinda guy.

  9. Richard Christie | October 7, 2019 at 9:14 PM | Reply

    A bad case of Alex Jones Disease if ever we’ve seen one.

  10. Alessia C***** | October 7, 2019 at 9:23 PM | Reply

    Juice bag Giuliani has lost his marbles.

  11. Alessia C***** | October 7, 2019 at 9:25 PM | Reply

    The Republicans are cowards that cannot be trusted.

    • I will never vote for Republican or anyone who may have conservative idealogies. They have showed that they are easily triggered by alternative facts and conspiracies.

    • @Ms.winemaker They even hate facts, truths and they are such liars!!!

    • 2020: VOTE EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN OUT, at every level.

    • @Reality Check it doesnt matter that there is video. We are just about finished and Trump will be the dictator. There is nothing we can do. Its almost over. Its almost complete.

  12. BS! Giuliani didn’t change, his mask came off, that’s all. He’ is what he has always been.

  13. Doesn’t Rudy have even a small group of friends and family who will do an intervention for him?

    • @Dan Kahraman First, remember that every single day if you correlate the number of left and right leaning seniors who die with the number of left and right leaning teens who turn 18, you get a net gain of 2000 potential new Democratic voters. So when Trump is well and truly gone, many will toddle of to assisted living, some will hide away in the wilderness in well armed suicide communities, some will hang on to their grievances forever, but most will truly regret their misplaced loyalty to a most unworthy merchant of menace.

    • @Dan Kahraman I prefer “when they go low, we go high”; less revenge and hate, more love

    • janet gilmore | October 8, 2019 at 8:32 AM | Reply


    • @stacy youst that’s your preference. I suppose that would be your approach to Hitler’s Nazis as well

    • oh yeah! putin, trump, ivanka, erick aaah oh and barr….sooooo

  14. Poor Rudy, rather than retire at Mar-a-largo as the elderly pool boy but, no, he had to put on the orange wig, big red nose, huge flappy shoes and played to his audience of one by smashing watermelons with a mallet…

  15. Michele Dimond | October 7, 2019 at 10:06 PM | Reply

    Devin Nunes would give up the whistleblower’s ID in a heartbeat if he thought Trump would pat him on the back!

  16. Sorry folks- he has been a nut job for years go back and look

    • Ooh, good name-calling. Send it to the do-nothing Democrats. Maybe they can add it to the non-existent articles of impeachment. We’re still waiting.

  17. Sherri Greeydelinarez | October 7, 2019 at 10:24 PM | Reply

    Rudy is a an Old, Senile, Corrupt old goat that has lost his mind!!!😎

  18. Trump was caught on tape with the Access Hollywood debacle showing exactly who he is. Said it was lockeroom talk and muddied the water with so much else that he thinks he can get away with it again. 40+ women accused this man of sexual assault / harassment. He gets away with things because THE PEOPLE let him get away with it.

    • I would say that the people have some blame but the corrupt oligarchy, which is our excuse for a ‘government’,(if you ask me we can’t call it that because that would imply they actually do any governing) and news media also share part in that blame.

  19. Rudi: Wait till we speak about Romania! May God help us… He has now 10.000 Kurds slaughters and ISIS back in the World

  20. Alzheimers is scary indeed…
    … But Rudy’s identity-disorder is even worse.

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