Why Sending The CIA Director To Meet Taliban Leader Was A 'Smart Decision' 1

Why Sending The CIA Director To Meet Taliban Leader Was A ‘Smart Decision’

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and White House correspondent for the Washington Post discuss CIA Director William Burns meeting secretly with the Taliban leader in Kabul as the mission to evacuate Afghanistan is now a race against the clock

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    1. @J M M Donald Trump, unfortunately, is not the President, much to our country’s woe. Biden is the Commander in Chief and he gave the order to RETREAT, and in a few days will SURRENDER. Biden is giving orders, not Trump. Can’t blame this one on The Great 45th.

    2. @Bay 17 No Dumbshit. It wasn’t. Trump HAD 15,000 troops…went down to less than 3,000. Not enough to hold onto anything.
      He should have taken out civilians before he took out the 12,000 troops…if that was his plan.
      But of course it wasn’t his plan at all. He didn’t have ANY plans to take out civilians…because he thought the Afghans would hold onto their land with all the equipment and training. He was wrong.

    3. @aareyes06 : 
      It rubs the bronzer on its skin, the cultists kiss its ring again.
      They do this whenever they’re told.

    1. The US gave themselves a reason to invade Afghanistan. After a draining war, I don’t think they can offered to create a new reason to invade other countries.

    2. @Rhyta Women’s rights aren’t secure in half of the United States. Let alone allies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States. In most of rural Afghanistan women’s rights weren’t a thing under the US created regime. It’s not the reason why we were there for 20 years.

  1. It’s a shame that former guy gave the Taliban 5000 prisoners, and Afghanistan. What did they pay him? Because no one else got anything out of the agreement, not the Afghans, not us.

    1. I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong… I just wanna point out we negotiated with the taliban yet not one single sheriff or police chief, or any police entity whatsoever, has reached out to Black Lives Matter… In the interest of at least trying to solve those issues..

      That really bothers me..

    2. @Mary Clawson and how does that affect Bidens blundering surrender, leaving billions of dollars in equipment and arms behind, stranding people, losing the afghan country to the Taliban, hold on let me check something,

      yup It checked out JOE BIDEN IS THE PRESIDENT and screwed this up.

    3. @Dave Gilmour so many deaths coming from covid under Bidens watch too. He’s doing such a great job. I hope he is good at hostage negotiations because he sucks at everything else.

  2. Yes, a much smarter decision than sending Mike Pompeo.
    The Taliban will be disappointed that they aren’t dealing with one of Trump’s buffoons.

    1. @MJL Your focus should be how Sleeping joe is going to clean this mess up the whole world is laughing at Them, losing allies. This happened on his Watch!

    2. @Diana Ahuche Because he has the guts to get us out, even though it was always going to be messy – and even if he underestimated the Taliban’s advance. Trump just grandstands every time and sold us out to the Taliban to curry favor with his base, like you.

    3. @MJL I guess that’s why the whole world is pointing fingers at your guy and not a past president. The current president has failed on sooo many accounts. So, if he could do it better… he went ahead and retrieved his troops and dropped their weapons on a battle field for his so called enemies to acquire, taxpayers money hmm. In case you don’t know no one has mentioned Trump at all, well maybe just people like you that are still behind, all his people and foreign allies are specifically holding him very responsible for this one. Trump left long ago, Biden could have made it better instead of worst. B please feel free ride with and for him to…

    4. @MJL Incase you need more to get you to wake up from delusion…Biden’s approval ratings are ‘underwater on everything’: RealClearPolitics WH Correspondent

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful or anything, but it’s time to call a hammer a hammer

  3. The original agreement in 2020 was with the Taliban exclusively. Even though they got what they wanted without giving anything their cooperation is necessary for this exit.

    1. @Josh Kidd Something tells me trump set the date of May 1st and his “there’s no way this could be reversed” plan in the hopes that this would all coming crashing down (because he lost the presidency). I would love to see trump eating his own hat

  4. Interview with Taliban stated that they will help get Americans out but they do not want all of those Afghans to leave. They said they need the doctors, engineers, etc… So we will see.

    1. Those people will leave if possible. The Taliban don’t believe in much besides 13th century crap.
      Next year…it will be as if the US never was there.
      Just like when the USSR left…it was back to Warlords again in no time.

  5. That all sounds really optimistic and I’m really glad to hear it but, the Taliban’s ideology is hella scary and ISIS is on their way. The good part is we now have internet in an information age we didn’t have back then but, will the Taliban have a way to tightly control that from the citizens?

    1. @aareyes06 They’ve had those forever. Maybe you missed the last episode with the USSR. There was NO point in staying in Afghanistan. Get Bin Laden…get the heck out. We stayed 9 years too long.

    1. Top Democrats EXPOSE Joe Biden’s LIES On Afghanistan!! When Even Dems Turn On Joe.. You Know… 25th

      Can’t stop laughing at this one

  6. It is in the interest of the the Taliban and China to mine all the minerals from the land and enrich themselves. Even the Taliban is aware of chip and lithium shortages.

  7. Sending the head of the CIA also sends an unspoken message that the Taliban will not fail to understand clearly.

  8. Taliban doesn’t need to “put up with trouble makers.” Assuming they do, and therefore want those people to leave, is faulty reasoning.

    1. The Taliban will just shoot the “trouble makers”. After Aug 31, that is what they will start doing. They don’t care if they leave or not. Their fate is sealed if they don’t get out.

  9. Why can’t all government officials be like Ambassador McFaul? I guess that’s why he was picked to be ambassador.

    1. He’s foolish if he thinks that “The Culture” has changed. Twenty years will be wiped away in twenty weeks. Afghanistan was..and is…a bunch of Warlords that are fighting with each other for power. It won’t be any different by the end of this year than it was before the US came in.

    2. @David C I think the culture changed with the Taliban out of the picture. It’s so sad that the returning minority of armed fanatics can so quickly destroy the progression that the country and women had attained.

    3. @Jason Ferguson The culture clearly did not change. Otherwise the Afghans would have resisted the Taliban strongly.
      They didn’t. The majority of the country was handed over in about a week.
      The actions speak louder than any politicians words.

      It is an absolute shame that the women and girls will be forced back into the old 13th Century ways. This region has been like this for centuries though.

  10. I hope this works, your Allies are running dangerous evacs daily and need more time to get their people out to. We went in with the US and have to leave with our moral compass centred on Afghani’s who are at risk, our friends and visa holders. It’s not just the US at risk here, international support has been guaranteed by the G7 and other nations.

  11. What a juvenile way of talking about an international conflict that has taken an insane amount of innocent lives. How hard is it for this guest to hope for peace.

  12. This ambassador still talking about “the greatest air force”, eventhough they have lost for 20 years.

    You release Afghan national banks money so the Taliban can pay government salaries. I’m sure they would extend the withdrawal date

  13. Well said! The former US Ambassador totally makes sense strategically. Wish more people could see it as he explains it. Simpler than everyone is making it. All the hype and criticism is being fueled by politicians and media. It’s important to keep our leaders in check, no doubt, but media needs to step back and listen to what the Ambassador is saying.

  14. 2:40 — The Taliban spokesman states the Doha Agreement called for a complete evacuation by May 2021.

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