Singh wants a wealth tax, but says NDP will support Trudeau's 2021 budget 1

Singh wants a wealth tax, but says NDP will support Trudeau’s 2021 budget


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh reacts to the federal budget, will his party support the Liberals after key spending requests were ignored?


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  1. There was no doubt Jughead. I’m surprised you pulled your lips off his but long enough to make that statement.

    1. @john pijano Hell no!! Not even Liberal. I would vote PPC if they had a chance at winning, so I vote Conservative.

    2. @Roman Heart If the Liberals ever lost, he would be voted out as Leader, so it’s just about keeping his job.

    3. @Mark Poitras So why demand that the NDP vote for an election? Not even the conservatives want an election.

  2. Of course they support the liberals, they are all one, not one of the parties have the backbone to tell the truth about this “pandemic”

  3. LOL Jagmeet should get one of those big chicken suits to wear. Leadership requires guts and he has none.

  4. NDP has no leader….
    He says the rich are getting richer put has No confidence in him self as a Leader …
    Very Sad

  5. This is just the beginning. Eventually they’re gonna turn the screws on the middle class too – just wait for it.

  6. Singh needs to resign now!!! He doesn’t even challenge them on pharmacare at this time? Force him out!

    1. What Singh continues to fail to understand is that Health Care falls under Provincial jurisdiction, so the Feds can promise anything they want and not deliver. The Feds only contribute 33% of Health Care costs while Provinces cover the rest.

    2. @Mark Poitras No!!! Some provinces already have pharmacare. We want a national pharmacare, all Canadians covered regardless of what province they live. Singh hasn’t even shamed Trudeau to his woke celebrity friends. Singh needs to go.

    3. @Thayguy 416 mark is right. Healthcare is a provincial mandate. You won’t be making a national one under our current Constitution

    1. I guess this is what happens when our PM has never run a business in his life. Magically thinks budgets balance themselves.

  7. NDP will support anything they’re told to. Immediately backing down from all their “demands”, spineless.

  8. Jagmeet is one of Trudeau’s henchman where do I go what do I do what can I say How will I do it. Last meessage from Jagmeet to Trudeau’s dictatorship government

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