Former U.S. Attorney Says DOJ Has Become A ‘Tool’ For Trump To use | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Good question, or fired from his post at the very least. Seems crazy to me Barr still has a job.

    2. He’s the boss of all those that should be arresting him. He’d just fire them. This is what you get when the president can fire and appoint as he sees fit. The is litteraly no protections against corruption in the US system. Too bad.

    1. @Joe B Don’t worry… our pacifist Democrat Party (Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer…) will just say: “he hasn’t lied as much as the president”.

  1. Trump’s cleaning house. If he can’t overthrow the government he’ll be wanting a Pence pardon

    1. donnerhea and dence will be in Leavenworth this time next year, along with half the gang of putin.

  2. The thing is folks, they wouldn’t be doing any of this if they planned on letting us have a free and fair election

    1. Exactly…The American people ain’t seen nothing yet.
      Consider all of this havoc, the quiet before the storm.

    2. Think about the semi-recent mail-in voting “scandal”.
      I have a very scary theory…

      I think this is a completely thought out stunt by Trump and his re-election team. If he can get people absolutely outraged about “NOT BEING ABLE TO VOTE BY MAIL”, more people may choose choose to vote via mail in ballot just as a big F-U 🖕🏻to Trump. After the mail-in ballots are received, Trump could very well have A LOT of people (in the most important electoral states?) who are actually working for him “counting mail in ballots”. Aka: throw away all of Biden’s votes.

      If that’s what he’s doing, it’s kind of working. I actually was going to vote by mail, but now after thinking of why he’s really doing this, I now want to physically see my vote scanned in and counted. Idk. It’s something to really think about because we keep saying “what could he possibly do to us next”?

      I don’t believe that he actually thinks our voting system will be rigged by counterfeit ballots, as he won back in 2016 with many mail-in votes were received.

      We need to be very carefulabout the people in charge of counting mail-in ballots. Our justice system is already comprised with Trump as POTUS.

      Trump CAN AND WOULD make it much worse as he is absolutely determined to win at all costs. This could be his entire fail-safe way to win.

  3. Trump running this country is like giving a kid the keys to a Corvette and hearing him say “this is the fastest this car has ever gone” right before he drives the car off a cliff.

    1. Marya Swell B didn’t refer to President Obama, the next commenter did, Brian something, a hateful bot pimping for trump

    2. We could only hope that he really does drive off of a cliff. I’m so tired of hearing about his blatant corruption without any repercussions.

  4. God i miss this man as our President. Where has this country gone astray to have such a racist in the white house…

    1. @LUIS SUAREZ You’re right. They can’t even be competent mobsters. They are an insult to La Cosa Nostra. They are bubblegum gangsters.

    2. This is the damned crook that Tried to Frame FLYNN. The biggest criminal to be president in US history. He Turned the FBI into the DNC’s private set police.

    3. @William Tice what language!ket me guess……TRUMP SUPPORTER AS AKWAYS..THEY CALL PEOPLE NASTY NAMES PROJECTING?

    4. If you’re on the cancelled tv show Gotham. Both are disgusting characters that are blatantly racist and corrupt with no consequences.

  5. “Gangster in the White House”: Noam Chomsky says Trump is undeniably “the worst criminal in history.” And the swamp of Republicans are supporting this gangster!

    1. @Harry Roxas Same. If tRump wins in Nov 2020, America will see their whole judicial system warped to suit the needs of tRump & his ‘useful friends’ & the wealthy. As for the rest of the people who don’t meet tRump’s standards of usefulness . . . you’re screwed.

    2. Not exactly. If you’re on the corrupt side you should be ashamed at the very least, screw concerned. All Republicans are complicit, this is their party!

  6. Why are they acting like Barr can’t be impeached? He can, and anyone who agrees should push for his impeachment as well.

    1. he can be impeached, but just as in Trump’s Impeachment, the GOP controlled Senate would never follow through

    2. The Republicans will not do what is right for this Country! Party over Country should considered Treasonous! Especially when it violates our Constitutional laws! The Republicans have decided that Trump intentionally causeing the Deaths of 121,000 Americans and allowing a Bio hazard to infect 2,500,000 Americans should be held accountable for MASS MURDER!

    1. ida jane Please, don’t put King near Trump’s name again, his head is big enough.🦧……………😂

  7. Mind Begs the Question:
    If you stand with a President,
    Who says a Book is All Lies,
    At the same time Confidential info,
    Are you standing in Right,or Wrong?

    1. @yurei8 The “book” he’s referring to is Bolton’s tell-all, not Holy Writ.

      Trump only uses the Bible for a prop, but if he somehow knew what the Beatitudes were, I’m sure he’d think they were lies.

    2. @sickla homes As great Grandpappy might have said, “Deservin’ ain’t gittin”; Barr and Trump aren’t going to resign anymore than bears will start shaving.

      They aren’t ashamed they’ve done bad jobs; they’ve done exactly the jobs they wanted to: corrupt government institutions.

    1. I can’t believe how Barr is being allowed to commit these crimes !!! What Barr is doing yes are crimes !!! Barr is not there to do the president’s bid !!! Barr is supposed to be bias but as I and Americans see he’s a criminal !!! Impeach BARRDOG !!!

    2. just saying The Pope got old and could not function, they took and are taking very good care of him, he stepped aside, In God we Trust, our world needs to function as one society, all life is precious, may the good lord guide the good police officers to understand it is not against the good kind loving peace officers, may the good Lord open The pearly Gatez for every black life taken without thought,, may every police officer shot in the line of duty have his family taken care off,, justice must be for all! peace, when protesting, it is heard louder, stay safe, this is still out there! wear a mask, we are for the most part have put our mi9nd that we will open up, this is such a hard choice for every leader, may they have the wisdom and guidance they need,

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