FULL ANNOUNCEMENT | Federal government unveils Bill C-48 targeting violent repeat offenders

Justice Minister David Lametti tabled new legislation, titled Bill C-48, which intends to target repeat violent offenders being granted bail

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  1. Pretty bad when you have to commit multiple crimes before any sort of punishment. So 2-3 murders before jail?

  2. So they loosened the laws now they’re tightening them back up as if they’re fixing an issue they didn’t cause

  3. Coincidence? Whenever PM Blackface McGroper is drowning in the polls, he suddenly cares about issues affecting Canadians.

  4. federal parliament has its own privet data base called Flickr based in the USA.// its insane

  5. According to a 2021 statistic, violent violations exceed half a million with a 50% conviction rate and a waiting trial period of more than a year. The number of crimes reported to the police was 6% per capita, which indicate that most criminals get away with their crimes.

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