Former Wisconsin Proud Boy saw racism, anti-Semitism and bullying | USA TODAY

Daniel Berry joined the Wisconsin Proud Boys in search of camaraderie, but instead found racism, anti-Semitism and sadistic bullying.

Daniel Berry says he was searching for camaraderie.

The 40-year-old Army veteran yearned to forge the sort of bonds he had in the military: a brotherhood of like-minded men watching one another’s backs, holding one another up, united in a common goal.

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  1. It’s about time someone said something true ! I know his fear of retaliation but now he is on the right side of things and it feels good to tell the truth doesn’t it ? Much love to you sir !

    1. The channel ‘We are Changed actually just dropped a video on this very thing. It’s titled ‘BOMBSHELL: They knew all along.’ Check it out.

    2. Wasn’t the leader a “snitch for the feds , like Hitler’s crowd those type are always “giving each other up”.pb, they have already turned on each other.

    3. @Chip’s channel that’s my point. He was controlled opposition before he ever founded the proud boys. This is a monster of the governments making, like so many others, kkk, blm included.

      We’re all being played like a harp from Hell.

  2. Publicly announcing the Goings- On….With The Proud Boys is one step …
    Now he fears for his life as well Family…. It’s safe to say “PROUD BOYS AREN’T FOR AMERICA”

  3. Or…ask out a woman on a date. Take your kid to the park. Learn to play guitar. Go to a GYM.

    1. @Big Ron Nah brah you cant handle your meth is what it is. Im flattered lm the only one you wanna talk to but my original comment applies to you as well. You should try bath salt though. Its a safer synthetic form of meth. Doesnt rot your teeth or make your breath smell like yours probably does. Itll help if you ever decide to talk to a real woman. Good luck!

  4. Comradery? A support group for Veterans with PTSD maybe? How about a book club? There are countless options to build a support network that doesn’t involve wannabe Facists whyt supremacists

    1. Nope. The “paid actor with a script” response trend has been on YouTube for years now. That’s just a tactic to get people to doubt the truth. No thanks. The man in this video is on a better path in life and speaks with integrity. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

    2. @Starfish & Coffee you mean like saying Trump said ALL mexicans are rapists? all this guy did was out himself to the community.

    1. @Jezballz trying to deflect from the the Congress people who aided, they to will be had as will tucker for making such a inflammatory statement,now they will scrutinize him, why is he casting shadows on the FBI , tuck probably is already.under scrutiny , he made himself a target.

    2. J.R. Spingly Proud Boys were definitely at the Capitol.
      Just Search these words on Google: Proud Boys Capitol Transcript.
      Again, a hacker was able to get every single video that people uploaded to Parler. If you don’t believe that, Google: Parler Hacker.
      Anyone can find all the videos online. The FBI has it all also and is making arrests every week.
      If you don’t believe that, search these words on YouTube: Capitol arrest.
      The fake narrative isn’t going to happen. Too much evidence.

    3. @Jezabella…
      KKK / Proud Boys
      As well any other group of
      “RACIST” have caused millions in damage 🙄…

      You sound Racist up North there in Canada ….

  5. I commend this man for speaking out about a group that, for the most part, has shown their capacity for violence, bullying, bigotry, hatred, intimidation and disdain for the “others” in our society. I also Thank him for his Service.

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