Freeland: "Women have been fighting" for a national childcare plan for decades 1

Freeland: “Women have been fighting” for a national childcare plan for decades


Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says 'women have been fighting' for a national childcare plan for years, and her government will deliver.


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  1. OMG she can talk and talk and talk….without saying anything. but dont worry, it’s not 382B it’s only 354B dollars because they’re being frugal.

    1. If the schools aren’t allowed to be open why would childcare be allowed open? You Can’t have a birthday party but can go to daycare

    2. @Egg-Roll YouTube never fails to supply the most knowledgeable and ignorant person in the world to educate me.

    3. @Egg-Roll No. Pay for your own children. When you subsidize a private industry you increase the cost of the service because the government doesn’t care what it spends, you do.

  2. These are the same “feminist” Liberals that shut down the inquiry into sexual abuse in the military. Their hypocrisy runs deep .

    1. @Rebecca his statement was about liberal hypocrisy, not his take on abuse in the military. You missed the point entirely.

    2. @Rebecca WTF? If you’re defending the highest authority against criticism of failing to investigate sexual assault, then you are the one who apparently doesn’t care about sexual assault. Seems like you hate this random guy on the internet more than you hate actual sex criminals. Gross.

    1. Just like how we have an artist as our health minister, and a lawyer as our environmental minister.

    2. marlies84

      She fits right into the Liberals lineup!
      Prime Minister…. Drama Teacher
      Journalist….. Finance Minister

      I’m sure there are more in the circus!

    3. indoctrinated sociology degrees run our country and make adult decisions that Canadians will lose their houses over

    4. @blacktigerpaw1 At least McKenna’s law field included environmental aspects lol (I prefer a actual scientist who studies weather/environment)
      A BA only holder has no place in the Health sector tho.

  3. The current “finance minister” who had to get her parents to co-sign a mortgage for her in 2015….what a joke !

    1. @Hugo Charles . . . she’s in her 50’s and you’re over here acting like she’s fresh out of college and just getting her start in life lol

    2. @Hugo Charles since when you have to be a millionaire to qualify for a mortgage. If you are in your late 40’s and you need your parents to co-sign on a mortgage that because you did screw up big time at one point. Sorry but that’s how it is.

  4. Why don’t they stay home and raise their children while hubby goes off to work ? Oh yeah , I almost forgot , the war that the Liberals have waged against the family structure for the last 50 years has destroyed the natural family…so we’re talking about mostly single women here.

    1. Exactly. War has been waged on our kids by this evil liberal government. Homeschool your kids. Teach them about their enemies to our lives and liberties.

    2. @Jack Daniels Education materials that align with the current political power’s ideology. If your voters don’t have children, take the minds of the children whose parents don’t vote for you and make them yours.

  5. Im glad someone who works for the World Economic Forum. Is leading the charge in the direction of Canada.

    That was sarcasm, we’re screwed.

  6. Freeland must remember the devastation Trudeau 1 did to Western Canada as she’s from there, now shes a huge part of Trudeau 2 bankrupting Western Canadians again. They’ll be handing their house keys back to the bankers. Quebec will be the big winner again, like she said.

  7. A bunch of seagulls swarming a fallen bag of popcorn on a pier…
    That’s what her voice reminds me of.

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