1. I want to know WHO were the people that Lauren Boebert hosted a “tour” of the Capitol building for WERE. I can’t believe that they were anonymous, completely unvetted people that happened to wander in as she decided to give a “free tour”. There names MUST be recorded somewhere…If ANY of them entered the building, Boebert and any other conspirators need to be PROSECUTED for SEDITION….

    1. @benz minibus doc that didn’t prevent aoc&the squad from gathering protesters for kavenaugh’s hearings,stfu with your hypocrisy

    1. @Kimo Coloma Did I miss something? Where did astrobarant2 accuse Trump of a crime? An accusation of Gym was made, but not Trump. Typical republican reply by you though, especially when you don’t have an answer. Just more bs.

    2. @Kimo Coloma you should be cited as stupid because of your propaganda Trump’s FBI investigated and found Clinton not guilty of any crimes or did you miss that last year while Trump turd was in charge of his crooked FBI

    3. @Kimo Coloma so you’re ok with Gym letting Ohio’s children get molested? Just let it go? Like to see you tell that to the children all grown now, yea it was years ago because Jordan let it happen for FIFTEEN FKING YEARS!!!

    1. Fake Video @3.30……staged by FBI actors on behalf of the DNC.

      Former FBI Assistant Director FIGLIUZZI desperately looking for a media event to deflect from the ARIZONA FORENSIC AUDIT REPORT due for release….anytime.

      The report will show WIDE SPREAD ELECTION FRAUD .

    2. 1). The Dems should’ve had that lined up first and foremost when they knew they were going to investigate. And 2), why wouldn’t the phone companies provide phone records to the government for crimes being investigated?

    3. the good news his, digital leaves a footprint that never goes away. besides that, the smart phone registration just to be able to use that new phone, gives the carrier the keys to your world.

  2. If the people responsible do not dance at the end of a rope for this. It’s over, all over. The great experiments last chance.

    1. what a awful thing to even think! yes, all that had anything to do with 1-6 should be held responsible, but come on into 2021

    2. Imo, failure of the experiment began decades ago when the increasingly wrong-wing partisanship opted to “appeal” only to the fearful, hate-filled embracers of prejudices. After all, rational individuals would be unlikely to vote to support ONLY the interests of corporations.

    3. No, it’s not all over and the people who are responsible have not been arrested for anything for a long time so don’t expect it now. At best they’ll blame it on some random Trump supporters that don’t have the funds to mount a full legal defense and call it a day.

    4. nah. we have rule of law – which doesn’t include hanging.
      your post is “oddly” anti-democratic. almost like you don’t believe in rule of law/democracy. weird.

  3. The committee seems to be confident in the power of their appointment, that solemn gravitas and preponderous movement will add weigth and dignity to the lofty intent of their investigation, but they’re dealing with liars, traitors, seditionists and insurrectionists who have money, influence and absolute need to deny, distort and destroy any evidence of their complicity. Better they move with the speed of a downtown drug squad raid before the bad guys get away. It will be to their shame if they dont come up with something concrete.

    1. I really don’t think they will Gramps, the Establishment is orchestrating all this, trying to play it out long so everyone forgets – they have invested a lot of money in the politicians, and they don’t want these actors to have a long sit in a prison somewhere. The politicians have surely been told “do this, and we will make sure you won’t go to prison”. Why ? Because the Est. is doing worse things now behind our backs.

    1. I agree. We need to secure the southern border that is in your pants, so you don’t procreate your fascist/racist ideas.

    2. @Bryan The Biden administration has been using the same US Title 42 expulsion policy that Trump used which is basically a Catch & Release policy except in the case of unaccompanied minors. Migrants are being sent to Mexico as well.

  4. Prosecute Trump for treason and sedition in a proper court of law or others will conclude that you don’t even have any respect for your own laws, and determine your future accordingly.

    1. “FBI finds no evidence Jan 6 riot was coordinated” – WaPo (Aug 19, 2021). No charges or investigation into alleged sedition or insurrection.

    2. @Bryan it doesn’t matter if it was “coordinated”. Trump blew the whistle and his zombie followers did his bidding. “Trump invited us here!” Was there battle cry, and invite he did.

  5. All these people love violence so much send them over to the Taliban. I hear they’re looking for recruits.

    1. @Clark Davis Okay, There were no riots it was all peaceful protesters. You can manipulate your ignorant Democrat base but not the rest of America. The American people are not as dumb an ignorant as you might think they are. There’s no crisis at the border. There’s no shooting in Chicago or looting in San Francisco. Now Biden Administration and the Democrats have revealed their goal to Federally control each every State and limit the people’s freedom. Indoctrinate and mandate schools program. Not so fast you will not always be the people choice to govern this country.

