Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party Needs To Fracture' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Friedman: ‘This Rotten Republican Party Needs To Fracture’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman joins to discuss the second impeachment of Donald Trump and his impact on the modern Republican Party. Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party Needs To Fracture' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. We need NO Independent Party…They will just add to the corruption of the US….

      Adding a third wheel is a well-worn tactic used by politicians to add or take away votes from competition…

      Let wishy-washy, unsure politicians compete but they still have to take a stand or be silent when the time comes to decide who the majority is in any issue.

      The 2nd Trump impeachment voting told me independents need not participate in making a majority decision, their nature is weak.

    2. @CJ K Only in China can you get a real mainstream media (sarcasm) not here… I prefer to think on my own, and vote with my conscience, thank you…

    3. @amanda grothmann That is definitely an exaggeration to the nth degree…Trump is no Obama by any measure… but you can have Trump if you are a masochist-leaning body….

    4. @Shannon Elam Yes… their first members would be David Duke, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Sydney Powell… good luck with that!

    5. @yootoober2009 I’d rather have an independent person that has lived a normal persons life style and knows what it’s like to struggle in the real world as oppose to some career politician that comes from a rich background and has never felt what it’s like to be a single parent, or have to work 2 jobs just to barley get by. Someone that knows hard times is much more humble. And humble is what this country is lacking in.

  1. Lisa Murkowski?? That last minute “I secretly didn’t support the agenda” statement after voting lockstep with McConnell?

    1. @Donna B. She was one of the few who threatened to vote against McConnell if she didn’t get concessions. Like Collins, but more spineless. Whereupon she voted just like McConnell wanted her to.

  2. Ya all the Republicans made some excuse how everyone should forget the lawlessness of the trump administration never vote for them again.

  3. Never forget if you want law and order the price is law and order and if you do not pay it you will never have law and order

  4. We have 9 partys in the Swedish “Congress” (Riksdagen). Cant understand that you only have two in the US. Democrats should split up aswell.

    1. @Brother Mine political parties will be the demise of our democracy. You ought to read Washington’s farewell address. Man predicted a lot and was right about a lot

    2. We in England have the same problem, though there are other parties, it really comes down to Conservatives or Labour, been saying for years that it needs to change. The Swedish system sounds better

    3. George Washington himself warned against a two party system in his fairwell address. And now we are finally reaping the benefits of what he warned us about (again) 250 years later

    1. You can save that hope. Its crystal clear the Biden administration, given his far rightwing corporatist pro war history, and the people he has selected to fill his cabinet so far. The best we can pray for is business as usually. But when he says his first order of business is to wage war on domestic terrorism in response to that phony staged attempted coup. Prepare to lose more rights and a possible financial collapse. This maniac is worst than Trump. I know, its hard to believe. Just wait and you’ll see for yourself.

  5. GOP has been corrupt & power hungry as far back as I can remember. They could never legislate or govern because too busy maintaining control & amassing wealth.

    1. @Mary Jo “How about” none of them arranged an assault on the Capital. As it is, even if we don’t like any of them either, it doesn’t excuse white nationalists steamrolling our seat of government. Grow up.

  6. That’s like giving your enemies their weapons back and hope they get their issues straightened out.

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