Miami Police Chief: Dropping Morale Amid Crime Spike Is 'Perfect Storm' 1

Miami Police Chief: Dropping Morale Amid Crime Spike Is ‘Perfect Storm’


Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the rise in officer retirements and resignations amid increased public scrutiny and spiking violent crime across the country. He explains what his officers face on the ground and how his force is tackling the problem.

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Miami Police Chief: Dropping Morale Amid Crime Spike Is 'Perfect Storm'


    1. @John snow Go to Miami, tell the criminals to turn in they’re guns, you will become a statistic. Go now, hurry, don’t wait.

    2. @Jake Roberts Bahaha imagine being so incompetent you think that’s a valid response to the argument. Lolol

  1. We have always taught fourth graders to map their identities along a continuum of power and privilege. That’s just common sense.

  2. Also is this an exercise in futility? It’s been like this awhile it won’t get better right away. But the Chief had the correct idea and plan.

  3. People are pro police, they are against bad policing. Sometimes it’s the laws that need reformed.

    1. Read these comments, people hate all police. I dont blame anyone for not wanting to go into law enforcement. All we here is systemic racism in all police departments.

  4. I remember a while back when I got out of the Marines. They try to recruit me for police or sheriff department and I straight up told them “You don’t deserve me, because you don’t have accountability and will never be beloved like my Marines” they didn’t know what to say haha.

  5. “When we say ‘Defund the Police’, we don’t really mean ‘defund the police’…” Jesus Christ…

    1. I’m not sure who “we” is, but the Minneapolis city Council definitely means what it says. Thanks.

    2. 👨‍🦱 – Defund the Police! Better yet obsolete the police.

      👨 – No way! You or someone might need them!

      👨‍🦱 – Not everyone want or need police, not because they’re criminals; but because they can afford to defend for themselves and/or hire private protectors.

      👨 – Not everyone can afford to hire private protectors. Only the rich will be able to afford it.

      👨‍🦱 – Correct, because the State is the #1 cause of poverty. You can’t really do much without the State sucking you dry with taxes, regulations, fees on top on fees, permits, licenses, unjust laws, etc,  this all effects the livelihood of a person.

      👨 – But we need police! Who are you going to call, Batman?! Ghostbusters?

      👨‍🦱 – State monopoly doesn’t allow outside competition to fight crime, this creates the “need” for police. If you want to fight crime you have to join the State gang or face arrest for competing with them.

      👨 – What’s your solution then?!

      👨‍🦱 – I don’t have all the answers but, I think it’ll be a good idea to end State monopolies and let peaceful people voluntarily choose/compete for products and services.

  6. Love it when he says that communities of color are where more policing is needed most at 3:45 lol Disproportionately high policing in those communities has been one of the biggest negative impacts on residents…

  7. “Gun show loophole” lol this dude is a clown. Criminals aren’t going to gun shows to buy firearms, just like they’re not going to an FFL and having a background check done. They’re stealing them or having people strawbuy.

    1. He’s from Houston and was the biggest anti 2a chief ever. He used his own officers murdering innocent people as an excuse to disarm civilians

  8. Well …. my earlier comment to a comment was deleted … YouTube’s homage to free speech ! What I had said to someone who was bashing the cops was “the ‘citizens’ are showing themselves to be an ignorant, violent class of folks who act like animals. When the ‘people act like animals don’t be surprised and shocked when the cops act like dog catchers ! Let’s see if this comment passes Herr Goebbel’s review !

  9. Call it what you like: “Demilitarize the Police”. Re-civilize public safety. “Serve and Protect”. Get real , or retire…

  10. Get them to believe in the officer friendly bullcrap as soon as can, just like religions do. There seems to be some connection there.

  11. Our problems go back to parents. Today’s younger Americans whine against the police, “patriarchy,” and the past. It’s time to grow up and learn gratitude.

  12. Now that there is a chance that there is a small possibility that if the police do wrong that they may get charged nobody wants to play cops. Cowardly move.

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