Former Trump Homeland Security secretary on Capitol riot security failures

CNN’s Pamela Brown asks Chad Wolf, former acting Homeland Security Secretary under Donald Trump, what more could have been done in the days leading up to the January 6th riot at the US Capitol.
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  1. “i don’t see your exact point” = actually “i don’t want to hear anything other than what i want to hear”

  2. States changing their laws and people following those laws is NOT fraud. There was NO fraud. This is ridiculous that they keep trying to equate that to “fraud.” My goodness!

    1. @Telicia Benson The goal should not be one party outsmarting the other.. the goal should be to create laws and processes that makes it easy for every of age citizen to vote. And yes, it should be secure. The parties need to compete based on policies and ideas, not how to rig the system into their favor.

  3. All I see is one man struggling to be accountable. Instead of saying that the election was a fraud, perhaps the American people got fed up with an impulsive president.

  4. When the BLM movement staged their protest at the capitol (where Trump holds the Bible up) there was plenty of protection. And then some. Jan 6, the security should have been twice as ready. Hard to see any evidence of preparedness for the worst.


    2. Esper was Sec. of Defense. He quit and Trump appointed Miller who would play ball. The guard used helicopters earlier in the year, but the guard is activated by the Secretary of the Army and he is under the Sec. of Defense.

    1. The only thing that’s NOT rigged is Trumps descending into Hell when he dies, he still has time to repent his sins. He incited the riot that killed 5 people and justice must be served.

  5. He wasn’t a secretary. He was just an “acting” one, because, like most of Trump’s nominees, Wolf would never be able to be confirmed for that role.

    1. @Generic Dragon so he was confirmed by the senate and was not working in an acting position? Can you share with us the date of his confirmation?

    2. Like how it was so easy to overturn trumps policy “accomplishments” because most were just executive orders

  6. Now it all makes sense he was doing what he was hired to do, Exactly what ever Trump and his regime told him to do and that was absolutely nothing, So he let it just happen and he should be held accountable ! 😳

    1. We are a Republic. A homeland is where the inconvenient indigenous people get sent to.

  7. This guy is not going to admit his failure. He keeps double talking. Clearly, as head of Homeland Security he should have been the person to sound the alert and had the Capitol secured before the protesters arrived.

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