Freshman GOP Congresswoman: 'Millions Of Americans Were Lied To About This' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Freshman GOP Congresswoman: ‘Millions Of Americans Were Lied To About This’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


WATCH: Freshman Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) calls Republican House members votes to object to the Electoral College were “futile.” Adding, “Millions of Americans were lied to about this.” Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Freshman GOP Congresswoman: 'Millions Of Americans Were Lied To About This' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Brown Long have you ever tried to communicate with them , even your closest family members who support him have become vicious, trust me. These people had it in them from before, he Trump just knew how to play them

    2. @20Fifth NOW thought about voting for him in 2016 election. But the more he talk the more I realize how crazy this guy is. It’s like putting a spoil man child in the highest position in the land….with nuke.

      I think the way you approach these people, you shouldn’t confront them directly or berate them. But there are some people who just cannot be reason with.

      My side joke with friends have always been that majority of the population are either ignorant or are stupid.

  1. Stop interviewing republicans. You need to talk to people who care about America. They clearly don’t.

    1. 25th NOW Weed your gardens The police are Trump supporters they took off their MAGA hats and put on riot gear

    2. @Christopher Wise I can’t argue with what you say. I just listened to the Senate speeches last night and saw an anti-trump Republican attitude that I haven’t seen for the last 4 years. Guess I was hoping that disgusting display yesterday was the last straw to bring the banana republicans back to their senses.

    3. @Lucky Baldwin I would very much like that, but until right wing media is held to some reasonable standard of fact, it’s not going to get better. I wish it would, but it won’t. We need money out of politics and a massive fact checking apparatus. It’s nice to be civil though. Lots of meanies on line. Have a nice evening.

    4. …also, sadly, I won’t give credit to these people who stood by for four years as a narcissistic sociopath ran rough shod over The Constitution and now, with 2 weeks to go and a coup attempt, have had a come to Jesus moment.

  2. When the pirates aboard the Trump ship realize the breaches are not being held with his fixes, they quickly start acting like a sailor and just prepare to cast him overboard.

  3. Donald Trump’s shopify maga store has been shut down permanently. He just lost a huge source of revenue. Sweet

    1. @Denise Kulawik Well, the truth is… we wanted to see such a walmart with our own eyes, kind of an ethnographic experience For the very same reason I also bought “Pabst Blue Ribbon” beer Thanks for the recommendation. Stay safe!

    2. @Piotr Trebisz Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is AWESOME. Best cheap beer in America. Glad you got some. You, too.

    3. I have a feeling that, once he is finally out of office, Trump is going to literally be “banned from the entire internet”.

    1. Exactly. Especially, after just admitting millions of people were lied to and she couldn’t even say who lied to the millions of people.

  4. Are you concerned about American children when you enable & encourage a “domestic terrorist” sitting in the oval office of the USA ?

    1. He literally condemned it twice on Twitter and posted a video saying go home and to be peaceful. Does he need to tattoo it on his forehead to get it through your thick skull?

    2. trump’s simply a “domestic terrorist” call it what it is , he also stated that he loves the terrorists that attacked the USA Capitol . Additionally , no matter what they say , terrorists have absolutely no issues with killing children , of any age .

    3. Hey Gary serious question: who ties your shoes for you? Or did they get you those fancy Velcro ones so you can do it all by yourself like a big boy!

    4. That’s the litmus test for republicans but they always fail because they always think about their immediate surroundings.

    1. President Reagan abolished Civil Service including pensions for all Federal employees except law enforcement.Since 1984 all new hires are under Social Security.

    2. @Michael Baldwin Well, it must have changed since then. All federal employees get pensions. It’s one of the big incentives of being a federal employee!

    3. They are resigning because they don’t want to have to use the 25th amendment against Trump. They don’t care about what happened.

    1. was the terriost goals to take the boxes with the certified votes from congress when they stormed the building was people in power involved seen in pictures with the so called Qanon Shaman earlier ? when was the picture of him and rudy taken ?

    2. @stevin47: You need to do a better job structuring your sentences. Punctuation is your friend; not your enemy!

  5. ” Worried about her kids ” but not in the least concerned about the people of this nation if she wanted tRump to win. No. Not acceptable.

    1. It doesnt matter who won or lost the fake election nothing will fundamentally change
      The rich will continue to get richer the poor will get more welfare and those,of us in the actual working class will as usual get screwed.

    2. @Christopher Jones FACTS…..Middle Working Class….ALWAYS SUFFER UNDER THE GOP.
      #’S DON’T LIE….
      Since. Hollywood. Ronnie Ragean….track it?

    3. @Christopher Jones I agree in regards to the rich/poor polarization, but the election wasn’t ‘fake’. You can celebrate or bemoan the outcome, but it wasn’t ‘fake’.
      And it does matter who wins, as we can get a ‘meh’ candidate, to a God-awful one. If I don’t vote, the much worse of the two could win. NOPE!

    1. That were egged on by their traitorous president the entire time…except when it came to actually “walking with them” like he said, just before throwing the match on the gas he just poured on his mob of traitors, and went running back to hide in his bunker like the beeotch he is.

    2. @SkyLizardGirl Hilarious. I guess we were watching different events, I only saw violence from a mob of traitors.

  6. Sedition. The Trumpers have friends in Congress, and clearly among the Capitol Police. Prosecute them.

    1. @lhayles6974 and dems didn’t riot this last year it was peaceful year huh
      Antifa and BLM no way
      Lol RE RE

    2. @lhayles6974 what is the difference between trying to burn down a federal court house in Portland? And what happened at the Capitol
      I guess Trump can now say very fine people on both sides. Bwaah

  7. They were your voters, Ma’am. Your side of politics, rioting on behalf of your president, whom you support.

    1. @donna payne She said she supported Trump but not the lies that were being promulgated, as if there was a difference.

  8. “…particularly after yesterday”
    Yes, the other days not so particularly concerned. Not particularly.

  9. This truly started when McConnell & friends let Trump off the hook with Impeachment. They’re co-conspirators, must be charged & removed

    1. Agreed, they say this was bad and they still are proud to say they voted for Trump, but they can’t say that he was the reason for this treason.

  10. If you haven’t figured out by now, that Trump has lied about everything, the entire time, then you need to go back to grade school.

    1. Right, Why she didn’t speak about it BEFORE, Now she do it when it’s the popular thing to do.

    2. Congressman Kinzinger said the same thing on Colbert- he told his staff not to come in because he knew something was going to happen.

  11. Did they really believe that Pence could turn votes? Stupid people have no limits. She just realized this?

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