Former Treasury Secretary Lew Explains: ‘How To Fix Tax Evasion’

Former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who served during the Obama administration, joined Stephanie Ruhle to break down tax loopholes benefitting the wealthiest Americans. He also discussed how the IRS can reform the tax system to collect hundreds of billions of dollars they miss out on each year due to a lack of enforcement.

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Former Treasury Secretary Lew Explains: 'How To Fix Tax Evasion'


  1. Millionaire doing this must see some accountability coming to some of them.
    Than they will think twice before steal from uncle Sam.

  2. Wish we had jack lew back too.!!! We have been in desperate need of good men and women over this past administration. We need our people with integrity back

  3. They spent more time investigating middle class working people, and small business owners. While not investigating the elitist white collar people that use the loopholes to take advantage.

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    2. @Maximus Decimus Meridius maybe he’s a doppelganger but I just saw this guy’s picture on the news. He was busted for being at the Capitol on January 6th by bragging about it and even showing selfies about it to his dentist of all people 🤯🤯

    3. @Maximus Decimus Meridius you look just like the guy from New York that was busted or at least your picture to the left of your comment looks like him. And everyone knows that no parent would name their child with such a ridiculous name like yours.

    1. Which loopholes exactly? And hasn’t there been many shifts in Congress that could have changed something in the last 30 years?

    2. Except they were loopholes for the wealthy. The middle class person lost many deductions in the Regan era. Middle class lost all interest deductions on credit cards, car loans etc. with the exception of mortgage interest. That is just one of many deductions lost to the average working person in the Regan tax reform, however the 3 Martini lunch for wealthy corporate America remained in place. Trumps tax reform hurt the average American even more so, but has huge benefits for the wealthy

  4. The mentality that smaller government is better government is BS. Every organization needs to be properly staffed and funded to work. Good government is a good investment

  5. We need to find a way to tax “wealth”, not just income. That means their stocks, multiple vacation homes, yachts, works of art, etc. And that is difficult to calculate. BUT…we have the best minds in the world! I’m sure we can figure it out. 👍

    1. Thats right tax the wealthy people, who work, to pay welfare to those that don’t. Nice system comrade.

  6. How to fix??? Start by charging, arresting, putting before a judge, convict and then jail D.Trump…set the example

  7. Unfortunately what the 1% are doing is tax avoidance, not evasion – illegitimate but legal. There are so many loopholes and ways for the rich to avoid taxes that are not available to ordinary people. Ridiculous for interest payments on money borrowed to speculate can be offset against tax liability.

  8. Unfortunately this Tax issue is happening at a world wide level the wealthy never like to pay their fare share in taxes.

  9. lets make the dems happy and hire 10 million more IRS agents-getting paid with tax dollars

  10. It’s easier to go after the low hanging fruit than spend time and effort to get the big business’s.

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