Former Trump Org Exec: ‘It was Clear To Me’ Trump Was ‘Anti-Semitic’ | MSNBC


    1. @Moses G he gave you the brown skins to look down on you don’t care he’s picking your pocket and killing your children you’re still smiling that you can kick a brown man

    2. @soaringvulture remember the ACA that the Republicans called Obamacare to make it racist so their voters wouldn’t vote for the Affordable Cares Act it had to be Obamacare, but notice what Trump stimulus check is called CARES act

  1. Thing IS ……if he used it in PUBLIC ( we ALREADY KNOW he DOES in private among his OWN)….his supporters WOULD love him even MORE !!!

    1. @Don Hardcastle Who do you mean by us? all the other Trumputin trolls packed into cubicles next to each other?

  2. If the best scientists on the planet had spent months trying to create a monster as obnoxious as Trump, they couldn’t have done a better job. Trump as president – America’s great tragedy. It will take generations to recover from the calamity that is Trump.

    1. 1973 the United States justice department filed suit for racial discrimination against Donald Trump properties Donald Trump Saturday 1975 he lost

    2. @Kevin McNeil 1999 Donald Trump lost for using 200 illegal immigrants to build Taj Mahal he paid

    3. @Kevin McNeil In fact I was living in Starett City, a Trump investment he ripped off. Yes I was there

    4. @Kevin McNeil Rump & daddy had to pay a large fine for that and yes I was alive for that court hearing.

  3. I told people he’s going to say the n-word on live tv at some point. He’s increasingly desperate and unhinged. If he thinks anything will rally more people to his side to boost his reelection chances he’s going to do it. Unfortunately for him the majority of Americans aren’t racist and evil sociopaths

  4. We know that the construction workers have foul mouths. The question was,” Did you hear Trump say racial comments.? ” The answer is yes ! Thank you .

  5. Trump suffered a great deal of permanent neurological damage after he was caught in that horrible Cheetos Factory Explosion. 😡

  6. Just like Trump said that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and his followers wouldn’t care? Well he could say the N word and yell anti-semitic slurs and his followers wouldn’t care! Pretty sad when you think about it!

    1. Apparently it doesn’t bother his Jewish son in law or his daughter – as long as the cash keeps flowing to Israel.

    2. Since all of his followers are supposed to be Christians. I wonder what bible they are reading.

  7. He is probably anti-anything but blondes. He seems to like even those with the fakest hair. Maybe he prefers fake hair. Not threatening.


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