Freedom Riders Travel From South To D.C For Voting Rights Bill | MSNBC


  1. The problem is simple — Democrats are playing _”Softy-ball”_ and the Republicans are playing *_MURDER-BALL!_*

    1. I think the democrats are the ones being irrational here. If these people on the bus have any common sense in them, they would know that there’s nothing they can do to pass a law that’s unconstitutional

    2. I think the democrats are the ones being irrational here. If these people on the bus have any common sense in them, they would know that there’s nothing they can do to pass a law that’s unconstitutional

    3. @MRJTV The only unconstitutional laws are those passed by Republicans. The Democrat bills are 100% Constitutional.

  2. it’s not helpful to remind Republicans of the importance or value or even morality of voting rights.
    They know they’re all of the above.
    Bus rides ala 1960’s won’t help!
    They would just up the ante.

    1. @Bobbie Zaborsky well if you believe that why do you support the party trying to make it easier to commit? Don’t get me wrong your welcome to believe that Republicans are less than honest. Democrats are also less than honest. The point is supporting the people who will do what is less corrupt.

    2. @William Parks Did you read the whole bill or something? Go and make uninformed asumptions somewhere else. RESEARCH before comenting nonsense and stop spewing Fox’s or Newsmax propaganda your head is full of 💩. Clown.🤯

    3. Democrats are usually genuinely weak people I doubt that but at the end of the day it’s insulting to black people that democrats thank they can bring their ID to vote

    4. @Liren Hernandez the bill is about mass mail in ballots. Mass mail in ballots are the least secure mode of election. It leads to mass voter fraud…… Did you read the entire bill or are you just spewing what you heard from MSNBC and CNN.

  3. Sweet Jesus. How embarrassing that it’s 2021 not 1961, and the US still has freedom riders. 50 years later. Pathetic & Shameful.

    1. It’s a shame that the GOP are still trying to suppress people of color and trying to suppress the opportunity of every American to vote

    2. @Freedom, it is pathetic and shameful that the comments say more about them then it does the freedom riders. I am sure TH and BIGGI G have spent much of their time volunteering in their local communities.

  4. The real difference between the virtual and the real world. He asked if it’s an exercise in futility? Protest is also a right.

  5. Bravo 👏🏾 fight for democracy because democracy is at risk in the hands of republicans and the billionaires

    1. How are Republicans ending democracy by requiring you to bring your ID to vote? This is just plain out ignorant

    2. @Biden sucks not every one has access to a photo ID. There are places that are majority minoritys that have had the resources like the dmv removed or extremely limited hours to the point ware it is almost impossible to get one. We have litraly seen this play book before with Jim crow. The Republicans are makeing it as difficult as thay can to limit voting for every one simply because thay can’t win elections any other way. Based off of your user name im sure you don’t realy cair what the answer to your question is but there you go. On the off chance that you do realy want to know more Google Jim crow and do some reading.

  6. Driver’s Licenses or Photo ID for voting…it just makes sense. You need I.D. for almost ANYTHING else, why should something this important be any different. if you have a problem with this, you lack common sense or you WANT voter fraud.

    1. You lack common sense. It’s not about ID. Minorities had to spend more time in line waiting during the 2020 election to vote. Some people had to wait 8 hours in line. Minorities neighborhoods had few mailboxes for the mail in ballots compared white neighborhoods. That’s sad and America democracy is as toxic as a third world country. The only people who were found cheating in the voting election were people on the right. In fact of the voter who forge his missing wife name on a ballot, he’s been accused of his wife disappearance.

  7. I am inspired by real people doing the REAL work to keep democracy alive as a REAL example for everyone around the globe.

  8. Nobody should be on a bus to Washington D.C for voting rights. The late John Lewis had his skull cracked open, beaten and thrown in jails just because he was fighting for the right to vote. The Democrats are playing games.

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