    2. @Kimo Coloma , that is not what I said, what I said was that you lied that there were 25 police officers killed due to the riots. I have looked it up in the past, there were no police officers killed because of the riots. I know reading and research is difficult for the MAGA crowd.

    3. @Chinfuzz Chet , we know the real traitors are the MAGA crowd that attacked our nation’s capital, in an attempted coup to install a dictator in the WH.

    1. The FBI already investigated… and determined there was no insurrection or coordinated plot. That immediately shows youre not educated enough to have an opinion.

    2. @D. Sullivan Its hilarious that the people you hate so much on Jan 6th were calling for the same thing. Does that make you a traitor amd insurrectionist?

    3. The FBI released a report saying there was no actual planning for Jan 6, basically they covered their a$$es and will not be prosecuted. Follow the Whitmer kidnapping case, that’s turning out to be pretty interesting and a book or movie will likely be made about it.

  6. One American to another, ‘this is my Capitol not yours’.. the level of delusion and entitlement in that one line is frightening..

    1. So the most vaccinated country on the earth is seeing the biggest delta surge.

      It doesn’t take a genius to work out what delta is.

      Vaccine sickness.

    2. You would have been hard-pressed to find even one brownshirted thug in attendance at the Burgerbraukeller on November 8, 1923 who wouldn’t have loudly insisted on his burning, self-sacrificing patriotism. Patriotism is not the LAST refuge of scoundrels, it”s more often than not the FIRST.

    3. @HS The fact it is surging in most unvaccinated areas should tell you something. also the survival rates of vaccinated vs unvaxed .. wake up. Oh but i guess we could wait for another variant and see if it worse or not.. glad you aren’t in charge!

    4. Thanks. I was trying to figure out the words to describe that crowd. I didn’t know that over 1,500 people are only a small part of the radical Right that came crawling out of the rock when the lights are low. They are low humans.

    5. @HS Yet the people dying are the unvaccinated. You come here, making bold claims with no empirical or logical evidence to share, and without citing where you’re getting this “information.” You’re not smart. You look like a fool trying to be smart. Congrats on that. Should we send you some clown makeup to celebrate?

    1. Let’s be honest, half of the americna ppl just want to be told what they believe and have little to no interest in truth.

  7. Every time I see a clip of the storming of the Capitol I get sick to my stomach. How demented they were doing Trumps bidding like rabid dogs. When I hear of another rioter getting a joke of a sentence it starts again.

    1. @Positive Patriot “FBI investigation finds no coordinated plot with Jan 6th”

      Exactly. However, it could be a spur of the moment action otherwise known as an “uncoordinated” attack you instigated.


    2. @Trump’s Lies But the entire narrative for the past 8 months (including an entire impeachment attempt, in case you have the memory of a goldfish) is that trump and Alex Jones and Roger Stone coordinated and provoked the events at the capitol. That has been completely debunked, so now people like you move the goalpost so you can continue spreading a ridiculous narrative of “trump supporter = Nazi”.

    3. Right?I can’t even watch it,if I know it’s going to show it,I turn it or fast forward it because I hear the sound of that capitol officer having his face gear ripped of and this rabid man foaming at the mouth ,yelling and hitting him and spitting Covid 19 all over his face,just so sad,if I could I would would give every capitol police man and women a Medal of Honor and a great big hug,with my mask on of course lol

    4. I sure wished they would have met the same treatment that black, often unarmed men have to endure if the police thinks they’re committing a crime.

    5. Wow, so the FBI released a report stating they weren’t doing the bidding of Trump. Also, this ended up going through a Brazlian court because Twitter banned a media organization and there was plenty of evidence showing they were not doing Trumps bidding. Why do you think the FBI released the report exonerating him? Broaden your horizons a bit…but, I’m not promising that learning what really happened will make you feel any less sick.

    1. matty G probably has a ton of questionable material on his cell, which he probably shared with all the slimey GOP’s.

    2. @Trolling Them Softly Oct 31st Halloween night big fat orange clown will rise from the pumpkin patch lol

    3. No they don’t. The commission is there to cover up for the real culprits, distract you from ever knowing the truth, and scapegoat some Trump supporters too poor to legally fight off the accusations. Naivity is not prudent.

  8. there are a group of people who think the earth is flat. We can’t function our lives by their dysfunction either.

  9. The Elvis Costello lyrics may apply to Lady Liberty: “She’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake.”

  10. Congress need to investigate Rupert Murdoch, the Australian owner of Fox”News” and his sons, out to destroy America!

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