Freeland and Poilievre debate the cause of inflation | “Stop leading Canadians astray”

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre sparred over the causes of inflation in Canada.

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  1. How can she say we are best off in the G7 when we are clearly not even a G7 country anymore we have literally fallen off the map

    1. Technically we are G8. Australia overtook Canada a couple years ago. Australia is smaller, less populated with less resources. That should tell you something about Canada productivity.

    2. The G7 is becoming increasingly irrelevant anyways. Not much more than a chummy club at this point.

  2. Notice Mr. Poilievre NEVER explains how “government deficits” raises the prices of Bananas or Cars or Houses ?

    1. You’re right, he assumes a voter would have a basic knowledge of economics before casting a ballot as part of their civic responsibility.

      That you have abdicated this responsibility before voting only shows how low a person you are.

    2. Correct. Poilievre is taking for granted that Canadians have some basic knowledge of finance and economics.

    3. Excessive deficit spending fuels money supply growth that in turn fuels consumption that is in excess of productivity. The imbalance manifests broadly as inflation.

  3. mind boggling that a person with a bachelor in journalism…. is our finance minister. it’s a monty python skit.

    1. ​@Matthew Grantham yet Pierre is far more intelligent than both Trudeau and Freeland combined. All you have to do is listen, but liberals don’t seem to know how to do that.

  4. Trimmed CPI removes the highest and lowest 8% of CPI values. Meaning, if you cut out out the elements tracked by CPI that show the highest rate of increase, the inflation doesn’t look so bad. Literally, if you don’t include the worst numbers, the inflation isn’t as bad. Who would have thought…..

    1. They don’t remove “the worst”, they remove the most volatile otherwise you can get a skewed result.

  5. Freeland is living proof you don’t need to have even taken an economics course to be Canada’s Finance Minister.

    At least she bought a new dress.

  6. Crypto?
    What the hell did that have to do with the question?

    Oh wait a minute if I just cancel my Disney plus everything will be fine!

    Thanks Cyrstilla Foolsland for the great advice.

  7. Lol she talks about crypto and the bank of Canada is thinking about introducing a Canadian crypto currency.

  8. The tone with which she pronounces “Mister Speaker” says way more than any of the words that follow.

  9. When someone resorts to rudeness, it often indicates a lack of compelling arguments. That’s the vibe I get from Chrystia Freeland. Look at her cynical face while she addresses a “question”. This lady is soooo unprepared for her role.

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  11. We are not being “mislead”, we are wide awake , sitting up and listening closely to the sound of crickets when Liberals are asked to answer the oppositions questions.

  12. What is the conservative party solution or anything else. The only choice is, vote NDP for a better Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  13. My favorite part was when Freeland stood up and said “its smarming time” opened her mouth and just smarmed all over everyone everyone’s facs

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